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45 Fun Pancake Ideas To Try

Mix up your usual pancakes and impress your whole family with these recipes.

People have eaten pancakes since the first century, perhaps even before. Clearly, pancakes have left a huge mark on the world, and there are many types and styles of pancakes globally.

Delicious pancakes with fresh blueberries and syrup

In this article, I’ll talk about American and Canadian-style pancakes, which some people call griddlecakes, flapjacks, or hotcakes.

But even the same style of pancakes can have a huge variety depending on what you put on the batter or add on top once they’re cooked.

I’ll share some of the best pancake recipe ideas so that instead of getting bored by your classic recipe, you can try out new delicious flavors for your next breakfast or brunch.

Final Thoughts

Pancakes are a classic breakfast or brunch food, and they’re easy to make. Step up your pancake game with these creative pancake recipes!

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