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Top 10 Fast Food Milkshakes in America

Finding the best milkshake in the United States might seem like a difficult feat to achieve considering the amount of choice there is out there.

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In this article, I narrow down the best fast food milkshakes in the US, so next time you feel like a sweet treat, you’re well informed on where to head for the best milkshake possible!

Keep reading to find out the best fast food milkshakes in the US.  

1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is renowned for the creamy and classic flavors that are topped with whipped cream and their iconic red cherry.

Their milkshakes are relatively cheap, and come in two sizes, small ($3.25) and large ($3.85) in an array of classic flavors to choose from.

If you’re looking for a deliciously thick, creamy milkshake – then Chick-fil-A is the place for you.

2. Dairy Queen

The clue is in the name! Dairy queen is a fast-food restaurant literally dedicated to soft serve ice cream, and with that, comes plenty of milkshakes to gorge yourself on!

If you haven’t tried a blizzard and you live in the US, have you been living under a rock?

Trying a blizzard is a must, and they come in multiple different speciality flavors, from Oreo to chocolate chip cookie dough.

Dairy Queen serves four different sizes to choose from, from mini ($2.89) all the way up to large ($4.69) so if you’re craving a small treat or  want the full experience, Dairy Queen has got you covered.

3. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In serves delicious shakes, although not everyone necessarily considers them milkshakes due to the consistency being closer to soft serve ice cream.

With a variety of sizes (from mini ($1.99) to large ($4.59)) and a tonne of flavors to choose from, Sonic Drive-In’s milkshakes are incredibly more-ish once you get a taste of them.

4. Burger King

Burger King is a classic for some quick food, and their milkshakes are also excellent, too.

Although Burger King have the classic milkshake flavors to choose from all year round, they have been known to dabble in limited edition flavors over the years such as the Lucky Charms milkshake and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch milkshake.

Their classic milkshakes come in a variety of sizes, including small ($2.49), medium ($2.99) and large ($3.29), making Burger King a pretty good choice for a good value milkshake.

5. Burgerfi

Another contender is Burgerfi. Burgerfi makes the classic milkshake, alongside milkshake floats and malts.

However, if you’re on a tighter budget you should know that they are on the pricier end of the market ($4.97 for one size), which is in comparison about the size of a small at a different fast food restaurant.

If value for money is what you’re looking for, then you might want to try another fast food milkshake.

6. Shake Shack

Shake Shack has thick, creamy, handspun milkshakes that are to die for. Shake Shack’s milkshakes are dense, rich and are made out of a creamy frozen custard that is spun fresh daily at the Shack.

The best thing about Shake Shack is the flavors that they serve, from the classics like vanilla to an array of seasonal favorites that only come around once a year.

However, Shake Shack’s shakes are a bit more expensive, at $5.79 for specialty shakes and $5.29 for the original flavors.

7. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is renowned for their thick milkshakes, also known as Frostys.

They have the classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla milkshakes in four different sizes from jr. to large.

As their prices range from $0.99 – $2.29, Wendy’s is a great option if you’re on a tight budget but still want to satisfy your sweet tooth!

8. Arby’s

Similar to Wendy’s milkshakes, Arby’s milkshakes have their classic flavors.

These include vanilla and chocolate, as well as a special flavor, Jamocha, alongside a variety of limited edition flavors.

All of their shakes have the same thick, creamy consistency as the other milkshakes listed above in this article.

They offer three different sizes ranging in price from $1.99 to $2.99, so there’s bound to be an option perfect for you.

9. Mcdonald’s

It doesn’t get much more American than the golden arches of Mcdonald’s, and their milkshakes are pretty delicious, too!

Mcdonald’s milkshakes include the classic flavors you’d expect, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, and are usually so thick you struggle to drink them through a straw!

They are also famous for their annual St. Patricks Day creation, the Shamrock Shake.

That being said, these milkshake are another option if you’re not willing to pay through the nose for a milkshake.

10. Five Guys

Five Guys are known for their iconic burgers, and their milkshakes live up to the same hype.

They have a range of classic flavors such as vanilla, right up to the more unexpected, such as bacon and peanut butter and jelly.

However, at $4.49 per milkshake, they are on the pricier side of the milkshake scale.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call them premium, they sure are delicious.

For those of you who enjoy a milkshake at an almost soft-serve consistency, this is the shake for you. It just depends on whether you’re willing to pay nearly $5 for a milkshake!

If you are looking for more than burgers on your next trip to a fast food place, there are multiple chains that make milkshakes to satiate your sweet tooth. 

I hope this article has provided you with some inspiration of which fast food restaurant to visit next time you’re craving a sweet treat! 

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Written by Brian Nagele

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