26 Most Hated Foods in America

There are some foods almost everyone in America loves – pizza, burgers, popcorn, pies, mac and cheese, fried chicken, and French fries, to name a few. 

Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon

But many items are truly polarizing to Americans as well, as seen through debates on social media comments, blog posts, and online forums.

This article lists some of the most hated food in America and why some people absolutely despise these foods. 

Maybe I’ll be able to even change your mind about some of them! Check out the list below.

Brussel Sprouts

First on our list of the most hated foods in America is Brussels sprouts.

roasted brussels sprouts in dish

Many people think Brussels sprouts are tough, tasteless, or just plain disgusting, but those people may have just had boiled, plain Brussels sprouts with no seasoning.

If you bake or even air fry Brussels sprouts with oil and cheese or wrap them in bacon, they turn into a whole new vegetable!

You can grill them with healthy seasonings if you want a lighter snack. Brussels sprouts are making a comeback!


Okra is a vegetable that people either don’t like or often have never even heard of.

okra stems and slices on cutting board

Some think the way they get slimy when cooked is a bit distasteful.

However, I love okra! It’s so delicious when fried, stewed, or even sauteed.

Tasty okra-based dishes include Nigerian okra soup, Filipino sinigang, and Southern American fried okra dipped in ranch.


Onions have a bad reputation because although people might not like other vegetables, no other vegetable commonly makes them cry!

An assortment of various types of onions

However, if you can withstand cutting them, onions are a key ingredient in many tasty dishes, including stir fry, roasted veggies, onion rings, French onion soup, and more.

I think onions are worth the tears if you want to make your dish as flavorful as possible.


Raisins are one of those snacks that some people love and others love to hate.

raisins in dish on cutting board

I find them quite delicious, especially given their semi-sweet flavor and chewy texture.

I do find that they have no place in desserts like cookies and brownies, though. They’re best on their own!


Anchovies are a common ingredient in Italian pasta and pizza topping, but few people can stand them.

anchovies on pizza

Personally, I’m not a fan either – I don’t find the saltiness and fishy flavor appealing.

However, the folks who love them say that the taste becomes mellow and savory when cooked with other ingredients like garlic.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is one of my favorite cheeses, but many people despise it because of its strong, stinky flavor.

blue cheese on block of wood

However, if you want to give it one more chance, I highly recommend putting some on a burger with caramelized onions, bacon, and arugula – you won’t be disappointed!


Almost everyone can get behind strawberries, but blueberries are a little more polarizing due to their slightly woody and musty flavor.

up close shot of lots of blueberries and some leaves

If you can’t handle eating them alone, you may still enjoy them in popular desserts such as blueberry pies, muffins, or scones.


People either love or hate cilantro for its strong flavor and herby aroma.

cilantro being cut on wooden cutting board

It’s not surprising that it’s so polarizing since it can be overpowering when used in large quantities.

I happen to love it, especially in Mexican and Asian dishes such as burritos, tacos, and stir-fries. Just don’t add too much!

Cooked Carrots

Some people can’t stand cooked carrots because of the strange, soggy texture they form when overcooked.

cooked carrot slices with parsely

But that’s the key; don’t overcook them! When lightly cooked, they still have a slight crunch and make a great addition to soups, salads, and roasted vegetable mixes with lightly added salt.

They’re also delicious when baked into a carrot cake.


It’s likely that if someone is a fan of one version of eggs, they might not be a fan of another.

Cooked egg dishes for breakfast

People have a strong affinity for how they like their eggs done, and no other way is acceptable.

Personally, I like eggs in all forms – scrambled with other ingredients, over easy and runny, poached over toast, and even in my cocktails!


Gelatin can be a bit of an acquired taste, as some people find its rubbery texture unsettling.

gelatine powder, jello cubes on tray

But if you don’t mind giving it a try, gelatin can be surprisingly delicious in desserts like panna cotta and jello.

It’s also often used as a thickening agent in other dishes, such as soups and stews.

Lima Beans

Lima beans are one of those vegetables that some people never want to try because of their appearance or because they simply can’t stand the taste.

lima beans in brown jar

However, lima beans can be wonderful when cooked correctly – steam them lightly and mix in some butter and salt to bring out their sweet, nutty flavor.


Just hearing the word “liver” can make some people squirm, but it’s a very healthy food.

raw liver with salt and rosemary

Liver is full of nutrients like iron, copper, and zinc; people often eat it fried, grilled, or even in pate.

Personally, I like it when combined with onions and mushrooms – the flavors come alive!

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is one of my favorite condiments of all time due to its sweet caramel flavor that pairs well with fresh buttermilk pancakes.

maple syrup in jar with spoon and bottle in background

However, I can understand why some people have a distaste for the thick, sticky texture or find it too sweet for a morning meal.


Some may argue that mayonnaise is the most hated food in America because of its oddly thick texture and sour taste.

bowl of mayonnaise on cutting board with spoon

But if you just put a little squirt of it on a turkey or ham sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and freshly baked bread, it’s such a treat.

I also think it works well with spicy brown mustard, which wipes away the sourness. It’s one of my favorite sandwich spreads when used in moderation!


The earthy flavor of mushrooms has an acquired taste, but they can make for a great accompaniment to all kinds of meals, including pasta, pizza, and soup.

Mushrooms up close, various types

I actually love the flavor, but I hate the squishy consistency, so I don’t mind when it’s finely chopped before being thrown into the dish.


If you have a pizza party, half of the room will likely be dying to put olives on the pizza, while the other half will beg you not to order them.

Different types of marinated olives

They have a distinct, strong, salty taste that demands attention, and in addition to pizza, I find that olives go well in Italian pasta, Greek salads, or all by themselves.


Oysters are another one of those ingredients that people either love or hate.

Oysters On Metal Copper Plate On Dark Wooden Background

Oysters are not for everyone due to their slimy texture, but I can personally vouch for their deliciousness, especially when cooked with ingredients like lemon, wine vinegar, or cheese.

Pea Soup

Pea soup is delicious to some people, but it’s way too mushy for others.

pea soup in bowl with spoon of fresh peas

I love a good pea soup, but I know it can be quite bland if not spiced up.

Adding some herbs and spices makes it a tastier dish – I recommend adding garlic, thyme, and pepper for an extra kick!


In addition to pea soup, peas are strange in some people’s eyes because of their mushy texture.

green peas in bowl

If you can get past the texture, peas are quite sweet and have a delicate flavor that is often lost when overcooked.

Sour Cream

Sour cream can be delicious in burritos, tacos, and casseroles, but it’s not for everyone.

tacos with sour cream

The tartness of sour cream is an acquired taste; however, a dollop of it can really take your dish to the next level.

Adding in some salt and pepper will also give it a more balanced flavor.

Tuna Fish

Tuna fish, especially the canned variety, has a strong, salty flavor that some people hate.

Tuna Sandwiches with Lettuce and Tomatoes on Wooden Plate

For me, it’s one of my favorite ingredients in sandwiches because of its rich and meaty texture.

Adding some onion, celery, or pickles gives tuna a more interesting flavor and makes it easier to eat.


Broccoli is similar to Brussels sprouts in that some people hate its earthy flavor while others can’t get enough of the green veggie.

broccoli on plate

I think that broccoli has a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with so many meals.

It’s especially tasty in salty, highly flavorful dishes like mac and cheese, casserole, and soups.

Candy Corn

Candy corn is a classic Halloween treat that some people can’t get enough of, while others refuse to eat it.

candy corn close up

I appreciate the fun, festive color, but I do think it can get a bit chalky in your mouth if you eat too many.

Moderation is key for enjoying candy corn.


Sardines are fish that many people find incredibly stinky and off-putting.

fresh sardines with salt and lemon

I grew up eating sardines straight out of the can, and I enjoy their salty, slightly fishy flavor.


Last on our list of the most hated foods in America is tripe.

beef tripe soup

Tripe is a cow’s stomach, and it’s another ingredient that a lot of people don’t love due to its rubbery texture.

Tripe can be a bit bland on its own, but it’s delicious when cooked in a stew or soup with lots of flavorful ingredients like onion, garlic, and herbs. 

What Is Your Least Favorite Food?

Do any of these polarizing foods give you the ick? Tell us you unpopular food opinion in the comments!

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