The Best Breyers Ice Cream Flavors Worth Trying

There are few things as pleasant on a summer evening as some delicious ice cream. We all have our preferences on the best flavors and ways to eat it, but something almost everyone can agree on is that ice cream is the perfect treat year-round. 

Breyers very berry cobbler ice cream

One of the largest ice cream manufacturers is Breyers.

This Pennsylvania brand has been making ice cream since 1866 and remains a favorite across the country.

So what are the best Breyers ice cream flavors? We will rank them for you so you know what the best tubs to look for in the frozen desserts aisle are. 

Check out the most popular flavors from Breyers.


When I am craving candy, I always reach for Reese’s cups, so it makes sense that Breyers’ Reese’s ice cream is just as delectable.

The company filled this tub full of chunks of Reese’s and a fudge swirl that gives you all the exquisite taste of Reese’s cups mixed with ice cream.

I found the pairing of the peanut butter cup chunks with the ice cream to make for a great contrast in flavor.

If you can get your hand on a waffle cone, I recommend trying it in one of those. It adds another dimension to my favorite ice cream.


Peach is not the first fruit I think of when I consider pairings with ice cream, so I was somewhat dubious of this flavor before trying it.

But I can assure you peach is one of the best Breyers ice cream flavors and surprised me.

They mix vanilla ice cream with real chunks of peaches, which gives it a more artisanal feel compared to just having peach flavoring.

The real pieces also mean the peach flavor is more of an accent than an overpowering presence.

If you like peaches and want the taste of summer in your mouth, this ice cream is for you.

Oreo Cookies & Cream

It’s hard to find people who don’t enjoy Oreos or cookies and cream ice cream, so Breyers was smart enough to combine them into one product.

The Oreo Cookies and Cream brings the best of both worlds to the party, and with the new recipe adding extra cookie pieces, I had very few bites without the crunch of cookies.

While I would not blame you for eating this out of the cone, I think you get enough crunch from the cookie pieces that it tastes best in a chilled bowl. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a must-try.

Cherry Vanilla

I am not the biggest fan of cherries in the world, but the combination of cherry pieces with vanilla ice cream to make cherry vanilla is a delicious duo.

I think this is perfect on a hot summer afternoon as a snack to help hold you over until dinner time.

There is something about cherries in the summer that feels different.

The nice thing about this ice cream is the cherries are sustainably farmed.

I recommend cutting up a few cherries and mixing them in with the ice cream if you have any on hand for an extra, fruity flavor.


Perhaps no fruit-flavored ice cream is as iconic as strawberry.

It adds a sweetness and a nice added taste to the dessert without overpowering it or feeling oversweet.

Breyers’ strawberry ice cream hits that balance perfectly, and they have even included bits of strawberry in the ice cream itself to give the product a more strawberry-forward taste.

I eat strawberry ice cream all the time in the summer, and Breyers has one of the best forms of it on the market.

I think this tastes best in a waffle cone, but there is a simple charm in eating it straight from the container.

Chocolate Truffle

Breyers Chocolate Truffle is best described as chocolate added to more chocolate.

But do not confuse being one-note with being unappetizing, as this ice cream is a chocolate lover’s dream.

Even if someone like me is not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, I enjoyed this flavor.

Breyers combines their signature ice cream with pieces of dark chocolate truffles for this product.

I found that I mostly had a bit of truffle in every bite, so they did a great job with the ratios. I found this to be best in a cone to add some contrast to the chocolate.

Butter Pecan

Nuts are one of my favorite ice cream toppings, but I’ve found it difficult to find them in many store-bought brands of ice cream.

Luckily for me, Breyer has its Butter Pecan flavor that fits the bill. 

I enjoyed the crunch the pecans provide, and the butter-roasting they went through packs some extra flavor.

I do not think these will win over those who aren’t fans of nuts in their ice cream, but if you enjoy pecans, you should find this a delicious dish.

Black Raspberry Chocolate

Black Raspberry is already decadent enough on its own, but its combination with chocolate increases the richness to incredible levels.

The ice cream is pink, but that is only a coloring.

I like how the raspberry and chocolate pieces are the star of the show in this dessert.

While many of the other ice cream treats on the list have additions that serve as accents, this one is all about the black raspberries and chocolate.

Lactose-Free Vanilla

If you are trying to avoid lactose due to a sensitivity to it or you are staying away from dairy for other reasons, Breyer has a Lactose Free Vanilla.

This ice cream brings all the taste you hope for with vanilla ice cream without any lactose.

It is a game-changer for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

I have no sensitivity to lactose, but I still really enjoyed this ice cream.

The flavor is all there, and it works well as a blank slate to make additions. Of course, it is just as delicious on its own.

If you’re looking for non-dairy ice cream, check out our favorite dairy free options here.

Natural Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream is a classic for a reason, and I found Breyers Natural Vanilla to be a worthy addition to the many vanilla ice creams in the frozen dessert aisle.

While it may seem simple or even boring to some, this vanilla ice cream is packed with flavor and Breyer sourced it with non-GMO ingredients.

While I enjoy this ice cream on its own, I think its true strength is its versatility.

I love adding it to a scoop of pie or covering it with homemade strawberry syrup.

Regardless of how I dress it up, the ice cream is scrumptious.

French Vanilla

If you are someone who finds the taste of vanilla ice cream to be a bit too, well, vanilla, Breyers French Vanilla may be what you are looking for.

This ice cream is richer than other vanilla brands and more flavorful than you might expect at first glance.

If you want to pair it with anything, I recommend it with a sweet dessert.

The ice cream is overpowering at times, so pairing it with another strong taste like French toast or cinnamon apple pie will do wonders. Of course, it is just as scrumptious in a cone.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint is a divisive flavor for many people. While some swear by its refreshing tasting notes, others are unable to overcome its association with toothpaste or gum. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular flavors around.

If you find yourself in the pro-mint camp, you owe it to yourself to try Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

For this ice cream, Breyers infused its vanilla base with mint flavor. And to complete the puzzle, the company adds an ample amount of chocolate chips.

I found you get the most out of this dessert by eating it on its own, as the mint overpowers other flavors you bring to the party.

Natural Strawberry

Natural Strawberry is an upscale version of the traditional strawberry ice cream Breyers sells.

The company makes this product with California strawberries picked at their freshest point; they mix these strawberry chunks with ice cream for a dynamite combination.

I love strawberry ice cream, so it is no surprise this product worked for me. It gave me a summer feeling, even though I was not eating it at the height of the season.

I recommend this one in a cone, though it is just as delicious eaten straight from the container.


Few things give me joy in the morning like a freshly-brewed cup of coffee.

When it is time for dessert, I find it too late for coffee. In that case, the only thing to do is enjoy some Breyers Coffee ice cream.

You get all the mature and bitter tastes of coffee with your ice cream, and you can eat it without worrying about caffeine. 

The flavor of coffee pairs well with a lot of richer desserts, so I recommend this ice cream with something sweet.

The contrast between the mature and bitter coffee flavor with a sweet piece of pie is worth experiencing.

Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints

Girl Scout cookies are a treasured piece of American life, and the yearly sales always attract a wide array of customers.

So it is only natural that Breyers partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA to put their Thin Mints cookies inside Breyers’ ice cream.

This dessert has a generous portion of cookie chunks scattered through the ice cream, and the two elements paired well together in my tastings.

I thought this product was best on its own without a cone, but I think it would be tasty in one as well. If you enjoy Thin Mints, you need to try this.

If you love Girl Scout Cookies, check out some of their famous but discontinued cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies Samoas

The second collaboration between the Girl Scouts and Breyers brought us Samoas ice cream.

I found this one to have a more complex flavor than the Thin Mints ice cream, though that does mean it is harder to pair it with other desserts.

But I think any lover of Samoas will find something to enjoy in this tub.

You get plenty of chunks of cookies mixed in with the ice cream. And to add to the flavor, Breyers put a fudge swirl into the coconut and caramel-flavored ice cream.

There is a lot of flavor to this treat, and it gets my recommendation.

Banana Split

I cannot think of too many more classic treats for summer than a banana split.

While you will never find a total replacement for a handmade banana split in your frozen dessert aisle, Breyers has gotten as close as possible with its Banana Split ice cream. 

All the elements of a banana split are on display here. You get chunks of strawberries mixed in with banana-flavored ice cream.

And it is all topped off with a fudge chocolate swirl the company mixed into the ice cream.

While it may not replace the summertime classic, this is a worthy replacement when you need a quick banana split fix. 

Birthday Blast

While birthday cake ice cream may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think it is one of the best-frozen dessert gimmicks.

While Breyers’ Birthday Blast is not my favorite take on birthday cake ice cream, I still think it is a delicious treat and tastes just like a cupcake.

While I have suggested pairing some of the other ice creams on this list with other desserts, I feel this one stands on its own.

Of course, eating it in a cone is a perfectly acceptable way, but few things compare to the feeling of eating it right out of the container.

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