9 Best Store-Bought Pizza Crusts To Use

There’s nothing like having a pizza delivered when you’re too busy to cook, but many of us enjoy the customizability and personal touch of making pizza at home.

Pizza dough

Whether you’re a budding home chef or just too far away for pizza delivery, anyone can easily make delicious pizza from the comfort of their kitchen. 

Although the idea of a homemade pizza might sound daunting, there’s nothing to worry about with store-bought pizza crusts. Save some time by buying pizza dough and just add your favorite pizza toppings!

I’ve gathered the best pre-made doughs and crusts you can find at your local store.

Best Store Bought Pizza Dough

From a classic pepperoni pizza to fancy goat cheese and fig pie, these store-bought pizza crusts help bring your pizza dreams to life. 

Pillsbury Canned Classic Pizza Dough

You probably know Pillsbury as the brand that makes delicious doughy treats pop out of a can, like their ready-bake cookies, cinnamon rolls, and crescent rolls.

However, the Pillsbury Canned Classic Pizza Dough might be better than their sweet baked goods. 

The dough rolls out of the can into a roughly rectangular shape. This makes it look like a classic flatbread pizza, but it’s still soft and not as crunchy as a flatbread.

After a quick prebake in the oven, you’re ready to load up with toppings, so this is one of the most straightforward homemade pizzas you can make. 

Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Pizza Dough

The Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Pizza Dough may seem intimidating to new home chefs, but I promise it’s easy.

Unlike some of my other picks, this pizza starter comes as a small dough ball that you’ll need to stretch out.

However, I’ve found that the texture of this dough is far superior to some of the shell options you’ll find. 

You can just lightly push with your fingertips to stretch out this dough.

Also, this means you can perfectly match the pizza crust to your taste, either go for a larger, thinner pizza for an extra-crispy crust or keep it small and full for a doughier texture. 

Wholly Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

As someone with family members with strict dietary restrictions due to allergies, I was delighted to find the Wholly Gluten-Free Pizza Dough.

The pizza dough is certified gluten-free and wheat-free and produced in a gluten-free facility.

The dough is also free from other common allergens, including dairy, eggs, soy, casein, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds. 

The dough almost sounds impossible, with an ingredient list lacking all the typical ingredients, but rice flour is the primary ingredient here.

The texture is surprisingly soft, which you don’t often get with gluten-free baked goods.

Boboli Original Pizza Crust

What’s amazing about the Boboli Original Pizza Crust is that you can find it at most stores, so there is no searching multiple grocery stores to try and get your homemade pizza fix.

The Boboli brand has a few variations on its pizza crust, including some mini pizza shells, thin crust shells, and cauliflower crust shells. Still, my personal favorite is the original crust. 

Since the Boboli crust comes in a prebaked shell, all you need to do is add your toppings and stick it right in the oven.

Boboli also makes pizza sauce packets, which give you the perfect amount of sauce for one pizza shell. 

Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

If you prefer a slightly healthier option for your pizza, the Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pizza Dough.

Although whole wheat still has all of the carb-heavy properties of wheat, it’s a bit easier to digest.

That makes it easier on your digestive tract, and this dough is dairy-free, so you can avoid the digestive-heavy ordeal that pizza usually is. 

Outside of the health properties, whole wheat offers a heartier and chewier texture in pizza which I love.

This dough is perfect for all classic pizza toppings like cheese or pepperoni, but a spinach or veggie topping like mushrooms would be perfect with the whole wheat taste. 

Papa Sal’s Pizza Dough

Papa Sal’s Pizza Dough is probably the most versatile dough on our list.

Although many of the other ball doughs on the list could easily be adapted for recipes past pizza, like calzones or breadsticks, they weren’t exactly made for it the way Papa Sal’s is.

The dough is stretchier and has a bit more snap to it, so you won’t feel like you’re overworking the dough a few minutes in. 

This dough is perfect for regular pizza, but I’d recommend trying out some other options like spinach and cheese stuffed calzones or delicious pepperoni pizza pockets. 

Pepe’s All-Natural Pizza Dough

If you’ve ever visited New York and have been craving that classic New York pizza taste ever since, Pepe’s All-Natural Pizza Dough is the best way to recreate that flavor at home.

With over a century of Italian family history and traditional baking experiences, Pepe’s Bakery offers a product that stands out from your typical frozen pizzas and delivery pizzas. 

The brand offers a few versions of its famous frozen dough, but the All-Natural Pizza Dough is my favorite.

It’s got the classic New York pizza dough texture with no unnecessary or genetically engineered ingredients. 

Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough

Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough may come off as an underdog because of its amazingly low price.

At about a tenth of the price, you’ll want to give up delivery pizzas forever after trying this dough.

Combined with the price, the ease of use is fantastic, as this dough will roll or stretch out quickly. 

One 16-ounce bag of dough will make two 12-inch pizzas, so you get a bang for your buck with this option.

Since the dough is frozen, you’ll need to thaw it out to stretch it out properly.

But once you’ve stretched the dough and donned it with your favorite toppings, you’ll have a delicious pizza in about ten minutes. 

Wewalka Bistro Style Pizza Dough

Wewalka is a reasonably well-known brand among home chefs, especially bakers.

That’s because the brand creates pre-made fresh dough, including dough for pizza, pie, croissants, cookies, strudels, and much more.

The brand’s puff pastry dough is one of the most popular, and its pizza dough is similar in quality. 

The Wewalka Bistro Style Pizza Dough is an Italian-style pizza dough, so it’s best served with light, fresh ingredients for a refreshing flavor.

Although it’s unnecessary, I love making a homemade pizza sauce for pizza dough like this to get that fresh tomato flavor, but the premade dough means it’s still ready in no time. 

Best Store Bought Pizza Dough

  1. Pillsbury Canned Classic Pizza Dough
  2. Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Pizza Dough
  3. Wholly Gluten-Free Pizza Dough
  4. Boboli, Original Pizza Crust
  5. Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
  6. Papa Sal’s Pizza Dough
  7. Pepe’s All-Natural Pizza Dough
  8. Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough
  9. Wewalka Bistro Style Pizza Dough

What’s Your Favorite Pizza Dough?

Try these store-bought pizza doughs and crusts, or tell us your favorite way to make pizza at home!

If you love pizza but gluten doesn’t agree with you, check out our favorite gluten-free pizza crusts.

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