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Most Popular Taco Bell Menu Items to Try

There are often many arguments about what fast-food chain is the absolute best, many will say McDonald’s, many would say Whataburger, KFC, Chick-fil-a, but we all know the real winner is Taco Bell.

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It is the perfect fast food to satiate your cravings, the options of crunchy or soft taco shells, the delicious and perfectly seasoned meat, the range of foods, from fries to tacos, to quesadillas, and more… not to mention their mouthwatering freezes. 

Anyone could stare at their menu for weeks, unsure of what to buy. How can you choose with so much deliciousness going on?

This is why I’m going to take you on a journey through Taco Bell’s best food items. Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a mouth-watering ride. 

10. Cinnamon Twists

Cinnamon and sugar dusted nostalgia is the perfect name for the cinnamon twists. Before the fries or the chips, the best Taco Bell side you could ask for was their cinnamon twists.

They are a perfect experience that will take you back to your first Taco Bell experience.

You can always rely on them, and they will always be enrapturing. And while you consider if you should go back and get another taco, they will be there to chow down on. 

9. Chicken Quesadilla

It may be the bread and butter plainness of Taco Bell, but it has that delicious factor we seek.

No matter how many new tacos, new flavors and new options Taco Bell adds to the menu, this will always be like the old reliable.

You know it’s there and it tastes great. It is a staple of the experience of Taco Bell. Don’t forget to add the jalapeño sauce to really kick it up a notch. 

8. The Meximelt

Okay, so it’s basically an overdramatized beef taco, but we aren’t complaining. It is a warm soft taco with a perfect amount of gooeyness.

It is one of the more pricey options on the list but if you order it as a beefy mini quesadilla with only meat and cheese, you can snag it for under a dollar.

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Nothing to complain about there! 

7. Nacho Fries

We all love fries, we all love nachos, so what could be more perfect than a combination of the two.

These fries are crispy with the best flavors, and a glorious cheese dip, a combo to die for.

They can come with any item on the menu and are perfection in fry form, and they’re dirt cheap! 

6. Crunch-wrap Supreme

A tortilla with a crunch, it’s an innovation in the form of a taco. There’s a whole plethora of ingredients you can have with it, there is no end to the options.

It’s a treat that should be devoured straight away to make the most of the glorious crunch it provides.

5. Freezes

Freezes are the best. Non-alcoholic and sugary, and also marked down for three hours during the Taco Bell ‘Happy Hour’, the world does not give them the recognition they deserve.

You can even get mountain dew baja blast, or airheads blue raspberry. Their exquisite flavors and icy goodness make them the perfect treat, especially on a hot summers day. 

4. Nacho Fries Box

No matter who you are, no one can argue with the bargain of the nacho fry box at Taco Bell.

You get a drink, a cheesy gordita crunch, a nacho cheese Doritos locos taco, their seasoned fries and a cheese dip. Can you ask for more?

Its heaven in a box and its only five bucks! You cannot go wrong. Perfect for if you need to grab a delicious filling meal in a pinch, it’s ready to soothe your soul and take you on a flavor filled trip to heaven and back. 

3. Quesarito

Ever thought of a quesadilla marrying a burrito? This tasty treat is one you can get with beef, steak and chicken.

It mimics a quesadilla when ordered with chicken. You get rice inside it with a nacho cheese lined layer of tortilla that will melt your troubles away.

If you crave all the flavors of savory, spice, and meaty-goodess, this is a choice for you. 

2. Cheesy Gordita Crunch 

If you feel like you need something that will make your senses tingle and twitch, something that will fill the void in your soul left by modern life, the cheesy gordita crunch is sure to do that.

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It is savory, crunch, delicate, soft, and outstanding in its flavorful textures. It can even be ordered with a Doritos shell if you so please. It is becoming something of a showstopper, and no one is wondering why.

It feels like biting into the softest cloud and the crunchiest chip at the same time. If God merged a quesadilla, a hard shell taco, a gordita and a chalupa all into one, this would be the baby, and a pretty tasty one at that.

It’s got everything you could dream of, and more. 

1. Doritos Locos Tacos

Whether or not you loved them as a kid, or love them now, we can all agree that Doritos are one of the best chips/snacks/things in this world. And what could be better than a taco shell that tastes like your favorite chip!

They have shell flavors that range from nacho cheese, to cool ranch, to fiery Doritos. You can have whatever favorite takes your heart, there’s a taco flavor for everyone here.

While standard taco shells are beautiful, you can’t really beat the Doritos replacement, not only do you get the flavor and crunch but, like Doritos you get that tasty cheesy dust on your fingers for a little treat once you’ve finished. 

You’re probably starving now, so head on down to Taco Bell and try a few things on this list, why not get a start with a quesarito, or some Doritos Locos Tacos, you know you want to, grab one for us while you’re there. 

Did we leave out any of your favorite menu items from Taco Bell? Drop me a comment below!

You can make these and other Taco Bell favorites at home with copycat Taco Bell recipes!

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