19 Iconic Junk Foods We Still Love

We all know junk food isn’t the best for your health, which is precisely why it’s called “junk” food. However, if you want to eat junk food, it’s important to do it in moderation.

unhealthy foods in pile

And when it comes to eating junk food in moderation, choosing the right food is key. You don’t want to waste calories, sugar, fats, and processed components on items that you don’t even think taste good!

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the most popular junk food and will describe each below.

This way, you’ll be able to figure out which ones you enjoy more than the others and be more selective about which ones you ultimately decide to consume now and then.

Check out some of the favorite junk foods to indulge in.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a classic snack with an intriguing history.

They’re usually thin slices of potatoes deep-fried and then seasoned with salt, vinegar, or other flavorings.

I enjoy eating a handful of these chips as an afternoon snack, especially because they come in many different flavors.

Barbecue, sour cream and onion, jalapeno, and salt and vinegar are just a few of our favorite flavors.

Check out some of the most popular potato chips to munch on!


Cheetos are cheese-flavored puffed corn snacks.

They’re crunchy and come in various flavors, like cheddar jalapeno, white cheddar, and, of course, Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Flamin Hot Cheetos are my favorite because they are spicy, salty, and sour all at once, making them highly addictive.

They make your fingers red from the powder, but it’s so worth it!


Oreos are one of the most popular cookies on the market.

They consist of two crunchy chocolate wafers with a creamy filling in between and come in different types like double-stuff, strawberry, and more.

Many people like to open up Oreos to lick the filling inside, but I enjoy keeping them in sandwich form and dipping them into milk to soften them up before biting.

They’re also a staple in many of my favorite dessert recipes, including Oreo cakes, ice cream, and brownies.


Pizza comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, but the most classic form is a round bread topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

The rest is up to you!

I like topping my pizzas with jalapeños, olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms, but there’s an extensive list of toppings, and it seems restaurants seem to be adding more to the list as the years go on!


Twinkies are golden sponge cakes from the Hostess brand, filled with a creamy center.

They’re typically about two-and-a-half inches long and are very popular among kids and adults alike.

I like to eat Twinkies as a post-dinner snack with my family or when I feel down and need comfort food.


Soda is an umbrella term for any type of carbonated soft drink, like Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Mountain Dew.

I usually enjoy drinking soda at a restaurant because I feel it pairs well with food.

Occasionally, I’ll use it as a mixer for cocktails, such as rum and coke or vodka tonic.

Cosmic Brownies

Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies are individually wrapped chocolate-fudge brownie squares that have a generous layer of icing on top.

I like to eat these as a dessert after a long work day.

They are soft, gooey, and delicious, perfect for when I need a sugary pick-me-up. It’s hard to eat just one!


M&M’s are multi-colored chocolate pieces with the iconic letter “M” imprinted on the surface.

These small, colorful, and highly popular candies are so fun and tasty to eat during a road trip, on a plane, or some other form of transportation.

I like passing a few along to my friends and family around me.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a snack made from lean cuts of beef that are cured and seasoned, then dried in ovens or smokers.

I enjoy eating beef jerky as a pre or post-workout snack because it’s high in protein and easy to carry in my bag.

Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors like teriyaki or honey garlic, which adds to the fun.


Doritos are triangular-shaped tortilla chips that come in various flavors like Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Flamin Hot.

I grab a bag of these when I’m particularly hungry because one or two handfuls are enough to get me going for a little bit.

They’re also great for sharing and making cheesy nachos!

French Fries

French fries are strips of potatoes that have been deep-fried and then usually salted.

I enjoy eating french fries as an accompaniment to a burger or sandwich, and I’m partial to the thin, crispy kind.

They also make for a great snack on their own when you’re not overly hungry but just looking for a salty treat.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most desirable desserts of all time, made from a combination of cream, sugar, and other ingredients.

I’m a big fan of ice cream of all flavors, especially when it’s scooped onto a warm waffle cone and topped with delicious toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, or caramel.

It’s my go-to treat when I’m in need of a sweet treat on a hot summer day.

Big Mac

Big Macs are hamburgers from McDonald’s. They feature two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.

I love enjoying Big Macs with friends when I’m particularly hungry since there’s nothing quite like the flavor of this iconic hamburger.

3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers are a classic candy bar made from fluffy nougat and covered in smooth milk chocolate.

I like to snack on 3 Musketeers when I’m feeling a bit peckish since the combination of fluffy nougat and chocolate always hits the spot.


Cake is a classic, timeless, and deeply meaningful dessert that people often serve as part of celebrations like birthdays or weddings.

I love having cake when I’m feeling especially festive. It always makes me happy and reminds me of all the special moments in life.

Vanilla, chocolate, marble, and red velvet are my favorite cake flavors.


Cheez-Its are American cheese crackers that come in various flavors such as original cheddar, cheddar jack, Swiss, hot and spicy, asiago, and more.

I find myself snacking on Cheez-its during camping trips.

A big box of Cheez-its is also perfect for sharing with friends during a movie night or game night!

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are sweet, toaster-ready pastries that come in a wide variety of flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon sugar, s’mores, and more.

I enjoy Pop-Tarts in the morning as a convenient breakfast choice.

The idea is to toast them, but I find that they’re almost just as delicious straight from the box, which is nice when you’re in a rush.

Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Treats are a classic snack made from puffed rice cereal, marshmallow fluff, butter, and other flavorings.

I like having a Rice Krispies Treat when I want something sweet but don’t want to put in too much effort.

They’re delicious, easy to make (or buy pre-made), and always a crowd-pleaser!


Last but far from least is Twix, my favorite candy on this list of the most popular junk food.

Twix is a combination of chocolate, caramel, and cookie, and I enjoy a Twix bar when I want something sweet but not too overwhelming.

  1. Potato Chips
  2. Cheetos
  3. Oreos
  4. Pizza
  5. Twinkies
  6. Soda
  7. Cosmic Brownies
  8. M&M’s
  9. Beef Jerky
  10. Doritos
  11. French Fries
  12. Ice Cream
  13. Big Mac
  14. 3 Musketeers
  15. Cake
  16. Cheez-Its
  17. Pop Tarts
  18. Rice Krispies Treats
  19. Twix

What’s Your Favorite Junk Food Snack?

Tell us your favorite food to snack on! There’s nothing wrong with indulging sometimes, but for other times you can try healthier snacks.

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