The Best Things to Eat at Ruby Tuesday

When I am in the mood for cheap and tasty American food, Ruby Tuesday’s is at the top of my list.

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant

It is a well-known chain of family-friendly restaurants with comfort food staples such as burgers, chicken, pasta, and an endless salad bar.

Over the years, it has also become one of my favorite spots for Happy Hour thanks to their $5 Margaritas and Mojitos!

The setting is comfortable at all the restaurants. Grab a seat at the huge bar or get a table for your group. Several TVs are inside in case you want to sneak a peek at one of the games while eating.

Ruby Tuesday has so many good items to choose from, it is impossible to not find something you will want to nibble on.

Want soup and salad? No problem. In the mood for a yummy cheeseburger or juicy steak- this is the place.

With that said, let’s take a deeper look at the best Ruby Tuesday menu items.

Chicken Fresco

If you like a good chicken dish that does not have too many calories, I highly suggest the Chicken Fresco here.

This dish consists of moist grilled chicken, Roma tomatoes, and a scrumptious lemon butter sauce. I am usually not crazy about lemon chicken-type dishes, but this one is the exception.

 The chef tops it off with a drizzle of my favorite dressing, balsamic vinaigrette! It only has about 359 calories and is quite filling.

When I want a healthy chicken dish, the Chicken Fresco is my go-to item. It usually comes over rice or pasta – I prefer it over pasta.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

In addition to yummy chicken entrees, Ruby Tuesday also makes great Grilled Chicken Sandwiches!

It is a simple sandwich with mayo, fresh tomato, and lettuce. One of the things I love about this sandwich is the vegetables are always crisp – never wilted.

The cooks do a great job maintaining the moisture of the chicken.

 It has a good amount of flavor and is not salty. The only thing I add to it is a touch of mustard or barbeque sauce to make it perfect. It comes with their perfectly cooked fries as well.

Grilled Salmon

There is nothing like good seafood but every restaurant does not know how to make it.

Luckily, I don’t have a problem finding well-made salmon at Ruby Tuesday.

They give you a generous portion of lightly seasoned salmon from the grill. It is always cooked to perfection and tender enough to melt in my mouth.

 This entree comes with rice pilaf and grilled zucchini. I am not a fan of zucchini, but I love how they cook all their vegetables – including zucchini! I like to pair this dinner choice with a Peachy Sangria.

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Hand-Breaded Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders are a favorite of kids and adults alike.

This chicken option from Ruby Tuesday never lasts very long. The chicken tenders are made with a tasty buttermilk batter that makes them stand out from tenders at other restaurants.

Since so many people love chicken tenders beyond an appetizer, you can get this as an entree with french fries, coleslaw, and of course, a side of honey mustard. I love the chicken tenders here.

The only thing I change is my dipping sauce, I prefer barbeque or ranch. Make sure the kids don’t eat them all before you get some.

Smokehouse Burger

Ruby Tuesday is the ultimate place for a good and affordable burger that is cooked to order.

When I am really hungry or want to share a burger with someone, I always get the Smokehouse Burger. This enticing meal comes with hardwood smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, and cheddar cheese.

I can never hold this burger with just one hand – both hands are a must. 

One thing I hate is soggy bacon, but that is not an issue here. Both the bacon and onion rings are always crispy.

Like all burgers, it comes on a toasted brioche bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions.

Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

When you want the taste of chicken but don’t feel like the sandwich, I highly suggest the Chicken & Broccoli Pasta at Ruby Tuesday.

You get a very generous portion of chicken, broccoli, and penne pasta tossed together in a parmesan cream sauce. The sauce is very creamy and has the perfect taste of parmesan. 

It comes with a garlic breadstick and is a great option to pair with their Endless Garden Salad Bar. There is an equal amount of broccoli with chicken so one never feels cheated either way.

It is a hearty meal that has about 1640 calories.

Chicken Wings

You can’t have an American-style restaurant without chicken wings.

To no surprise, the wings at Ruby Tuesday don’t disappoint. Whenever I have a party or small gathering, I often order a bunch of these to go.

When I stop in to watch the game on TV, I love chowing down on these wings with one of their refreshing import beers. 

Your wings come with the option of hot Buffalo, mild Buffalo, garlic Parmesan, Nashville hot,honey-pepper-garlic, or hickory bourbon sauce.

All the sauces are great, but I recommend the hickory bourbon and Nashville hot.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

After devouring a burger or big plate of pasta, sometimes there is room for dessert.

When you come here with a sweet tooth, I suggest the Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet.

This giant cookie treat comes to your table warm with vanilla bean ice cream and a chocolate sauce and caramel drizzled on top. It is the perfect way to end a good meal at the restaurant.

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 If you can’t eat one by yourself, this is the perfect dessert to share. You may want to do some walking around afterward since the dessert has a generous amount of calories – 1350 of them.

Classic Burger

Sometimes you just want a simple burger.

When I just want a juicy burger with some fresh toppings, I enjoy a classic burger here. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onions, and a pickle along with french fries. 

Whether you like it rare or well-done, the cooks make it to your liking and don’t add a ton of salt before bringing it to your table.

If you like, you can substitute the traditional meat patty for a plant-based one called the Awesome patty. I enjoy their veggie burger substitution just as much as a side of beef.

Crispy Shrimp Platter

While I prefer my seafood grilled or steamed, I sometimes enjoy a fried version.

Luckily, Ruby Tuesdays usually have a crispy shrimp platter when I want some crunchy seafood. The platter comes with french fries, coleslaw, and some dipping sauces.

It is a nice appetizer-style meal to nibble on when I want a lighter lunch or watch the game. 

The cooks give you a nice portion of shrimp to satisfy your cravings. It does have 1301 calories, so I usually pair it up with the Endless Salad Bar to get some healthier options in my stomach at the same time.

Grilled Zucchini

With so many entree options, one often has to choose some side orders.

One of my favorite side orders here is the Grilled Zucchini. I normally don’t buy zucchini at home unless I am making Minestrone.

However, I gladly opt for the zucchini side at Ruby Tuesday, because they always use good quality veggies and perfectly grill them.

 It is also one of the healthier side order options available. So, I recommend the grilled zucchini for both taste and the waistline. A portion of this side order is only 20 calories.

Half-Back Baby-Back Ribs

Many people come to Ruby Tuesday for the baby-back ribs.

I was hesitant to try these at first but quickly became a fan. The meat is so tender and aromatic, I end up devouring them in no time. The tenderness comes from the slow cooking method used during preparation. 

After slow cooking the ribs for hours, cooks give you a choice of Nashville hot, BBQ, or hickory bourbon. I simply can’t recommend just one sauce.

I am in love with all the choices for these ribs. This entree also comes with coleslaw and fries. Let’s just say, you won’t leave this meal hungry.

Hickory Bourbon Chicken

After trying the hickory bourbon sauce on other dishes at Ruby Tuesday, I decided to give the Hickory Bourbon Chicken a try.

I quickly became a fan of this dish. Two tender chicken breasts come to your plate grilled to perfection and covered with this yummy bourbon glaze. 

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Mash potatoes and broccoli round out the dish. It is all a perfect combination since mash potatoes are my favorite and I love the way Ruby Tuesday makes their broccoli.

The broccoli is perfectly steamed and holds its shape. You can switch the potatoes for rice pilaf and grilled zucchini to knock off about 300 calories.

House-Baked Soft Pretzels

I am a sucker for a good pretzel, whether I am munching on the small crispy ones or big soft ones.

Well, Ruby Tuesday’s has a house-baked soft pretzel that will delight any pretzel lover. It is an appetizer with 546 calories and 21 grams of fat, and it is much better than just chowing down on regular rolls.

I like that I can easily remove the salt topping by brushing it off with my finger.

The pretzels don’t need a ton of salt to taste good because they bake them very well. Some people dip them in mustard, but I prefer to eat them plain.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Who says vegetables have to be a side dish or just a salad.

While Ruby Tuesday has many healthy veggie options, their Spinach Artichoke Dip is a deliciously naughty one at 1060 calories.

Once you taste it, you will realize the extra calories are worth it. Whenever I order this dip, I always end up eating it all myself, and my friends do the same thing. It is simply too delicious to share!

The dip comes with endless tortilla chips. However, I have been tempted to eat this dip by the spoonful without chips.

If you want something for a party, order as much of this dip as possible – you won’t regret it.

Top Sirloin

There is nothing like a good steak and Ruby Tuesday knows how to deliver one.

I love coming here for the Top Sirloin. Like all their meat, the cooks grill the steak to perfection and always make sure it is juicy.

It comes with fries and broccoli and is popular among my friends too. I probably order the Top Sirloin about twice a month when I have a big steak craving, and I always leave satisfied. 

You can get a 6oz steak or an 8oz one. A 6oz steak is usually enough for me, especially while enjoying it with my side orders. Sometimes I take advantage of the combo option and add some grilled shrimp!

As you can see, I am a fan of Ruby Tuesday. There is a reason why this restaurant chain is so popular and located in tons of cities around the country.

Sometimes I go there for Happy Hour and enjoy their cheap but refreshing drinks. Their appetizers make tasty snacks and party nibbles. 

However, when I want a good meal that sticks to my rips while being kind to my wallet, I have so many sandwiches and entrees at my disposal. I hope you enjoy some (or all) of the above recommendations at Ruby Tuesday. Your stomach will thank you.

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