The Best Food at Long John Silver’s

Try the most popular orders from Long John Silvers

As a long-standing restaurant chain in America, Long John Silver’s is a fan favorite for kids and adults.

Long John Silver's Seafood Restaurant.

While the company may not be as popular as they once were, they are still a unique fast-food establishment – and one of the only ones that put fish at center stage.

With the variety of menu options available to patrons, everyone has a go-to item they crave and order each time. 

If you have never visited a Long John Silver’s restaurant or haven’t been in a while, you may not know what the most popular items are.

This comprehensive guide will help you get up to date on the latest and most popular offerings – including some of my personal favorites!

Best Food on the Long John Silver’s Menu

With that, let’s look at the best Long John Silvers menu items available today to help you decide which route to take when ordering your next meal.

Hush Puppies

It’s not often that you see Hush Puppies listed on a restaurant menu as they aren’t a typical side dish outside of the south.

But, Long John Silver’s does them like no one else!

Made with just a few simple ingredients – primarily deep-fried cornmeal and spices – the result is a combination of a warm and crispy texture that is soft and tasty inside.

Hush Puppies have an interesting origin story that dates back to the Civil War, where soldiers, runaway slaves, and others would throw these easily made food items at dogs to silence them in the night.

Now, they’re just a tasty, crunchy side to go with your seafood!

Popcorn Shrimp

Because Long John Silvers is a seafood restaurant, there is no shortage of shrimp available.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is popcorn shrimp. Enjoyed by both kids and adults, you will quickly understand why it’s so highly sought after.

What I love most about the popcorn shrimp at Long John Silvers is that it’s lightly breaded and packed with taste.

It works as a snack or as a meal when you pair it with some of their tasty sides. You can enjoy it on its own or with the sauce of your choice. Either way, it’s perfect “on the go” food. 

Grilled Salmon

While fried foods are tasty, they aren’t the healthiest for you.

Therefore, it’s good to have options on the menu that are suitable for those looking for a more balanced meal.

The grilled salmon is Long John Silver’s answer to that, and the taste is unmatched when it comes to fast food fish.

At Long John Silvers, you can get grilled salmon in several different meal varieties. These options include a rice bowl, meal, or just the salmon on its own.

Pairing it with your favorite side or a few Hush Puppies will give you a healthy fast food meal option that won’t weigh you down all day.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

While seeing mashed potatoes and gravy on a list such as this may confuse you, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try this side dish! 

Thick, buttery whipped potatoes are topped with rich brown gravy to add a comforting touch to any meal. Consider ordering a second portion, as you will quickly eat through the first one!

AYCE – All You Can Eat Special

For Long John Silvers fans, there is no further explanation needed when it comes to this menu item. 

When you visit Long John Silvers on Sundays, you can participate in this special promotion that offers you all the chicken, fish, and sides you desire!

It is worth noting that this promotion doesn’t apply to all locations, so it is best to check yours out beforehand to see if it’s available.

When ordering the AYCE Special, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. Popcorn shrimp and hush puppies? Absolutely! Pollock and coleslaw? Of course!

What about chicken and french fries? Why not! All of this and more are available through the AYCE promotion.

When you leave, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten enough for the next three weeks, but it’s a deal you can’t pass up.

Crispy Fish Sandwich

Not all fish sandwiches are created equally.

Chances are, you’ve had at least one or two “subpar” offerings from different fast-food establishments.

But, you won’t find anything but high-quality, crispy fish between two squishy buns when you order Long John Silvers’ crispy fish sandwich?

Served as part of a combo meal, you’ll get fried Alaska Pollock on a sandwich roll with tartar sauce and pickles.

You’ll also get your choice of side and a drink to complete the meal. At just 400 calories for the sandwich, you’re getting a great meal without the high-calorie count.

Seasoned Green Beans

Again, I know that you’re probably looking at this and thinking – “Really? Green beans?” 

But, this is another case of a side dish being at the top of the list when looking for high-quality food options at Long John Silvers. 

With fresh green beans and the perfect seasoning combination, you will love the bit of freshness and lightness this side provides to any meal at Long John Silvers.

My favorite part is the crispness of the beans, where you can taste the freshness in every bite. Don’t miss out and pass these up. You won’t regret your selection, and it’s a side dish you can feel good about.

Pecan Pie

Who doesn’t love a slice of pecan pie for dessert after a great meal?

But, not many other fast-food establishments are offering it as an option. You won’t want to miss out on a slice of this, but be sure to call ahead as not all locations offer the pecan pie on their menu. 

The pecan pie will send your taste buds soaring with just the right amount of nuts, baked at the perfect temperature to create an ooey-gooey filling that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

You may want to account for seconds when ordering and be sure to order a slice for everyone at the table so they don’t steal bites of yours!

2 Chicken Combo

Long John Silvers is far from a “one-trick pony.” Yes, it’s a seafood establishment, but they take their chicken seriously, too!

The two-piece chicken combo is highly rated for its simplicity and comfort food feel. You’ll receive two all-white meat chicken tenders, coupled with two hush puppies and a side of your choice.

At just 150 calories per tender, you won’t be engaging in a high-calorie meal when you choose this one off the menu.

Pair it with your favorite beverage, and it’s the perfect option for a quick lunch or easy dinner for the kids. 

Best Food on the Long John Silvers Menu

  1. Hush Puppies
  2. Popcorn Shrimp
  3. Grilled Salmon
  4. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  5. AYCE – All You Can Eat Special
  6. Crispy Fish Sandwich
  7. Seasoned Green Beans
  8. Pecan Pie
  9. 2 Chicken Combo

Final Thoughts

Long John Silver’s may not be as prevalent today as it once was. But, it will always be a go-to for many. They are unique in being a fast food restaurant that offers seafood, as well as hushpuppies and pecan pie. Plus, don’t forget the All You Can Eat Special!

Next time you’re craving seafood, don’t hesitate to venture out to a Long John Silvers. With assorted combo meals and various side options, you will come out of the experience with a full belly and a happy heart. 

Are you tagging along with a seafood lover, but you don’t particularly enjoy it? Long John Silvers offers plenty of options that you can eat as well. Don’t miss out on the chicken combo meal or the new macaroni and cheese! There is plenty to enjoy for your whole group. 

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