10 Cracker Barrel Menu Items They Discontinued

It can be a bummer when our favorite meals are missing from the menu at our favorite restaurants. While it can be sad to say goodbye to our favorites, we can rest assured that we are meeting new flavors to love. 

Cracker Barrel restaurant Old Country Store entrance

These are some long-time favorite dishes you will not be able to enjoy the next time you visit your local Cracker Barrel.

Though disappointing, at least you’ll have time to seek out your new favorite, and we can cross our fingers that these delights will return in the future someday. 

Check out which items you’ll be missing from the Cracker Barrel menu.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a chicken salad sandwich? There’s so much to love, and every bite is filling and satisfying.

Unfortunately, Cracker Barrel didn’t feel the same way and sent this desired dish packing. 

This discontinued Cracker Barrel item is a common one you can find at several restaurants.

If you’d rather avoid dining out, you can easily replicate Cracker Barrel’s sandwich at home. 

Red Eye Gravy

Customers could not believe their eyes when Cracker Barrel ditched their popular Red Eye Gravy.

Its distinct flavor came from carefully mixing fried country ham juicing with black coffee and was responsible for taking many of Cracker Barrel’s tasty dishes to a new level. 

While no reason was given for the discontinuation of this condiment, customers can still enjoy Cracker Barrel’s classic brown and sawmill gravies on their dishes. 

Strawberries n’ Cream French Toast

Who doesn’t love French Toast? How about French toast decorated with yummy cream and sweet strawberries?

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since Cracker Barrel pulled this favorite off the menu, and 2015 was the last time you could order this sweet French toast at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

However, you’re still able to order french toast in the restaurant all day long. 

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potato fans and pancake fans enjoyed this match made in heaven.

Unfortunately, the Sweet Potato Pancakes are another discontinued Cracker Barrel item for the foreseeable future. 

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In the meantime, it might be worth it to whip up sweet potato pancakes at home with this recipe.

While they may not compare to the ones from Cracker Barrel, you can do your best to replicate the country flavor you miss. 

Baked Apple Dumpling

A baked apple dumpling sounds scrumptious but, unfortunately, is no longer offered at Cracker Barrel.

This sweet apple treat discontinued Cracker Barrel item disappeared after the menu downsized following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn’t been seen since. 

It’s possible that this item may return seasonally, but the restaurant has made no indication of a large-scale return. 

Fried Chicken Livers

While some might be surprised to hear this discontinued Cracker Barrel item caused distress, it’s true!

The Fried Chicken livers had its fair share of fans who remain heartbroken and betrayed after the dish was pulled from the menu. 

Luckily, there are a plethora of recipes for fans to attempt to replicate this missed delicacy at home. 

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad is a popular salad in the restaurant world, and Cracker Barrel had one of the best.

That’s why many visitors were dismayed to hear that this popular salad had been pulled from its menu. 

This discontinued Cracker Barrel item thankfully is easy enough to make right at home; while it won’t taste the same, it will come very close. It can also be found at many other restaurants. 

Check out our favorite Caesar dressings to make a salad at home!

 Sugar Plum Mimosa

The Sugar Plum Mimosa was part of a special holiday promotion during the Christmas season in 2021.

Since then, it has become a discontinued Cracker Barrel item. While fans can hold their breath that it might return for the next holiday season, for now, they are out of luck. 

Frozen Mugs

Frozen Mugs are another discontinued Cracker Barrel item, unfortunately.

What was fun about them was their ability to keep your drinks ice cold and refreshing throughout your entire meal.

These beauties have been gone since the end of 2016, but people still cross their fingers for their long-awaited return. 

Shepherd’s Pie

The loss of Shepherd’s Pie from the Cracker Barrel menu is confusing; since Cracker Barrel strives to provide that coveted home-cooked meal, it makes little sense that Shepherd’s Pie, the most iconic meal of them all, is missing.  

Thankfully, this discontinued cracker barrel item can be recreated at home and customized to your family’s liking. 


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  1. We frequently visit Cracker Barrel, no matter where we are!
    The one item that I do miss , is still on the table items list, and I think it has been close to 2 years since one of your restaurants has had them available!!!!
    “The coffee latte”. If you are not serving it, they should not appear on any advertisements……false advertising! servers are almost embarrassed to tell you

  2. Wish they still had the BBQ ribs, would ❤️To find the receive, as I can’t guess the secret ingredient that
    Made them so different.

  3. Where is the blackberry cobbler? Delicious!
    Where is the chicken potpie? Original
    Why did you get rid of these great items?

  4. Too bad Cracker Barrel switched their traditional Country Ham for what they call “Country Breakfast Ham”. It’s not the same, and was the ONLY item I liked on the menu with the Country Boy Breakfast. When they return to Real Country Ham, I may return one day.

  5. Please please bring hot apple dumplings with the ice cream and crunch on top back, that was my favorite, I haven’t back back there since it was taken off menu and don’t plan to go back until it goes back on!

  6. The 2 Cracker Barrels I have gone to. They stopped leaving a slice of orange. Pancakes are not crispy around the edges anymore. Bacon does not have a hickory taste just bland. Used to have cloth napkins. Used to cook your hamburger meat like you want it. Special quality the restaurant is going away be just another restaurant. Cracker Barrel is a place one would expect a extra amount of quality over others. Must be the manager who run’s the restaurant. I have done business with Cracker Barrels little more than 45 years.

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