Made Specific for Restaurants


Let’s face it, you are a busy restaurant owner or manager trying to juggle a thousand things from staffing, liquor cost, food cost, inventory and countless other tasks.  Maybe you are just here to get smarter about marketing.


Whether you are running a restaurant or trying to market one, we have spent years testing and measuring what works and what doesn’t when it comes to restaurant marketing.  Now we share what we learned with you.


We will walk you through the exact process we execute for our clients and now offer you the ability to learn it through a video course.  This is’t a theory in marketing, it is a complete step by step guide to improve your business revenue.  It includes social media, SEO, design, advertising, marketing automation and more.  Check out the restaurant marketing plan template we created and shared.

Restaurant marketing
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Private Party Lead System


One of our main focus points in restaurant marketing is groups and private party leads.  Why?  They are measurable and tracked leads from marketing efforts and it is a high priced sale with pre-paid deposits.  We have a proven recipe for generating more private event requests.


Groups and private parties can range from $1000 to tens of thousands for one booking.  The average is $1500-$2500 for most restaurants with a private room or large section for groups.

Grow your business with better search results


Increasing your website traffic and capturing quality leads must include a strong search marketing strategy. Google is the worlds largest search engine, and in order to rank well in google searches you need to build trust and authority for your website.


Everyday people are searching online for where to go and places to eat.  Are you on the first page for your cuisine and geography?  Do people find you first when search for a happy hour spot or place for brunch?


Most restaurants are missing some basic optimization which can easily increase your potential revenue.  Do you have a strategy for your restaurant seo?

seo for restaurants

WordPress Website Design for Restaurants


Your restaurant website is one of your biggest assets to increase revenue.


Your website allows you to generate traffic/people, get them to make reservations, read your menu, check out your upcoming events, give you their email addresses (another huge asset), request private parties and see all your beautiful food photos.


We have 20+ years in web development, dating back to the very first websites.




The goal of our systems is increasing your website traffic and turning those visitors into paying customers for your business.

Getting your website on the first page of Google search is one tactic to the ultimate goal of increasing your revenue.  We use many tactics to increase traffic and leads including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content and Email Marketing.



We are former restaurant owners and marketing geeks who want to help the restaurants succeed with quality marketing. This Restaurant Clicks marketing agency is founded on over 15 years of successes and failures in the restaurant industry.


Everyone on our team has owned, operated or worked in a restaurant in their career. We are also marketing enthusiasts in the digital world. Our passion lies in driving bodies through the front door and putting “butts in seats.”


We are here to share our stories, secrets and help you get the most out of the potential marketing treasures you don’t even know are right in front of you.


Feel free to reach out to us, we are more then happy to give advice and point you in the right direction, so check out our website and learn something. If you want to eventually hire us to help with your marketing, even better.