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15 Most Popular Donuts at Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is home to some of the best-tasting donuts you can find. You can expect to see around 22 classic flavors at most locations year-round. 

They also offer a variety of delicious seasonal flavors throughout the year, so when you walk into this iconic restaurant chain around the holidays, you can expect to see some festive-looking baked goods. 

Dunkin Donuts donuts come in plenty of sizes, colors, and flavors. As a result, even long-time Dunkin Donuts enthusiasts can try something new every now and then. 

Because there are so many different items on their menu, it takes a lot of trial and error to find the best tasting donut flavors.

To save you the trouble, I’ve reviewed some of the best Dunkin Donuts donuts. I’ll discuss how they taste, what they look like, and even suggest what drinks to pair them with! 

Best Dunkin Donuts Donuts 

Wondering which flavor to try next? Here are the top 15 Dunkin Donuts donuts to help you decide! 

Chocolate Frosted

While the bright and colorful varieties of donuts at Dunkin are a lot of fun, sometimes you just want something simple.

A chocolate frosted donut is a great option when you’re craving one of the classics. 

This delicious doughnut comes with a generous topping of fudgy brown frosting.

It can be pretty rich, so you may want to balance it with some fresh milk or a steaming cup of coffee. 

You can also get this donut with some colorfully festive sprinkles around the holidays.

So even if you’re not fond of their seasonal doughnuts, you can go to this classic and still feel the spirit of the season! 

Glazed Donut

Be sure to stock up on some napkins, because these donuts may leave your fingers sticky. 

Like the chocolate frosted donut, the glazed donut at Dunkin Donuts is one of their oldest and most popular menu items. It’s relatively simple, but that’s part of what makes it so good. 

This light and fluffy donut coated with a sugary glaze is pretty hard to beat.

You can go for the standard glazed doughnut, or try one of their unique variations such as glazed chocolate or even glazed blueberry.

No matter which kind you choose, it’s perfect on its own or with a cup of steaming hot chocolate! 

Powdered Sugar

This delicious donut looks just like a snowball but tastes a thousand times better.

The powdered sugar donut is a great treat for wintertime festivities–but maybe not for days where you’re wearing a black shirt. 

Truly nothing compares to this simple, powdered sugar-dusted donut.

It has the perfect amount of sweetness, so it’s not too rich that’ll give you a stomach ache, but it can satisfy even the most powerful sweet tooth. 

The sugary coating may leave your mouth a little bit dry, though, so I recommend enjoying this donut alongside a hot drink. 

Jelly Donut

Craving something fruity? The jelly donut from Dunkin Donuts might be what hits the spot.

The exterior is soft and a little bit crispy, and the raspberry filling is soft and gooey. 

You can go for a standard jelly donut if you’d like to keep things simple. It’s a bit less sweet than the other doughnuts, making it a great option if you’re looking for something light. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to ramp up the sweetness a bit more, I recommend trying their glazed jelly donut.

It’s nearly identical to the standard glazed donut, but with a gooey and fruity surprise in the center. 

Strawberry Frosted

The strawberry frosted donut tastes as good as it looks.

With its vibrant pink frosting colorful sprinkles, you may want to take a picture of it before you tear it up. 

The pink frosting isn’t just for show, either–it has a rich and creamy strawberry flavor as well!

So those who enjoy the fruitiness of the jelly donut may want to give this one a try as well. 

With its soft donut base, creamy frosting, and crunchy rainbow sprinkles, this doughnut has an excellent combination of textures.

You’ll have a hard time eating the strawberry frosted donut without a smile on your face! 

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry fans won’t want to miss out on this donut because the blueberry cake donut at Dunkin is unlikely to disappoint.

With its rich purple color and blueberry chunks mixed into the batter, this donut has a unique appearance, flavor, and texture. 

The blueberry cake donut also has a light sugary glaze, adding an extra touch of sweetness.

Its texture is also very similar to a classic blueberry cake, but with the portability and convenience of a donut. 

For an even tastier experience, I recommend purchasing the blueberry cake donut during the autumn.

That’s when Dunkin Donuts offers their Apple-Cranberry Refresher, which is the perfect drink to go with this sugary treat! 

Boston Kreme 

If you’re in the mood for something rich and filling, the Boston Kreme donut from Dunkin Donuts is the way to go.

After you dine on this delicious donut, you can expect to have a satisfying sweet tooth for the rest of the week. 

The key feature of the Boston Kreme is its gooey center. It has a rich and creamy custard filling that oozes out the sides when you bite into it.

And if that wasn’t enough, it even has a fudgy chocolate topping! 

Whether you have this donut as a hearty breakfast or an evening dessert, it’s pretty hard to beat. 

Bavarian Kreme

Many people use Bavarian Kreme and Boston Kreme interchangeably, but they are actually slightly different.

While the Boston Kreme comes with a rich chocolate topping, the Bavarian Kreme donut has a dusting of confectioners sugar! 

Other than that, however, they are pretty much the same. The Bavarian Kreme donut also has that delicious, creamy custard filling, making it great to enjoy with an iced coffee.

The sugar coating is also a delicious touch and will have you licking your fingers afterward. 

So if you’re a fan of powdered donuts but you’re also hoping for a creamy filling to balance out the dusty sugar, the Bavarian Kreme is the way to go! 

French Cruller

If you’re looking for a donut with texture, you’re looking for the French Cruller.

It has a crispy exterior and a soft, cakey inside. It even has a solid coat of sugary glaze! 

This donut’s unique shape makes it stand out, even among all the brightly-colored donuts that Dunkin has on display.

Its unusual shape isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, either. The ridges on the French Cruller help it hold onto more of that sweet glaze coating.

It also allows you to tear it apart piece by piece, making it ideal for sharing with friends. 

I recommend pairing this donut with a French vanilla swirl coffee–not just because it has “French” in the name, but because a French Cruller tastes simply amazing dipped in this steaming hot beverage. 

Old Fashioned Donut

Those who often find donuts sickeningly sweet may want to give the old-fashioned donut a try.

Do not let its plain appearance fool you–the old-fashioned donut has some truly delicious potential. 

Its flavor is subtle but still plenty sweet, and it has a nice and crispy exterior as well.

Overall, this is the best flavor donut for people who don’t have a big sweet tooth. 

You can eat this donut on its own, but many people may find them rather dry that way. In my opinion, the best way to enjoy an old-fashioned donut is to purchase it alongside your favorite Dunkin Donuts drink.

Then, rip the donut in half and let it absorb the flavors of your beverage for a truly tasty experience. 

Vanilla Frosted

Even if you prefer chocolate over vanilla, the vanilla frosted donut is unlikely to disappoint.

Many people overlook this donut in favor of other flavors, but it’s worth giving a try at least once. 

This soft and fluffy donut has a ring of creamy vanilla frosting on top. It even comes with a generous amount of rainbow sprinkles, giving it a fun, birthday-cake look. 

With its rich flavor and cheerful colors, it can make a great surprise gift for a loved one on their birthday.

It also pairs wonderfully with a cup of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate! 

Double Chocolate Frosted

Was the regular chocolate frosted donut not enough?

You’re in luck, because the double chocolate frosted donut is the best flavor donut for chocolate lovers. 

This donut has a dense, cakey chocolate base and a fudgy chocolate topping. Some locations will also serve these donuts with a handful of colorful sprinkles! 

The super-sweet flavor of the double chocolate frosted donut pairs well with a Dunkin Donuts hot tea.

Or if you want a super chocolatey experience, you could enjoy it with a cup of hot cocoa. Regardless of how you do it, you can expect this donut to be nothing short of delicious. 

Marble Frosted

Have trouble deciding between a chocolate frosted and a vanilla frosted donut?

Here’s a tip: get the marble frosted donut instead! It has a mixture of both vanilla and chocolate frosting, swirled together to create a marbled look. 

Taste-wise, this one isn’t too much different from the other frosted donuts. You can expect a rich mixture of chocolate and vanilla.

That said, the design is very pleasing to the eye–it reminds me a bit of a Zebra Cake, and who doesn’t love those? 

With its rich frosted topping, you’ll want to pair the marble frosted donut with something on the lighter side. Consider enjoying this tasty treat along with some hot tea or a Dunkin Donuts Refresher! 

Coconut Donut

You either love coconut or hate it. If you’re in the former category, this should be the next Dunkin Donuts donut you try. 

The coconut donut has a unique flavor and texture. The sweet, tropical taste of coconut mingles perfectly with the cakey doughnut base.

The coconut coating also adds a bit of crunch, so those looking for a varied texture experience in their donuts will likely enjoy this one. 

Overall, this donut is definitely worth giving a try, even if coconut isn’t your favorite thing.

It’s pretty unique compared to the other donuts on this list, so it’s perfect for someone looking to stray away from their usual Dunkin routine. 


Are you a fan of churros? Consider picking up a cinnamon donut next time you make your rounds through Dunkin. 

The cinnamon donut has a thick coating of cinnamon sugar, making it an excellent autumntime treat. The coating adds a bit of pleasantly crunchy texture as well.

This donut can be a little messy, so either be prepared to lick your fingers or pick up some napkins on your way out. 

You’ll want to pair it with an Apple Cranberry Refresher or some pumpkin spice coffee–not just for the autumn vibes, but also because the dusty coating may leave your mouth feeling dry.

With that in mind, it’s a tasty experience all the same. 


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    • This isn’t a Dunkin Donuts website, so they don’t make anything here…

      But apparently, Dunkin DOES have a Peanut Donut! It’s on the list of Permanent Products in their nutrition guide, and people on Reddit have reported being able to buy them in the Midwest (particularly around Chicago) — I’ve never seen one here in NYC.

      But then, until I read the nutrition guide, I’d never heard of HALF of their donut varieties that aren’t available locally. (They also make a Glazed Jelly Donut, news to me! We only have the un-glazed, powdered, regular Jelly Donut variety here. Krispy Kreme has always been the place to go, if you want jelly donuts that are both glazed, and raspberry-filled.)

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