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6 Waffle House Secret Menu Items You Should Try

Established in 1955 in Georgia, Waffle House was the vision of neighbors and friends Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner, who dreamed of opening a friendly breakfast counter where customers and staff alike felt like neighbors.  

Restaurant Chain Waffle House

Waffle House has since expanded to include thousands of restaurants in neighborhoods across America where friends and family can share a comfortable and affordable meal with characteristic southern hospitality. 

Waffle House has a fast-casual diner appeal where breakfast is served around the clock, and they’re open 24-hours a day. They’ve garnered universal appeal from truckers stopping through on long-haul road trips to hungry college students stopping in for a heaping plate of griddle cakes at 3 am after a night of partying.

The vast Waffle House menu has all the classic American favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Waffle House welcomes customizations and will oblige customers’ requests for past menu items that may not appear on the current menu.

Below, I’ll explore Waffle House’s secret menu items and hacks that will make your dining experience even more enjoyable – no matter when you go!

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

Waffles are the name of the game at Waffle House, and they have quite a robust selection.

Their Belgian-style waffles are crispy and light with many delectable fruit and dessert variations.

Apple Cinnamon Waffles may not be a permanent fixture on the menu, but you can request a plate and the kitchen will throw them together for you.

Apple Cinnamon Waffles use fresh green apple slices mixed with cinnamon sugar, baked right into the waffle batter.

I recommend ordering these waffles a la mode, letting creamy vanilla icing coat the apples and cinnamon, like a slice of fresh apple pie.

Double D’s

Sometimes a dish tastes so good, you wish there were two of them. Well, with the Double D’s option, you can double your pleasure with an extra helping of two delicious breakfast staples.

By ordering Double D’s, you’re asking for two hash browns topped with two eggs.

It’s a little-known secret that costs less than ordering an extra order of each. Pair your Double D plate with an order of crispy bacon or savory breakfast sausage, and you’re all set to take on the day.

Even if it’s just the hash browns and eggs, you get two helpings of protein and carbs that you can dress up with a little ketchup and tabasco sauce. 

Customized Sandwiches

Waffle House has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches that encompass everything from melts to burgers.

You might think that their vast sandwich menu offers plenty to choose from already, but they also let you build your own sandwich.

Their customized sandwich option isn’t a secret at all, but a permanent staple with a built-in guide.

The customizable sandwich menu has you first choose your type of bread, add your meat and choice of extra protein like eggs or cheese, and lastly, choose a side dish.

I made a breakfast sandwich on Texas toast with country ham, cheddar cheese, and folded egg with a side of buttery grits.

Arnold Palmer

If you’re from the South, you know what an Arnold Palmer is – and I’m not talking about the golfer.

An Arnold Palmer combines equal parts lemonade and iced tea for a refreshing, subtly sweet drink that is delightful and energizing.

While it isn’t on the permanent menu, it’s easy enough to order. If you’re in the South, the Arnold Palmer is a household drink, but perhaps Northern or Midwestern locations will need a little explaining.

To order the Arnold Palmer, just ask your server to fill a glass halfway with lemonade and fill it the rest of the way with regular iced tea or sweet tea if you want extra sugar. Mix well, and enjoy!

Pecan Waffles

Waffle House has blueberry and strawberry waffles as permanent fixtures.

With the addition of Apple Cinnamon and Pecan, you have covered both fall and summer flavors.

Even if it’s spring, you can still get a delicious plate of autumnal waffles to make you feel warm and cozy inside.

The Pecan Waffles at Waffle House use freshly toasted pecans to mix into the Belgian waffle batter before baking it in a waffle iron and drizzling it with fresh maple syrup.

The combination of maple and pecans is like Thanksgiving Day with every bite. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the Pecan Waffles are my go-to order. 

Sugar-Free Syrup

Since the signature menu items come from the griddle and waffle press, you know that there’s never a short supply of syrup.

Something is soothing and satisfying about pouring maple syrup over a waffle, watching each square fill up with caramelized ooze. 

Even if you’re trying to abstain from sugar, Waffle House has found a way to fulfill that satisfying syrup drizzle by offering a sugar-free variety.

No one should have to eat dry waffles or pancakes, so if you are on a sugar-free kick, ask for a serving of sugar-free syrup.

Waffle House has been America’s favorite fast food diner for nearly 70 years, serving classic American fare with friendly counter service to hungry customers at all hours of the day or night. They offer lunch and dinner dishes, but their breakfast menu reigns supreme.

Breakfast for dinner is always a special treat, and you can have it whenever you want at Waffle House. You can even personalize your order or make special requests to get the breakfast you’ve always wanted – from pecan waffles to a customized sandwich of your choice.

I hope my list of Waffle House secret menu items lets you expand your diner palette the next time you go!

Check out other great breakfast spots if you don’t have a Waffle House in your neighborhood!

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