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What Dipping Sauces Does Burger King Have? 

Sauces and condiments are a cornerstone of many meals. They elevate your meal and provide another flavor to the taste of hamburgers and french fries at fast food restaurants, including Burger King!

Small packages of chilli sauce and tissue paper from Burger King

Many fast food restaurants have dipping sauces and condiments that are iconic to their brands. Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s have their proprietary sauces that other companies cannot duplicate. 

Burger King is a great example of having excellent sauces to elevate the flavor profile of a meal. They have six sauce flavors that customers can order with their favorite BK meal.

We have ranked them in the list below based on uniqueness, flavor, and versatility. 

Continue reading for more information on the best Burger King sauces so you can “Have it your Way”!  

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & sour sauce is a play on the hallmark sweet and sour Chinese cuisine. Most of the time, this sauce accompanies dishes like chicken.

Burger King’s sweet and sour sauce has 45 calories in 1 ounce. It also has a jelly-like consistency and an overall light flavor.

Its ingredients include water, high-fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, sugar, pineapple juice concentrate, corn starch, crushed pineapple, apricot puree, and molasses. 

It is mostly sweet and fruity, likely due to the pineapple juice, apricot puree, crushed pineapple, and molasses.

Though the sauce is not as sour as some other sweet and sour sauces out there, the flavor profile still pairs well with chicken. 


Barbecue sauce is a time-old tradition in the cooking world and getting the right mix of sweet, salty, and spicy is the key to a great barbecue sauce.

Though Burger King is a fast food joint, their barbecue sauce is popular among many customers! 

It has 40 calories per ounce and does not contain any major allergens! This is a win for customers who have dietary restrictions like eating gluten-free or dairy free.

The flavor is great with chicken or on a burger like a Whopper. It is deep brown colored and seems to strike the right balance between spicy, sweet, and salty. This sauce is a great one! 

Honey Mustard

Honey mustard is one of my favorite dipping sauces of all. Burger King’s version is a bit sweeter than others, but I think it is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. 

The ingredients of the honey mustard sauce are water, soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, honey, distilled vinegar, sugar, corn syrup, and egg yolks.

It is 90 calories per serving. It is a delicious companion to chicken nuggets or french fries! 

If spicy mustard is your speed, you might not enjoy Burger King’s honey mustard as much as someone who likes a sweeter honey mustard sauce. 


Similar to barbecue sauce, there is a specific balance needed with buffalo sauce to be sure it is not too spicy to eat, but that there is still enough kick to satisfy the spice craving people have.

Burger King’s buffalo sauce is a balance between spicy and sour. 

The brightly colored sauce contains water, soybean oil, cayenne pepper sauce, high fructose corn syrup, and distilled vinegar.

It also has 80 calories per ounce. This sauce has eggs and milk in it if you have a dairy allergy. 

Burger King’s buffalo sauce is perfect for chicken tenders, chicken fries, french fries, or chicken sandwiches! 


Burger King’s proprietary sauce is the Zesty sauce.

Patrons love this sauce so much that there are tons of recipes online instructing consumers on how to make the sauce at home! It is a combination of buffalo sauce, honey mustard, and barbecue. 

The zesty sauce is the creamiest and thickest of the Burger King sauces, but it is also the most unique and original.

The best part about this sauce is that it pairs well with almost every menu item – minus the sweet stuff! 

It contains soybean oil, water, prepared horseradish, corn syrup, egg yolk, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, and salt.

With 150 calories per serving, it is the densest sauce on their menu. Be aware of the soy and milk content if you have allergies! 


Ranch dressing is an extremely common dressing among people who like fast food.

It was created in the early 1950s, and since the 1990s, it has been the most popular salad dressing in the United States. 

Burger King has capitalized on this fact, and made their ranch sauce a must-have. Many people like to dip french fries and chicken into ranch sauce! 

The flavor is creamy with a little tang. The sauce has 140 calories per serving. It contains milk and eggs, so beware of potential issues with these allergens. 

Though the ingredient list is short, ranch dressing is a popular choice amongst customers for menu items like chicken fries, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and appetizers like jalapeno bites!

Try it on your next outing to Burger King and see what you think. 

Burger King is one of the most well-known fast food chains worldwide.

Their menu items are inventive, like chicken fries, and their dipping sauces are curated to give customers six ways to customize their meals according to their tastes. 

Honey mustard and the Zesty sauce are my favorites on this list. Which one will you try next?

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