11 Most Popular Store-Bought Ranch Dressings

Find your new favorite ranch dressing with these top-rated brands.

Ranch dressing comes in many different forms, flavors, and formulations. Some Ranch dressings focus on their zest and tang, adding garlic or vinegar and others on their smooth, decadent texture with whole eggs included extra body.

Hidden Valley brand of Ranch Dressing

With so many variations in flavor, it can be challenging to find the right one. That’s why I’ve tried to narrow it down to 11 of the best ranch dressings you can find at the grocery store. I’ve chosen a variety of flavor profiles, price points, and options for different dietary and health restrictions.

Ranch dressing isn’t just for a salad, either. It’s becoming one of the most popular dipping sauces for appetizers, and it makes a great sandwich spread.

Best Ranch Dressings

You may be surprised by some of the contenders on this list, but I’ve tried to include some of my favorites, as well as the classics. 

Keep reading to find your dream Ranch dressing.

Newman’s Own Ranch

Newman’s Own makes a ton of both classic and unique dressings.

Their Ranch, in particular, is a star. As Newman’ Own says on their website, it’s perfect for dippin’ or pourin’! 

This dressing is one of my personal favorites for its restaurant-like thickness and quality. Made with real buttermilk and eggs, it’s fluffy and smooth, just as a Ranch should be.

Newman’s Own belongs to the Newman’s Own Foundation, Paul Newman’s charitable corporation that vows to give all the money made to charity.

After deducting all business expenses, they donate the remaining profits straight to charity!

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley’s Original Ranch is an undisputed classic. Its presence in many childhood homes has made it a nostalgic favorite.

Even their powdered packets have been popular for a long time.

Hidden Valley is made with nonfat buttermilk and egg yolks, making it a bit less thick than some of its peers, yet still a delightful, creamy choice.

You won’t be surprised to learn that in the ratings and reviews section of their Ranch listing on their website, 9,110 reviewers gave this product an overall score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. 

Ken’s Steak House Ranch Dressing

In my opinion, Ken’s Steak House Ranch Dressing is a surprising delight.

This option gets overlooked a lot, but it really shouldn’t be. Its consistency is like Newman’s Own, undoubtedly a good thing for those looking for a classic. 

This dressing contains buttermilk solids, buttermilk, and egg yolk, so it’s another super thick, creamy option.

If you like your Ranch dressing to remind you of what you get at steak houses, this is the undisputable number one choice.

Ken’s brand started in an actual steakhouse of the same name, and the family that began it many years ago still owns it now! 

Trader Joe’s Organic Ranch Dressing

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to grocery shop because of its unique options and fun items.

Their Organic Ranch Dressing is low price and organic, a win-win.

This one is by far the thinnest. It’s a bit thinner, runnier, and less tangy than standard Ranch, but it may be preferable for some who don’t want a thick dip-like Ranch.

Trader Joe’s is an excellent company with several organic, low-cost options.

Their Ranch and their other signature dressings are always worth trying at least once!

Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing

This one is also a classic for me. If my family didn’t have Hidden Valley in the fridge, it was usually the Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing instead.

This is the most similar to Hidden Valley. The thickness, tang, and creaminess are all fantastic!

Made with buttermilk and egg yolks, you can probably see why it’s so close to Hidden Valley in flavor and consistency.

The Wish-Bone brand was formed by an Italian-American man whose Italian mother had a stellar recipe for Italian Dressing.

Lipton purchased the company, but the Italian influence is still there!

365 Organic Ranch Dressing

The 365 Organic Ranch Dressing is a product of Whole Foods Market.

It’s such an amazing Ranch that maintains its stellar flavor while using more wholesome, organic, and non-artificial ingredients than most other options.

All the ingredients in this dressing are organic, so the buttermilk and egg yolks found in the ingredient list are high-quality, organic, and lower in saturated fat, and carbs.

This flavourful and creamy dressing is a perfect match for veggies.

Recently bought by Amazon, Whole Foods is a health-focused grocer that offers many unique and organic options.

Kraft Classic Ranch Dressing

Kraft’s Classic Ranch Dressing is sometimes almost sweet and reminds me of the Trader Joe’s option in its lack of tang.

It’s still creamy and an excellent choice for dipping, though!

The Kraft option also contains a mix of herbs and some eggs and buttermilk.

It goes well with appetizers and sandwiches and adds texture to salads.

Kraft is part of Heinz brands, the ones who make ketchup! On, Kraft’s Ranch has 4.3 out of 5 stars, so it’s clearly a well-loved brand.

Annie’s Naturals Cowgirl Ranch Dressing

I imagine this to be the real, authentic, cowgirl-approved Ranch.

It lives up to its name as a classic, high-quality, thick Ranch that tastes amazing.

They use whole eggs in addition to the buttermilk to make a creamy, indulgent dip or dressing. It’s a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Annie’s makes many allergen-friendly products with organic ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors. They have entire vegan and gluten-free lines too! 

Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing

Aldi’s Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing reminds me of the original Kraft Ranch.

It is smooth, sweet, and still plenty creamy. I love this option because Aldi is a quick, cheap, convenient option for many people, and their Tuscan Garden line makes a delicious ranch.

The Tuscan Garden option uses only egg yolks with its buttermilk, which may explain why it’s less thick while still creamy and smooth.

Besides, it’s gluten-free and free of artificial colors.

Aldi is an international grocery store with budget options for people of all spending limits!  

Daiya Homestyle Ranch Dressing

The Daiya brand has changed many of its original recipes in the last few years and made its products way tastier. The Homestyle Ranch Dressing is no exception! 

This delicious vegan option may not contain eggs or buttermilk, but it makes up for that with exciting ingredients you may not have thought would make for a tasty, creamy, vegan Ranch like chickpea protein to thicken the dressing, and it works well.

Daiya is an all-vegan brand that makes vegan alternatives to all of your favorite foods.

Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or just looking to switch things up in the name of health, Daiya has the product for you!

Simply Balanced Organic Ranch Dressing

Target’s Simply Balanced line makes this super thick Organic Ranch Dressing. It’s probably the thickest, creamiest option on this list. 

The added organic garlic is the star for this dressing. There are also eggs and buttermilk, but the unique and distinct flavor here comes from the garlic for sure!

Target is a widely-accessible and well-known chain with its own in-house product lines, including their Simply Balanced options that provide taste and health benefits.

Best Ranch Dressings

  1. Newman’s Own Ranch
  2. Hidden Valley Ranch
  3. Ken’s Steak House Ranch Dressing
  4. Trader Joe’s Organic Ranch Dressing
  5. Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing
  6. 365 Organic Ranch Dressing
  7. Kraft Classic Ranch Dressing
  8. Annie’s Naturals Cowgirl Ranch Dressing
  9. Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing
  10. Daiya Homestyle Ranch Dressing
  11. Simply Balanced Organic Ranch Dressing

Final Thoughts

From charitable to organic, classic style to vegan options, we’ve run through 11 of the best ranch dressings available.

With the above list and your personal tastes in mind, you should be able to find a ranch dressing that speaks to your specific tastes, your budget, and your dietary or health restrictions. 

Whether you use ranch on your salad or on your favorite chicken wings, these brands have plenty to offer.

Have you already found your new favorite ranch? There are far more ranch dressings in the world than I could cover here, and these are just some of my favorites. If I’ve missed your favorite, leave a comment below. 

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