The Most Popular Chicken Wings at Chain Restaurants in the US

Is your favorite part of a meal the appetizer you enjoy before the main meal or even the dessert? If so, you’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of delicious and savory chicken wings. If you’re constantly looking for the best chain restaurant chicken wings, you’ve come to the right place.

spicy buffalo chicken wings on a pub style restaurant table top

In this article, I’ll detail this tasty appetizer from top restaurants like TGI Friday’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, Pizza Hut, Wingstop, Hooter’s, and Applebee’s. Each has its own unique wing recipe with sides, sauces, and dipping sauces. 

Check out my list of the nine best chain restaurant chicken wings below to learn more and find your new favorite. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

The chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are incredible, especially since you can get multiple different types.

You can choose traditional wings, boneless wings, a combo of boneless and traditional, or cauliflower wings.

You can also get hand-breaded chicken tenders or naked chicken tenders if you’d instead bypass the wings.

If you’ve got a big group with you, it might make sense to order the party size of chicken wings (traditional or boneless).

Buffalo Wild Wings has various different sauce flavors for your wings. The breaded cauliflower wings (a vegetarian option) also come with green onions, sauce, carrots, and celery on the side. 


At Wingstop, the options are endless. The Wingstop menu shows that you can pick the 70 Cent Boneless Wings, or you can choose wing combos, wing group packs, wings by the piece, or Wingstop tenders. 

Personally, the Wingstop tenders were one of my favorites due to the hickory-smoked BBQ flavor. The many flavors at Wingstop include:

  • Cajun
  • Lousiana rub
  • Mango habanero
  • Atomic
  • Spicy Korean
  • Lemon pepper
  • Garlic parmesan
  • Hickory smoked BBQ
  • Hawaiian
  • Mild

You can also choose from several different kinds of dips for your chicken wings, such as honey mustard, bleu cheese, and ranch.

You can choose to order french fries, veggie sticks, and a fountain soda drink to go along with your spicy and delicious chicken wings


Do you want to enjoy a tasty dinner with some wings from Applebee’s?

Then, try the boneless wings or the double crunch bone-in wings from this restaurant chain. The boneless wings are very crispy and have a breaded texture with spicy and creamy buffalo sauce. 

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If you don’t want buffalo wings, try the honey BBQ sauce, garlic parmesan wing sauce, sweet Asian chile sauce, or honey pepper sauce.

The cooks fry and batter the double crunch bone-in wings twice to create a crisp exterior and tender interior. 

You can also choose a dipping sauce of bleu cheese or ranch dressing made with buttermilk in-house. The wings here are also served with celery sticks on the side. These are one of the most popular Applebee’s appetizers!

TGI Friday’s

Another excellent chain restaurant to check out if you haven’t before is TGI Fridays.

The name of this restaurant stands for “Thank God it’s Friday,” so make sure to grab some dinner here on a Friday night.

At TGI Fridays, you can choose among traditional wings, boneless chicken wings, a wings roulette platter, or glazed sesame chicken strips.

The traditional bone-in wings come with a dipping sauce and celery sticks on the side. My favorite dish was the tasty wings roulette platter.

You can also pick a fountain drink, iced tea, strawberry lemonade, Red Bull, or bottled water to drink alongside your chicken wings.

You can also choose a cocktail that one of the bartenders can whip up for you in no time. Check out other popular items at TGI Fridays!


At Zaxby’s, the menu offers four different options for tasty chicken wings.

You can choose traditional chicken wings, boneless wings, the Chicken Fingerz menu item, or the Buffalo Chicken Fingerz menu option.

You can choose the sauce you want the wings tossed in. The tender chicken wings are also served with ranch dipping sauce. The chefs here bread and serve the chicken fingers with homemade Zax sauce.

The first Zaxby’s opened in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia. This chain restaurant revolves around excellent quality chicken with incredible Zax sauce.

Today, you can find the restaurant in more than 900 locations, and it has produced nine unique sauces. Check out our favorite food from Zaxby’s here!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an excellent place to stop by if you’re in the mood for pizza with some chicken wings to share with your group of friends.

Here, you can pick from breaded boneless wings or classic bone-in chicken wings.

The best part is the many options for sauces, including:

  • Honey BBQ
  • Spicy garlic
  • Buffalo mild
  • Garlic parmesan
  • Buffalo medium
  • Sweet chili
  • Buffalo burnin’ hot
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Personally, I loved wings tossed in the sweet chili and honey BBQ sauce. You can choose two different dry rubs for the chicken wings: lemon pepper or Cajun style. 

As for dipping sauce, you can pick blue cheese, ranch, garlic, honey BBQ, marinara, or buffalo sauce. Once you’ve tried these wings, you’ll see why Pizza Hut isn’t known only for its pizza.


Hooters is also known for its delicious and flavorful chicken wings. At this chain restaurant, the Hooters menu includes six different options.

These options include original wings, naked wings, boneless wings, Daytona wings, roasted wings, and smoked wings. 

Naked wings remain unbreaded, and Daytona wings are also unbreaded and tossed in Daytona sauce before grilling.

The cooks season and over-roast the roasted wings while breading the original wings. The boneless wings include battered and breaded white meat.

The smoked wings are one of my favorites. They’re marinated for up to 12 hours and smoked over hickory chips to get a tasty, smoky flavor. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to love these wings.


At Chili’s restaurants, you can choose boneless wings or bone-in wings. Sometimes, I like a delicious bone-in wing, and Chili’s has some of the best around. 

These wings are tossed in your choice of sauce and are served with celery sticks and dipping sauce.

You can pick house BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, mango-habanero, or honey-chipotle sauce. 

Personally, I love the buffalo wings the best. You can also pick a great drink to pair with these wings.

My favorite drink at Chili’s is mango iced tea. When I want a sweeter drink, I go for the strawberry lemonade. Check out other favorites on the Chili’s menu!

Miller’s Ale House

You can choose the Zingers or the fresh chicken wings at Miller’s Ale House. Personally, I thought the Zingers or chicken tenders were exquisite.

These boneless tenders are hand-breaded and drenched in buttermilk. 

The chicken wings are served with celery sticks and a dipping sauce.

You can also choose the sauce the wings are tossed in, ranging from teriyaki and honey BBQ sauce to sweet Thai chili and Caribbean Jerk sauce.

Now that you’ve read through the nine best chair restaurant chicken wings items, you can pick your favorite spot and enjoy a tender, flavorful dish of chicken wings. You can enjoy this appetizer at Chili’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, or Buffalo Wild Wings. 

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I also suggest trying the various sauces the wings are tossed in. Whether you have honey BBQ, buffalo, teriyaki, or spicy garlic sauce, you’re sure to love your plate of chicken wings. Don’t forget the dipping sauce! 

Let us know your favorite chicken wings in the comments below. Do you like hot wings, fried chicken wings, or boneless wings? Let us know. 

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