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Top 15 Menu Items at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, but over 1000 locations all across the United States. They offer salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, wraps and have recently added bowls to the Tropical Smoothie menu in 2017.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Chain Restaurant

Moreover, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe allows for a vegetarian substitute, plant-based chicken

A Splenda substitute is available for the smoothies if you do not prefer the turbinado sugar, which is partially processed and refined.

You can also select supplements such as collagen, energy booster, fat burner, a multivitamin, pea protein, probiotics, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, or whey protein. 

In addition, there are fresh add-ins at your disposal like raw almonds, fresh ginger, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, whole-grain oats, spinach, kale, or peanut butter. They also carry fresh fruit and other sides to pair with their main items.

The cafe uses fresh ingredients, and they’re all diet-friendly options that are the perfect breakfast or lunch pick-me-up. 

Check out my list of the best tropical smoothie cafe menu items!

Chicken Pesto Flatbread

The Chicken Pesto Flatbread is a top seller on the menu, with juicy grilled chicken, plump tomatoes, shredded parmesan cheese, as well as shredded mozzarella, and a tangy pesto sauce.

The flatbread has a slightly chewy texture that makes an excellent base for the other ingredients. 

I loved the excellent combination of the two kinds of cheese since the parmesan cheese has a strong flavor, while the mozzarella is milder and creamier.

The portion of chicken I received inside was generous and not overly seasoned.

I would highly recommend it as a great option for lunch, as it’s not too heavy and doesn’t contain a ton of calories if you’re watching your intake.

All-American Wrap

The All-American Wrap lives up to its name as it contains classic American breakfast favorites.

It has everything I love, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese to bring everything together.

The wrap is thin and doesn’t mask the flavor of the other ingredients. You get the bacon and eggs, which is a great combo, and the cheddar is sharp and adds a depth of flavor to the eggs which aren’t heavily seasoned. 

This turns out to be a good thing because the saltiness of the bacon doesn’t overpower the wrap.

The mozzarella adds a creaminess to the wrap that prevents it from being dry, and the subtle flavor works well with the cheddar.

This is one of the best breakfast items on the menu if you want something light and tasty. 

Chicken Caprese Sandwich

The Chicken Caprese Sandwich is the perfect panini-style lunch order.

It has yummy grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, fresh mozzarella, creamy pesto, fresh tomatoes, a tangy balsamic glaze, and it’s nestled between pressed ciabatta bread.

The sandwich is just big enough that you get full without feeling stuffed. 

The balsamic glaze is surprising because it doesn’t overpower the sandwich despite it being a vinegar-based condiment.

The parmesan and mozzarella complement one another and add another layer of flavor, while the tomato and pesto add a freshness to break up some of the deeper flavors.

If you are a fan of Tropical Smoothie Cafe like me or eager to find out what all the hype is about, I recommend ordering this sandwich. 

Chipotle Chicken Club

The Chipotle Chicken Club is a delicious, slightly spicy menu item on flatbread.

It’s a simple combination of flavors that gives southwestern vibes.

The tender grilled chicken, fresh cherry tomatoes, crunchy romaine lettuce, crispy strips of bacon, spicy pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo are heavenly on the chewy flatbread. 

The Chipotle Chicken Club has a different flavor profile than some of the other choices, and I found this to be a welcomed difference.

The flavors are more profound because the cheese has a subtle spice, and the chipotle mayo is creamy, tangy, and packs a kick. This is another excellent choice for lunch when you want something quick and flavorful. 

Hummus Veggie Wrap

Ah, a fan favorite, the Hummus Veggie Wrap, perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

You won’t miss a beat when it comes to flavor if you try this wrap, as the ingredients are packed with it.

The wrap has creamy hummus, pepper jack cheese, smashed avocado, white rice, romaine lettuce, back beans, lite ranch sauce, juicy tomatoes, and pickled red onions. 

It’s hard to describe just how good this veggie wrap is, but you’ll be both satiated and surprised at how many different flavors you get in one bite.

The best part about the wrap is the pickled red onions.

The hummus ties everything together, and the smashed avocado for that creamy element, but the red onions provide crunch and a tangy bite that goes well with the ranch sauce and the cheese. The black beans and rice make it filling. 

Island Green Smoothie

The Island Green Smoothie is a light and tasty smoothie that hits the spot at breakfast or lunch.

It comes with kale, spinach, pineapple, mango, and banana.

It’s great if you’re on detox and you want to add certain ingredients to give it a health boost or if you want something refreshing. 

The tropical flavors are not outshined by the kale and spinach, which can be slightly bitter sometimes, but not in this case.

I love adding probiotics to this to make it even better for the digestive system. 

Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla

The Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla is one of my favorite items on the menu at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

It has grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, cheddar, queso Blanco, a smoked cheese blend, black beans, and roasted tomato salsa. 

The chicken is juicy and lightly seasoned, and it stands up well against all of the other bold flavors in the quesadilla.

The Queso Blanco is creamy and pairs wonderfully with the twisted red peppers and onions. The cheddar is sharp, but it complements the roasted tomato salsa, which is a slightly sweeter note.

The smoked cheeses offer a hearty base to the black beans, which don’t have any particular flavor but get you full quicker. I’m definitely a fan of this one!

Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl

The Supergreen Caesar bowl does a fantastic job combining the flavorful grilled chicken with the freshness of the romaine lettuce and spinach.

Moreover, these flavors are distinct, yet they work very well together.

The Supergreen Caesar bowl offers everything that you could want in a meal that’s not too heavy and yet just enough to stave off hunger for a reasonable amount of time.

The best part of the bowl came from the combination of the tomatoes mixed with the welcome acidity of the Caesar dressing.

The bowl was both mouth-watering and refreshing!

Thai Chicken Wrap

The Thai Chicken wrap right off the bat hits with those classic Asian flavors in the form of a wrap.

This is the wrap to pick up if you’re pressed for time and need a quick bite to eat. This unique chicken wrap is unlike any chicken wrap I’ve ever had.

This wrap is chocked full of flavor.

The sesame seeds, scallions, and cilantro add different flavor elements to the wrap, culminating in this sublime and delectable wrap.

The freshness is not lost in this sea of flavor thanks to the carrots and bed of romaine served with the tasty Thai peanut dressing.

Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla

If you love cheese and chicken quesadillas, then the Three Cheese Chicken quesadilla from Tropical Smoothie Cafe has your name on it.

The grilled chicken served on the quesadilla is kissed with just the right amount of char, allowing the smokiness to permeate but not overpower the quesadilla.

The cheese is perhaps the main attraction, and it does not disappoint in the slightest.

The Queso Blanco, cheddar, and smoked cheese blend is simply a bite of cheesy goodness.

Lastly, the roasted tomato salsa adds that missing layer of flavor to finish the quesadilla off properly.

Baja Chicken Bowl

I grabbed the Baja Chicken Bowl because it looked like a fresh bite of food. It was also flavorful and bright—it had the works.

To my surprise, they organized the bowl beautifully; it looked as good as it tasted.

The bowl was categorized, allowing you to mix and match bites of food according to your preference. Inside the bowl were black beans, rice, grilled chicken, romaine, smashed avocado, cheddar & roasted tomato salsa, and pickled red onions.

I had the freedom to have a fresh and unique bite anytime I wanted.

The smashed avocado added a welcomed layer of fat to the overall flavor profile of the bowl.

Fresh Fruit

Not many restaurants offer healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit; however, at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, they serve healthy food items and provide fresh fruit.

So it wouldn’t be strange for you to stop on and grab an apple or a banana or two as you’re getting your day started. Furthermore, fruit and its importance to a balanced diet are too often neglected.

The Tropical Smoothie cafe makes it easy for you by offering fresh fruit to help you maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Acai Berry Boost

The Acai Berry Boost is a fan favorite. It contains bananas, pomegranate, strawberries, and blueberries.

The smoothie is sweet and tart, with the banana adding a creaminess and subtle flavor that always pairs well with strawberry. 

The blueberries add a slightly bitter taste that is refreshing when you don’t like overly sweet drinks.

The berries perfectly balance the pomegranate, a tropical fruit that carries a sweet and earthy flavor.

This smoothie is excellent with protein added an ideal complement to your morning.  

Mango Magic Smoothie

Whether you’re grabbing a smoothie because of your dietary needs or getting a smoothie simply because you love smoothies, the Mango magic smoothie fulfills both requirements.

As you can imagine, the mixture of pineapple and mango makes for an incredible explosion of flavor.

Moreover, the smoothie’s consistency is perfect, not too chunky or watery—it’s just right!

The addition of non-fat yogurt gives it some additional flavor without overdoing it in the calorie department. Adding whey protein also works perfectly if you add it after a workout.

So feel healthy while drinking a tasty smoothie that’s so good that it feels like it should be a part of a cheat meal.

Avocolada Smoothie

This is the perfect smoothie for smoothie enthusiasts alike.

This smoothie is designed specifically for health benefits; it is such a nutritious beverage that it allows you to get many of your daily nutrients in this smoothie alone.

Although this assortment of veggies and fruits can seem slightly out of place, they work well when blended.

Don’t hesitate to add a scoop of peanut butter for an extra layer of goodness! The apparent nutrition in kale, avocado, and spinach mixed with pineapple, coconut & lime makes for a surprisingly delicious drink.

So grab an Avocolada smoothie and enjoy a nutritious smoothie that happens to taste great as well.

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a delightful establishment with tons of healthy food options that are also vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. There are various choices, and the smoothies are fresh, fun, and delicious. 

They also offer delivery services during their hours of operation.

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