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Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Fast Food Order

You might be interested to know what Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food order is if you’re a fan of the famous chef. Ramsay has been known to occasionally eat fast food despite having a reputation for having high culinary standards. In fact, he has openly discussed his favorite fast food dishes, offering followers a peek at his more relaxed dining choices.

ordon Ramsay at the Fox TCA After Party at Soho House, West Hollywood

So what is Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food selection? You may be surprised at the solution.

Ramsay has previously lauded a number of different fast food restaurants, but his go-to meal at Subway is a steak and cheese sub with extra pickles and hot sauce.

Although Ramsay has acknowledged his affection for In-N-Out burgers and even developed his own burger menu there, it appears that his Subway order is actually his first choice.

Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food Preferences

If you enjoy Gordon Ramsay, you might be interested to see what his go-to fast food order is.

In-N-Out Burger restaurant

Thankfully, the famous chef has revealed his go-to fast food choices in numerous interviews and TV appearances.

What is known about Gordon Ramsay’s penchant for fast food is as follows:

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger, a well-known West Coast burger joint renowned for its fresh ingredients and customized menu, is one of Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food restaurants.

Ramsay has been seen eating at In-N-Out restaurants in California and Nevada, and he has even given the restaurant company kudos on social media.

What does Ramsay thus order at In-N-Out? Ramsay’s standard order is a Double-Double burger with additional cheese, extra onions, and no tomato, according to a Delish interview.

He also likes adding the cheese, grilled onions, and Thousand Island dressing-topped animal-style fries.

Shake Shack

Ramsay also gave Shake Shack, a burger restaurant with roots in New York but branches out to other states and nations, high marks.

Ramsay stated in a GQ interview that he adores the ShackBurger from Shake Shack, which is prepared with a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce.


Unbelievably, Ramsay has also gushed about how much he adores the well-known sandwich franchise Subway, which has stores all over the world.

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Ramsay mentioned his preference for a footlong sandwich filled with turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato and topped with honey mustard and mayonnaise in an interview with Bon Appétit.

Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Order

Gordon Ramsay has a few go-to favorites when it comes to fast food.

Gordon Ramsay at round 11 of the 2022 FIA Formula 1 championship

The well-known chef, who is famed for his ferocious temper and rigorous standards, has revealed in a number of interviews what his preferred fast food order is.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food selection? Ramsay’s preferred fast food chain, according to a number of reports, is In-N-Out Burger.

He adores their Double Double burger, which comes on freshly baked bread and has two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their special sauce.

Ramsay, though, doesn’t end with the burger. Additionally, he requests that his fries be cooked “well-done,” which results in them being particularly crispy.

He also likes enhancing his meal with a Neapolitan shake.

Ramsay isn’t the only well-known chef who enjoys In-N-Out Burger, it should be noted.

Famous culinary critics like Chrissy Teigen and Anthony Bourdain have also gushed about the burgers at the fast food restaurant.

Even the most discriminating palates can enjoy a nice fast food meal, as evidenced by Ramsay’s fondness of In-N-Out Burger, despite the fact that he is famed for his fine dining and Michelin-starred establishments.

Health Conscious Choices

If you’re concerned about your health, you might be wondering if Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food order is a wise one for you.

Gordon Ramsay speaks at BottleRock 2016 in Napa

Although consuming fast food is not often regarded as a healthy decision, there are methods to choose better options when dining out.

Searching for selections that are lower in calories, fat, and sodium at fast food places is one method to make better decisions.

You may, for instance, order a salad rather than a burger or select a grilled chicken sandwich over a fried one.

You could also request that no salt or sauces be added when preparing your meal.

Searching for fast food outlets that have a healthier menu is an additional choice.

There are now menu options at some restaurants that are reduced in calories or prepared with better ingredients.

For instance, some fast food restaurants now serve sandwiches on whole grain bread or salads with grilled chicken or fish.

In-N-Out, Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast food joint, offers protein-style burgers, which are burgers wrapped in lettuce rather than bread if you’re seeking for a healthy option.

This alternative is gluten-free and has fewer calories and carbohydrates than a typical burger.

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There are ways to choose healthier options when dining out, even though fast food is generally not the healthiest option.

You may enjoy fast food without compromising your health by making lower calorie and lower sodium selections and seeking for locations that have healthier menu items.

Fast Food Critiques

Chef Gordon Ramsay does not hold back when expressing his views on fast food.

Customer holding a tray with lettuce wrapped burgers at a local in n out restaurant

He has been known to express both favorable and negative criticism about fast food companies and the meals they serve. His criticisms of fast food are as follows:

In-N-Out Burger

One of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite fast food restaurants is In-N-Out Burger.

He has shared his particular order, which consists of a double cheeseburger, animal-style fries, and a Neapolitan shake, and has lauded their burgers and fries, calling them “extraordinary” and “fantastic.”

It’s worth going to In-N-Out Burger if you want to sample Gordon Ramsay’s preferred fast cuisine.


Gordon Ramsay does not like the food at McDonald’s, despite the fact that it is one of the most well-known fast food restaurants in the world.

He condemned the usage of frozen beef patties rather than fresh ones and said in an interview that he would never eat at McDonald’s because he found their food to be “unhealthy” and “disgusting.”

You might want to stay away from Gordon Ramsay’s criticisms if you like McDonald’s.


Gordon Ramsay has also voiced his opinion about Subway, calling its sandwiches “bland” and “boring” and criticizing their usage of pre-packaged meats and veggies.

He advised customers to choose a freshly cooked sandwich from a neighborhood deli instead.

Consider following Gordon Ramsay’s recommendation instead of going to Subway if you’re searching for a tasty sandwich.

Taco Bell

Another fast food restaurant that Gordon Ramsay has criticized is Taco Bell.

He has commended their breakfast menu, but has questioned their other products, saying that it is “too greasy” and “lacks flavor.”

He also suggested that people try cooking their own tacos at home with fresh ingredients.

Take Gordon Ramsay’s criticisms of Taco Bell with a grain of salt if you like Taco Bell.

Gordon Ramsay’s criticisms of fast food serve as a general reminder that not all fast food is made equal.

He has lauded certain establishments for their delectable menu items and blasted others for their flavorless food and unwholesome ingredients.

It’s always a good idea to do your research and read evaluations from professionals like Gordon Ramsay if you’re looking for a nice fast food meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gordon Ramsay arrives for the FOX TCA Summer Press

What is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite fast food order?

Gordon Ramsay’s favorite fast food order is a Double-Double from In-N-Out Burger. This burger comes with two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and spread, all on a freshly baked bun. Ramsay has been known to visit In-N-Out Burger drive-thrus and even has a custom-made chef’s jacket with the restaurant’s logo on it.

Why does Gordon Ramsay like In-N-Out Burger?

Ramsay has praised In-N-Out Burger for its fresh ingredients and simple menu. He has also mentioned that he appreciates the chain’s commitment to quality and consistency across all of its locations. Additionally, Ramsay has stated that he likes the fact that In-N-Out Burger is a family-owned business and that it has remained true to its roots since its founding in 1948.

Has Gordon Ramsay ever talked about any other fast food chains?

While In-N-Out Burger is Ramsay’s favorite fast food chain, he has also mentioned enjoying other fast food options in the past. For example, he has praised the fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s, a British fast food chain. Additionally, he has mentioned enjoying the fried chicken at Popeyes and the chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-A.

Does Gordon Ramsay ever eat fast food on his TV shows?

While Ramsay is known for his high-end cuisine and fine dining restaurants, he has also been known to incorporate fast food into some of his TV shows. For example, in an episode of “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted,” he visits a food truck in Hawaii that serves loco moco, a popular Hawaiian fast food dish. Additionally, he has been known to take contestants on “Hell’s Kitchen” to fast food restaurants as part of challenges.

Gordon Ramsay at the Fox TCA After Party at Soho House

Key Takeaways

  • Gordon Ramsay’s favorite fast food order is a steak and cheese sub with extra pickles and hot sauce from Subway.
  • Despite his high culinary standards, Ramsay enjoys indulging in fast food from time to time.
  • Ramsay has also expressed his love for In-N-Out burgers, but his go-to order is his Subway sandwich.

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