16 Most Popular Wings & More on the WingStop Menu

Try WingStop’s best wings, sauces, and sides

Over the past few years, we have experienced a gradual growth in the popularity of fast-food joints. However, you might have noticed that most (if not all) of these offer pretty much the same thing. 

Wingstop Chicken Wing Restaurant

However, fast food joints such as WingStop have stepped up their game by offering additional items on their menus.

This makes WingStop a cult favorite, especially among people who fancy trying out different flavors of chicken wings.

Don’t get it twisted! WingStop offers customers a lot more than just wings.

Being a frequent visitor there, I have tasted a lot of sides on the menu. The first glance at the menu will make you realize how wide the range of items you have to choose from is. 

Best Food at WingStop

How, then, do you ensure that you have the ultimate WingStop experience with the best meal possible here? I have made things easier for you and compiled a list of sixteen of the best food at WingStop.

Atomic Wings

To begin with, if you cannot handle spicy wings, you better avoid atomic wings on sight.

These wings are extra spicy with savory flavors beneath the hot one. These are the spiciest wings that you can order at WingStop.

However, the additional flavors mean that you won’t only have to focus just on the hot taste.

Spicy wings enthusiasts will fall in love with this dish. The sauce might be hot, but it’s not the hottest that you have ever had. Most will manage to finish their order without struggling. 

Garlic Parmesan Wings

WingStop’s Garlic Parmesan Wings are known for their unique old mild wings’ flavor.

However, it would be best for those who like spicy wings or hate dominant garlic flavor to avoid these. 

The wings don’t have much to them when it comes to spice. The taste pretty much makes up for all of that. Additionally, the dominant garlic flavor adds to the richness; you won’t even notice that the wings aren’t spicy.

The dry rub on the wings also contains Parmesan cheese. Its slightly salty flavor will have you craving for more wings. Even though the flavors are just basic and classic, the one produced by the mix is just amazing. 

Original Hot Wings

We can argue that wings are the most dominant items on the menu in most fast food joints, and WingStop is no different.

However, those who fancy the simple wings prepared in their basic form but to perfection should go for the original hot wings. 

WingStop has perfected the skill of preparing such basic and simple meals to perfection. Yes, the chicken wings might be spicy and delicious, but they do not have out-of-the-ordinary toppings. 

I liked the original hot wings with WingStop’s original hot flavor. This flavor was among WingStop’s first flavors to make its way into their menu.

There has to be something exceptional about this combination to stand the test of time. It is spicy but not mildly hot. This means that you can have them even if you are not able to withstand a lot of spice.

Cajun Fried Corn

Sometimes you want things just out of the ordinary. Instead of ordering fries again as a side dish, why don’t you try the Cajun Fried Corn?

They might top the list of items to substitute fries in your order. As the name suggests, you will be getting fried corn on its cob.

After frying, chefs at WingStop sprinkle Cajun and fry seasoning for extra flavor. 

However, one thing to note about Cajun fried corn is that it isn’t ideal if you want to be extra full.

However, it complements your wings in a way that you would never have imagined. The seasoning only makes it better!

Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings

Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings are up there on the list of the milder flavored chicken wings on WingStop’s menu.

BBQ wings enthusiasts know that smoked wings will only be delicious if prepared right. 

You, however, don’t have to worry about those you get from WingStop. These wings are well cooked and served with top-quality barbecue sauce.

The sauce’s flavor improves the mildness of the wings’ flavor, making them even better.

When you pay close attention, you will notice the smoky notes within the meal. There is also an additional sweet flavor that slightly improves the taste.

Lemon Pepper Wings

You cannot talk about mouthwatering mild wings without talking about the lemon pepper flavor.

The lemon pepper wings have been widely accepted amongst WingStop customers; everyone who tries them likes them. 

WingStop’s Lemon Pepper Wings are up there with the best I have ever had. I noticed a citrus-ish flavor that isn’t overshadowed by the pepper.

Despite having pepper, do not expect this meal to be hot. They contain hotness that almost everyone can tolerate. 

Louisiana Rub Wings

The Louisiana flavor on these chicken wings makes an ideal option for people who don’t fancy extra spicy fries but, on the other hand, won’t settle for bland.

Food enthusiasts will notice the distinct Cajun flavor at first taste. It adds a distinctive taste to the chicken, something that isn’t available in other flavors.

Instead of sauce, these wings are covered in a rub. If you enjoy crispy chicken skin, then Louisiana Rub wings should be top of your priority list. 

On the other hand, the chicken is relatively dry compared to other options. However, anyone who enjoys crispy chicken tends to overlook this part. 

Louisiana Voodoo Fries

With a wide array of sides to choose from for your wings, deciding on which item to pick might be daunting.

In my opinion, Louisiana Voodoo fries are among the best side items for wings at WingStop

Don’t let the term “voodoo” mislead you. These fries are the real deal. In addition to ranch dressing, these WingStop’s Louisiana Voodoo Fries also have delicious cheesy jalapeno sauce toppings. 

I fancy adding a little bit of Cajun seasoning as the final piece of the puzzle. The flavor might be stronger than most fries are, but isn’t this what you are looking for to accompany your favorite choice of wings?

Mild Wings

This might not be the best choice of wings when it comes to WingStop’s boneless wing options.

However, they are still a favorite for people who like their extra-flavored chicken wings. 

These wings are not quite spicy, but the rich flavor makes up for this. The sweet tasty flavor of these perfectly cooked wings will have you coming back for more.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a lot of flavors while excluding the richness.

However, people with sensitive taste buds and stomachs would do well avoiding the mild wings.

Seasoned Fries

Yes, seasoned fries might be the typical side for your chicken wings.

However, I find other options, such as the Voodoo fries, better. This does not mean that the fries aren’t any good, but there are better options on WingStop’s menu.

WingStop Seasoned Fries are sprinkled with a unique mixture of spices. These spices don’t produce a lot of dominant flavors, making them the ideal option for anyone looking for basic fries’ taste.

They go pretty well with a lot of different wing flavors at WingStop. However, they are not adequately salted, but the flavors cover up for this. 

Spicy Korean Q Wings

Most people who have tried the authentic and original Korean flavor have highly ranked WingStop’s Spicy Korean Q wings.

I might be one of them, but I really liked the wings. 

The flavor is well developed and has pretty much the good of everything; spicy and sweet flavors. I later found out that the sauce is made using different flavors, making it a top pick.

However, ginger and garlic flavors are more dominant compared to the others. 

Considering the weak base in other flavors, the sauce is the perfect option for the wings. Other flavors added to the sauce include red pepper (crushed), Sriracha, etc. 

Veggie Sticks

Vegetables are always a healthy and nutritious addition to any food.

As such, everyone should try incorporating them more into the diet. This makes them an excellent addition to your fast food. WingStop Veggie Sticks are fresh and rich in flavor. 

However, I found them to contain fewer ingredients, considering it is just celery and carrots.

Additionally, WingStop is yet to provide a special sauce for the veggies. At the moment, they offer the typical WingStop dipping sauce. 

Buffalo Ranch Fries

You might have come across the controversy surrounding ranch dressing.

Some people love it and use it on wings, vegetables, and many other meals, while others despise the idea of using it as a cover.

Buffalo Ranch fries here are dipped in ranch. However, they do things a little bit differently at WingStop. They also add hot sauce to the fries, making a perfect blend of cream and spicy flavors.

WingStop adds a lot of sauce to the fries. Even though this overshadows the fries’ seasoning, it doesn’t change much. Moreover, these fries tend to partner well as a side with almost all wings’ flavors available at WingStop

Fresh Baked Rolls

The chances are high that your WingStop order will be dominantly meaty.

As such, these freshly baked rolls are a good option whenever you feel like adding carbs as a side dish. However, you need to note that these rolls aren’t rich in flavor or taste. 

They have a taste nearly identical to the typical bread or dinner rolls. They surprisingly go well with spicy wings. However, they might be quite necessary as a side for them, especially if you are looking to enjoy maximum WingStop experience. 

This is because most of the other side options (such as Cajun fried corn and voodoo fries) go better with different chicken wing flavors than the rolls. 

Hawaiian Wings

Anyone who knows the history of Hawaiian pizza might have heard about the controversy surrounding the delicacy. People have varied opinions on the flavors. 

Some Hawaiian Wings fanatics prefer it with the sweet and savory mixed flavors.

On the other hand, others are disgusted just by the idea of pineapple toppings on the pizza. However, this is quite different when it comes to the wings. 

WingStop Hawaiian Wings are for those people who fancy sweet wing sauce. If you are among the few who prefer extra tasty wings, this should be top of your priority here.

Hawaiian wings are made using flavors inspired richly by Asian culture. The chicken is tender, delicious, and spicy. However, people who don’t like their chicken mildly spiced best avoid these wings; you wouldn’t want the heat! 

Mango Habanero Wings

When mixing sweet and spicy flavors, you have to get one thing right; the balance between the two.

This is what WingStop did with the Mango Habanero Wings. Habanero is a kind of pepper well known for being extra spicy.

The mango flavor dominates the meal, but the habanero makes it even better. It makes it super spicy but only to a manageable level, thus balancing the sweet mango flavor.

After my numerous visits to WingStop, I can boldly say that this is the best item on the menu. 

The combination of sweet, syrupy, and spicy habanero flavors will have you yearning for more. Most people never turn back after tasting the Mango Habanero wings.

The first bite has you noticing just the sweetness of the rich mango flavor. As you dig deeper into your plate, the taste of habanero gradually makes its way. 

All these synchronize and provide just the correct balance, and you are sure to enjoy the food. 

Best Food at WingStop

  1. Atomic Wings
  2. Garlic Parmesan Wings
  3. Original Hot Wings
  4. Cajun Fried Corn
  5. Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings
  6. Lemon Pepper Wings
  7. Louisiana Rub Wings
  8. Louisiana Voodoo Fries
  9. Mild Wings
  10. Seasoned Fries
  11. Spicy Korean Q Wings
  12. Veggie Sticks
  13. Buffalo Ranch Fries
  14. Fresh Baked Rolls
  15. Hawaiian Wings
  16. Mango Habanero Wings

Final Thoughts

WingStop has a wide range of items to choose from. It is up to you to browse through the options and choose the most suitable for you. Happy dining!

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