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Does Burger King Serve Iced Coffee?

If you enjoy coffee and are curious about whether Burger King offers iced coffee, the answer is yes. A number of coffee lines, including iced coffee, have been introduced to the menu at Burger King, the second-largest fast-food hamburger business in the world. One of those coffee drinks that warrants special note is Burger King’s iced coffee.

Burger King restaurant exterior

Mocha, vanilla, and caramel are some of the flavor options for Burger King iced coffee. Add sugar or another sweetener, espresso beans, or instant coffee powder to make your iced coffee your own.

You’ll need ice cubes, cold water, sugar or sweetener, ground espresso beans, hot water, and cold milk to prepare Burger King’s iced coffee.

If you follow the instructions, you’ll have a cool, energetic iced coffee in no time.

Although Burger King’s iced coffee is a practical and reasonably priced choice for coffee drinkers on the go, some people have voiced reservations about the coffee’s quality.

Burger King coffee, according to some detractors, is inferior to coffee from other fast-food restaurants and coffee shops, hence you should never purchase it.

However, the best method to determine whether Burger King’s iced coffee lives up to your expectations is to give it a try for yourself.

Burger King’s Beverage Menu

You’ll be happy to know that Burger King offers a choice of drinks, including iced coffee, if you’re searching for a cool beverage to complement your meal.

Burger King's iced cold coffee in the black paper

Sodas, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milkshakes, and frozen drinks are all available on the drinks menu.

You can discover something to satisfy your taste buds among these drinks because they are all available in a range of flavors and serving sizes.

They provide flavored coffee to sample along with decaf alternatives and iced coffee on their coffee menu.

The iced coffee is created with 100% arabica beans, silky cream, and your choice of Vanilla or Mocha flavored syrups.

Any coffee enthusiast can have a genuine cool, delectable, and coffee experience from either syrup. For a fast-food restaurant, the drinks’ $2–$3 price range is relatively inexpensive.

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Additionally, Burger King sells a variety of soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta.

Try their Fruit Juice, which is available in flavors like Orange, Apple, and Cranberry, if you’re searching for something a little more distinctive.

They also provide a variety of milkshakes and frozen drinks, such as Frozen Fanta and Coke as well as Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry milkshakes.

Burger King offers seasonal drinks in addition to their standard menu, such as their Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is available throughout the fall.

Therefore, Burger King has you covered whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Coke or a flavored iced coffee.

Varieties of Iced Coffee at Burger King

Burger King offers a variety of iced coffee drinks if you’re seeking for a cool beverage to sip on a hot day.

Burger king made ice coffee with milk

Burger King offers the following iced coffee flavors:

Regular Iced Coffee

Regular iced coffee from Burger King is a timeless, energizing beverage that is ideal for any time of day.

This drink, which is made with freshly brewed coffee, ice, and the sweetener and cream of your choosing, is sure to quench your caffeine needs.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Try Burger King’s vanilla iced coffee if you want something a little sweeter.

This beverage is made from the same freshly brewed coffee as the ordinary iced coffee and has a delightful vanilla flavoring that is sure to please.

Mocha Iced Coffee

The mocha iced coffee from Burger King is the ideal beverage for all chocolate lovers out there.

This indulgent delicacy is made with freshly brewed coffee, ice, and a rich chocolate taste. It’s great any time of day.

Caramel Frappe

The caramel frappe from Burger King is a good choice if you want something a little more decadent.

For the ultimate sweet treat, top this coffee beverage with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. It is made with coffee, ice, and a rich caramel flavoring.

Overall, there is something for everyone in Burger King’s selection of iced coffee beverages.

You can satisfy your appetites whether you’re in the mood for a traditional iced coffee or a luscious frappe.

Nutritional Information of Burger King’s Iced Coffee

If you enjoy iced coffee, you might be interested to know if Burger King offers it.

Burger King restaurant in Russia preparing coffee

Yes, it is the answer. You may get iced coffee from Burger King in a variety of flavors any time of day.

However, you might want to be aware of the iced coffee from Burger King’s nutritional facts before you indulge.

Depending on the amount and flavor you select, Burger King’s iced coffee has a range of nutritional values.

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A small vanilla iced coffee, for instance, has 150 calories, whereas a large vanilla iced coffee with cream has 255 calories.

An overview of the iced coffee’s nutritional data is shown in the table below.

SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

You can see that Burger King’s iced coffee can include a lot of calories, fat, and sugar, particularly if you order a larger cup or add cream or syrup.

But on a hot day, it may also be a tasty treat and an excellent source of energy.

Choose a lower serving size or a flavor with less calories if you are managing your calorie consumption.

For instance, a small unflavored, unsweetened iced coffee has only 154 calories. You can also request skim milk or almond milk in place of cream to lower the amount of fat in your beverage.

All things considered, Burger King’s iced coffee can be a delightful and refreshing beverage to enjoy, but it’s crucial to pay attention to the nutritional information and make informed decisions.

Price Range of Burger King’s Iced Coffee

It depends on the size and flavor you select, so if you’re wondering how much Burger King’s Iced Coffee costs, that’s the answer.

Burger King restaurant at Dubai International Airport

Depending on the size and taste, BK Iced Coffee costs anywhere between $1.89 to $3.49. Remember that prices may vary depending on where you are.

The costs for Burger King’s Iced Coffee are broken down as follows:

  • Small Iced Coffee: $1.89
  • Medium Iced Coffee: $2.39
  • Large Iced Coffee: $2.79
  • Extra Large Iced Coffee: $3.49

It’s important to remember that the cost of Burger King’s iced coffee varies depending on the flavor.

The costs of the Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel varieties, for instance, are marginally more expensive than those of the Original taste.

Burger King additionally sells Frappes, which are Iced Coffee-like beverages with the addition of whipped cream and different syrups.

Frappes range in price from $2.99 for a small size to $4.99 for an extra-large size.

All things considered, Burger King’s Iced Coffee and Frappes are a tasty and reasonably priced way to enjoy a cold coffee beverage.

There is something for every taste and price range thanks to the diversity of flavors and sizes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Burger King's hamburger and coffee cup

What flavors of iced coffee does Burger King offer?

Burger King offers four flavors of iced coffee: Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha, and Plain. The Caramel and Vanilla flavors are sweet and creamy, while the Mocha flavor is chocolatey and rich. The Plain flavor is a classic, straightforward coffee flavor. You can also add syrup to your iced coffee for an extra flavor boost.

What is the price of Burger King’s iced coffee?

The price of Burger King’s iced coffee varies depending on your location. However, on average, a small iced coffee costs around $1.99, while a large iced coffee costs around $2.99.

Does Burger King offer any other cold coffee drinks?

Yes, Burger King offers Frappes, which are cold, blended coffee drinks. Frappes are available in two flavors: Mocha and Caramel. You can also add syrup to your Frappe for an extra flavor boost.

Is Burger King’s iced coffee sweetened?

Yes, Burger King’s iced coffee is sweetened. The coffee is blended with syrup to give it a sweet and creamy flavor. If you prefer your coffee less sweet, you can ask for less syrup or no syrup at all.

ice coffee burger king in paper cup


In conclusion, iced coffee is offered by Burger King. Iced coffee drinks come in a range of flavors, including vanilla and mocha in addition to plain iced coffee.

For those who want a blended and creamy coffee drink, they also offer frappes.

Burger King’s iced coffee has a powerful flavor since it is brewed with a mixture of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans.

It is offered chilled and can be tailored with flavored syrups to add a sweetening touch.

Burger King offers a variety of iced coffee drinks that are worth trying if you need a caffeine boost on a hot day.

They offer a range of flavors to appeal to varied preferences, and their costs are comparable to those of other fast food companies.

The iced coffee drinks at Burger King are often a good choice for coffee enthusiasts on the run.

Burger King offers a variety of drinks for every taste, whether you want a straightforward iced coffee or a decadent frappe.

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