Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Wings Are Back

The wings are back on the menu at Taco Bell – should you try them?

If you liked Taco Bell’s crispy chicken wings, we have good news – they’re back on the menu as of January 2023! 

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Taco Bell’s wings were on the menu back in January of 2022, but only for a short-lived stint.

Unfortunately, they’re only available for a short time again – from January 26th to February 9th. An order comes with five bone-in wings for $6.99

The wings at Taco Bell aren’t your typical chicken wings – instead, they’re coated in a Mexican queso seasoning and they come with a spicy ranch dipping sauce.

As advertised, the wings are fried to crispy perfection and they have a slightly spicy, cheesy flavor.

This special menu item is just in time for the end of football season, so you can enjoy Taco Bell wings for a Super Bowl snack!

To complete your game day snacks, Taco Bell is offering the wings as a part of their Ultimate GameDay Box, which includes eight crispy wings, a Mexican pizza as well as four crunchy tacos. The Ultimate GameDay Box costs $22.

Taco Bell’s wings were available for the last few NFL games last year, and many fans have been asking for their return ever since. It seems like Taco Bell plans to keep these as a special, seasonal menu item, as there’s no news of plans to keep them permanently on the menu.

Not every Taco Bell location may have the wings in stock – you can check the Taco Bell app to see where they’re available using their special “Wings Filter”, or contact your local restaurant to see if they have them. 

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has brought back one of their discontinued items. In 2022, they brought back the Mexican Pizza as a part of their permanent menu. It’s been a popular menu item ever since!

These wings were popular last year, and they have limited availability, so visit Taco Bell and get them while you can!

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