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31 Quick and Easy Flatbread Pizza Recipes  

Craving a different style of pizza? Check out these flatbread pizzas you can easily make at home.

Pizza is always on the menu in this house. I could eat it every day for any meal. It’s so versatile! When I’m craving pizza but want something lighter, I make a flatbread pizza. 

Flatbread pizza garnished with fresh arugula

You make flatbread pizza with unleavened bread instead of a traditional crust. That means less bread and yeast flavor.

I love yeast, but it’s a more robust flavor that can overpower ingredients. Flatbread lets your tomato, mozzarella, and basil shine. 

Naturally, I went on a delicious journey to discover the best flatbread pizza. I returned with 31 flavorful flatbread pizza recipes for your enjoyment.

There’s something here for everyone, no matter your tastes. Let’s take a look!

Which Flatbread Will You Make?

There’s so many different pizza recipes out there to try, but these flatbread pizzas are a great start.

Tell us about your favorite flatbread pizza in the comments!

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