10 Secret Menu Items Available at Burger King

Burger King says that they do things Your Way. But did you know they put that commitment into action with a whole list of Burger King secret menu items? 

inside of Burger King restaurant

If you’re looking for something a little outside of the box instead of your regular Burger King order, you’re in luck.

They have a whole menu that’s kept on the down-low, but that you can order some special items from. You just need to know about which secret menu items you can order at Burger King.

Read on to learn about secret menu items you can order at Burger King!

Rodeo Burger

The Rodeo Burger was once a regular menu item. Now, it doesn’t appear alongside the other items. Instead, you have to be in the know to ask for this secret burger.

If you’re a fan of BK Onion Rings, you should definitely give it a try.

That’s because those same crunchy, fried onion rings make an appearance on top of this regular Burger King Cheeseburger. 

For a bit of a southern western twist on flavor, bbq sauce takes the place of ketchup or mustard.

Three crunchy onion rings can improve almost anything, and they complement the juicy burger well when stacked up on a hamburger bun. You can find this secret burger at almost every BK location

The Burger King BLT

The Burger King BLT makes use of ingredients used on their burgers. So, you can find it on the secret menu of every Burger King.

It sometimes seems that the workers behind the counter enjoy being asked to make this item that not everyone knows exists. Most of the BLTs you get at Burger King seem to have a ton of crunchy bacon.

A few slices of refreshing green lettuce, plus red, ripe, juicy tomatoes, come next.

Then, a dab of mayonnaise completes this classic sandwich. And unlike other BLTs, this one really fills you up. 

You can also ask for a BLT burger by adding bacon, lettuce, and tomato to any burger on the menu!


When it’s your turn to order a meal at Burger King, it’s hard to know what to get.

Once you lock in on a burger or chicken centerpiece for your meal and a drink to wash it down with, you have to figure out if you want fries or onion rings.

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Getting an order of each is probably too much, but they are both the perfect complement for so many menu items, like the Whopper Jr

This is where your secret menu knowledge comes in handy. Instead of wondering what to do, you just ask for an order of Frings.

The server will bring a half order of french fries and a half order of onion rings to one container. 

Suicide Burger

Unhealthy eating habits can have serious health consequences. So, it’s best to eat in moderation.

For people who want to throw caution to the wind and have a sense of irony, ordering a Suicide Burger can be a quick way to stuff your face.

This burger is technically a double cheeseburger, but it doesn’t have just two patties. 

Instead, it has double, double beef patties for a total of four.

Stacked up on a sesame seed bun with four slices of cheese, bacon, and BK special sauce, this monster burger isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Mustard Whopper

The Mustard Whopper spent many years on the menu at Burger King.

It seems to have disappeared around 1990, and no one knows why because there are still plenty of people who love this tangy burger that’s topped with mustard instead of special sauce, mayo, or ketchup.

Onions, tomatoes, and lettuce round out this burger, but it’s the mustard that dominates the flavor, as its spiciness melts deep into the burger.

And, even though it’s not up on the big board, if you say the words, you can still have one.  

Burger King Club

The BK Club is too good to keep hidden. But the King must be afraid of running out of this version of a chicken club sandwich. 

BK’s spicy, juicy, crunchy fried chicken is the star, but bacon, cheese, tomato, and your choice of sauce round out the cast of this symphony of flavor.

When the Original Chicken Sandwich just needs a little bit of an extra kick, this is the go-to for people who know to order it from the BK secret menu.

Veggie Whopper

If you’re thinking about skipping the meat, consider a Veggie Whopper.

When everyone else is eating juicy burgers and chicken sandwiches, you won’t care because you’re going to be enjoying your sandwich just as much. 

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That’s because there have been some experiments at BK where you’ve been able to buy Impossible Burgers on their vegan menu, made with specialty vegetarian products that closely mimic the flavor of the missing meat.

But, it sometimes proves hard to find on the regular menu.

So just ask for a Veggie Whopper from the secret menu, and they’ll replace your meat patty with a vegetable one, but you’ll still get all the regular toppings. 

French Fry Burger

Everyone knows that burgers and fries go together. Even if you don’t eat either of them, you get the concept of crispy, golden fries and how they are the perfect complementary side dish for a burger.

In the early 2000s, someone who enjoyed the combo a little too much talked Burger King into adding the French Fry Burger to the menu. 

Just take a BK burger and add fries right on the bun.

These days you won’t see this one on the menu. So, you’ll have to remember it’s still available from the secret menu if you want one. 

The Burger King Ham & Cheese

If you’re out with friends, and you want to impress someone, show off by ordering a Burger King Ham & Cheese.

This is one of the most secret menu items at BK. Take a classic ham and cheese sandwich and put it on a fluffy, sesame seed bun. Boom!

Everyone else ends up with burgers or chicken sandwiches, and you have a completely different take on fast food only because of your secret menu skills.

Icee Float

This secret menu item is one you might not even be able to get at every Burger King.

It’s not just a hidden menu item. It’s rare! But if you know about it, and you’re at the right place, you can get this blend of slushy and ice cream for a frozen treat unlike any other. Just ask. 

Most Burger Kings have the equipment to make one of these frozen treats.

But, they don’t always have the right buttons to enter it into the cash register. So, if you ask nicely, you may be able to get your hands on one.

The server will fill the cup about halfway with your choice of slushy flavor and then your choice of ice cream. Blend it all up, and you have an Icee Float. 

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After reading through all of these tasty secret menu items from Burger King, you’re probably craving a few of them. That’s ok because there are almost 10,000 locations in the US, so there’s probably one nearby.

Head over to your closest Burger King and get it Your Way!

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