Top 16 Ice Creams on the Cold Stone Menu

Try the most popular ice cream flavors and sundaes from Cold Stone Creamery

With over 900 locations chances are you’ll come across a Cold Stone Creamery somewhere in your travels. Ice cream’s a treat for any time of the year—you need to have your flavor picks ready you never know when you’ll have a craving.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream

If you’ve never visited a Cold Stone before then you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of menu items and potential combinations.

There is a huge list of signature creations or you can create your own combos from an ice cream base and mix-ins. If you’re like me, you might be loyal to old favorite flavors and wary of trying new things. 

If you just want a guide through Cold Stone’s large menu, or perhaps some new recommendations then you’re in the right place.

Best Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Flavors

From the most over-the-top and sweetly decadent, to the most classic flavors, I’ve compiled a list of the best Cold Stone menu items to suit anyone’s taste. 

Cake Batter Ice Cream

The ice cream on its own tastes how it sounds—like a frozen version of cake batter—and who doesn’t love the taste of freshly mixed batter? 

Cold Stone’s Cake Batter ice cream is one of their most popular flavors, it even comes by the pint. The pint version is perfect for those with a major sweet tooth.

In addition to the buttery sweet ice cream, this flavor comes with cookie dough and brownie pieces smashed in. 

At Cold Stone, you can always choose to make your own creation.

So even though the cake batter with the mix-ins is the most popular choice you can always get plain cake batter ice cream or choose to mix in other ingredients like fruit or sprinkles.

Cheesecake Fantasy

If you want to try one of Cold Stone’s signature creations, and you love a good mix of fruity and sweet, then Cheesecake Fantasy is the one to get. 

The base ice cream for this blend is their cheesecake ice cream—which does taste exactly like a creamy frozen cheesecake.

It also has blueberries and strawberries rolled in along with pieces of graham cracker pie crust. 

The fruit and graham cracker give just enough balance to keep this very sweet ice cream from being too sweet.

It’s a well-balanced creation and perfect for cheesecake lovers who want a cold treat. 


You can’t go wrong with a classic and chocolate is pretty classic.

If you haven’t had cold stone ice cream before you might find it denser than some other brands.

If you love chocolate then you may not even want to bother with any mix-ins or additional toppings. The chocolate flavor is heavy and delicious—it’s quite strong on its own.

If you are a chocolate fanatic then you may want to try their signature creation Chocolate Devotion. It’s a base of their strong chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, brownie pieces, and a fudge topping.

It’s as chocolate as you can get.  

Coffee Ice Cream

Cold Stone’s coffee ice cream is perfect for those who take their coffee light and sweet.

It’s as sweet as any of their other flavors, it’s technically a sweet cream base that has actual coffee mixed in for the flavor. 

It presumably contains caffeine so avoid it if you’re off the stuff. That said, for the coffee addicts out there this is a delicious coffee ice cream all on its own. It’s extremely sweet with a noticeable (and strong) coffee taste. 

As coffee and chocolate are always a popular combo you should consider ordering Coffee Lovers Only.

The coffee ice cream is the main flavor, but it has roasted almonds, heath bar, and caramel mixed in. It’s a true coffee dessert. 

Cotton Candy

Reminiscent of a day at the carnival Cotton Candy ice cream is a favorite kid’s flavor (or kid at heart).

The cotton candy ice cream at cold stone is consistently ranked as a favorite flavor with good reason.

It avoids that chemical aftertaste that a lot of artificial flavoring usually has. It’s pretty much all sugar—just like real cotton candy. 

It has the bonus of looking pretty. It’s bright blue so whether you get it in milkshake form or as a scoop with rainbow sprinkles it’ll look great on your Tik-Tok or Instagram (if that’s what you’re after).

The cotton candy and gummy bear mix, Beary Beary Blue, is a favorite of children. However, I think it’s perfect all on its own. 


Another perfect basic, Cold Stone’s Strawberry ice cream is just the right mix of creamy and berry flavors.

It tastes like a strawberry milkshake even before you mix in milk. If you’re a fan of strawberry the flavor comes through—some brands only have a hint of berry—here you can taste fresh strawberry. 

If you’re looking for some mixing inspiration you can always try the Who You Callin Shortcake sundae.

It’s a strawberry shortcake in ice cream form. It includes their delicious strawberry ice cream, yellow cake, graham cracker pie crust, actual fresh strawberries, and whipped topping. 

Classic Cookie Dough

Cold Stone’s Classic Cookie Dough ice cream was created to taste “like eating a spoonful of cookie dough right out of the mixing bowl!”

They achieved this goal. If you love cookie dough you should get this ice cream. It’s better than grabbing an actual tube of cookie dough from your fridge because it won’t give you salmonella—but it still tastes the same. 

This flavor got so popular they currently have five signature creations on the menu based around their cookie dough ice cream.

Personally, I like the Somewhere Over the Rain Dough mix. Using classic cookie dough ice cream, frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and sugar crystals it has a light and sweet taste.

If you want some chocolate with your dough try Dough For It.

Founder’s Favorite

Founder’s Favorite is a creation so named because it’s the favorite mix of ​​Cold Stone Creamery founders Donald and Susan Sutherland.

It uses their classic sweet cream ice cream as a base flavor with pecans, brownies, fudge, and caramel folded in. 

The flavors work really well together. The crunch and slight bitterness from the nuts make it so the other flavors never seem too overpowering.

It’s a great combo for those that want a little something extra in their ice cream without creating a mountain of unidentifiable gooey sweetness.

This flavor combo is so popular it also comes in a pre-made pint to take home.

French Vanilla

Rich and creamy, Cold Stone’s French Vanilla ice cream tastes almost like frosting.

It’s sweet, light, and a perfect take on a classic flavor. The nice thing about a good vanilla ice cream is that it can taste great on its own—but it also goes with pretty much anything you might want to add to it. 

If there’s a Cold Stone mix-in you’ve wanted to try then french vanilla is the perfect thing to pair it with.

Vanilla ice cream with brownies and peanut butter is a decadent treat. Or you could try vanilla with raspberries and whipped cream to get a nice sweet and tart mix.

Cookies, cake, marshmallows whatever, it all goes with vanilla. 


Cold Stone’s Mint base ice cream is as creamy as all of its flavors with a refreshing mint aftertaste.

If you’re a fan of mint ice cream this is one of the best ones that you’ll try.

If you like a good mint chocolate chip then take it up a notch with Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip—that’s not a typo that’s what it’s called.

This Cold Stone signature creation is made with mint ice cream with chocolate chips, brownies, and fudge. For the chocolate and mint lover, it’s the perfect amount of each flavor without overpowering either. 

Oreo Overload

A lot of people love Oreos. A lot of people love dipping Oreos in milk.

If you are one of those people, then Oreo Overload is probably the best thing on the Cold Stone menu.

Oreo Overload contains a lot of large oreo chunks swimming in Sweet Cream ice cream with chocolate chips and a nice dose of fudge. 

As they say on their site “t’s just like dipping an OREO® in milk.” but with chocolate chip and fudge extras.

Considering how good the Sweet Cream ice cream is by itself adding Oreos and chocolate makes this a home run. You can get Oreo Overload as a signature creation or bring it home in a pint. 

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection

As the name implies this Cold Stone mix is a perfect blend of peanut butter cup and ice cream.

If you love peanut butter cups then this is the dessert for you. Peanut Butter Cup Perfection is made with chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, Reese’s peanut butter cup, and fudge. 

It’s all chocolate and peanut butter mixed with chunks of actual peanut butter cups—topped with fudge. Chocolate and peanut butter is the perfect combo and this doubles it. It’s double perfection. 

For those who are extremely obsessed with chocolate and peanut butter, you should also order Cold Stone’s REESE’S Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups. Not instead of, order both. 

Sweet Cream

If you haven’t had sweet cream ice cream you may be fooled into thinking it’s just like vanilla.

It’s ice cream without the added flavoring. Since ice cream is all heavy cream, sugar, and milk there’s a fresh creamy flavor that gets covered up with the addition of vanilla or chocolate or any other food flavoring. 

Cold Stone’s ice creams are all 12-14% butterfat which is why it’s so creamy. The Sweet Cream showcases their decadent ingredients in their purest form.

You can get it plain if you’ve never had it, it’s very good and worth a taste. However, this base flavor goes with anything so you should take a gamble and try any ice cream toppings you want to mix in. You can also try it in cupcake form. 

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone is a signature creation that uses french vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling, and caramel.

It’s kind of a reverse apple pie. Instead of topping your pie with ice cream, you top your vanilla ice cream with some pie. 

The nice thing about this mix is that it has all the flavoring of an apple pie but in ice cream. It’s a great fall-tasting treat for a sweltering summer day. It’s also well-balanced.

This is one of those creations that are sweet, which you’d expect, but it’s not cloyingly sweet at all. 

Banana Caramel Crunch

Banana Caramel Crunch is a creation that mixes french vanilla ice cream with roasted almonds, banana, and caramel.

The almonds are a nice add-in, they add a good crunch to the extra-mushy (due to the ripe banana) ice cream. They also keep it from getting into “so sweet you can’t taste anything else” territory. 

Despite being mixed with a bunch of other things the banana is the strongest flavor here.

Unlike a traditional banana split, it’s mashed into the ice cream so that’s probably part of it. If you love banana milkshakes or smoothies you’re going to love this sweetened banana mix. 

Cake Batter ‘n Shake

If you love cake, and you love batter, and you want a milkshake, then Cake Batter ‘n Shake is what you order at Cold Stone.

It’s as straightforward as it sounds—cake batter ice cream blended with yellow cake. You should probably get whipped cream on top too—that’s what one puts on the cake. 

This liquified cake (that makes it sound bad but it’s great) is extremely buttery and sweet.

It’s perfect for the person who wants an easy-to-sip treat on a hot day. Or for the person who really likes the taste of the classic yellow cake—and who doesn’t? 

Best Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Flavors

  1. Cake Batter Ice Cream
  2. Cheesecake Fantasy
  3. Chocolate
  4. Coffee Ice Cream
  5. Cotton Candy
  6. Strawberry
  7. Classic Cookie Dough
  8. Founder’s Favorite
  9. French Vanilla
  10. Mint
  11. Oreo Overload
  12. Peanut Butter Cup Perfection
  13. Sweet Cream
  14. Apple Pie A La Cold Stone
  15. Banana Caramel Crunch
  16. Cake Batter ‘n Shake

Final Thoughts

Cold Stone Creamery has a huge menu and endless fun flavor combinations to try. Between the base ice cream flavors and an array of mix-ins, you can get some crazy creations.

No matter what you like or what you’re in the mood for you’re sure to find something new every time you visit. If you’re feeling adventurous, try picking something off this list at random. No matter what you get you can’t lose since everything’s delicious. You may even find a brand new favorite.

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