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Top 7 Chain Pizza Place Chicken Wings Ranked

Nothing hits the spot like a hot pizza delivered to my door, but sometimes I want sides to go with it. My favorite is an order of chicken wings.

Pizza hut fast food chain restaurant

Whether I get them spicy or savory, they’re the perfect complement to a cheesy pizza.

I have several favorite chain pizza places that I order from based on the exact type of toppings or crust I want. Those places also have different wings, so I determine my flavor before ordering.

After trying every chain pizza place in my city, I compiled this list of the best chain pizza place wings.

7. Uno’s

Uno’s has unique appetizers compared to the other pizza places on this list, but I always opt for wings because I can’t go wrong.

They have honey BBQ, garlic parmesan, spicy buffalo, or my favorite sweet red chili.

Sometimes I order boneless chicken bites because they offer the same sauces.

6. Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn has boneless and spicy wings. While I typically love bone-in wings, their boneless sauces grab me.

I usually place some orders because I can’t decide between tangy BBQ or spicy Asian.

They also offer a signature spicy buffalo wing with wild ranch dipping sauce.

5. Papa John’s

Papa John’s pizza already includes a creamy garlic butter dipping sauce for your crust, but I love ordering wings with ranch.

They offer classic wing flavors like garlic parmesan, buffalo, BBQ, honey chipotle, and hot lemon pepper.

Papa John’s also has boneless, breaded chicken poppers tossed in the same sauces.

4. Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of my city’s most affordable pizza places, so adding an order of wings to a pizza doesn’t break the bank.

They have limited options compared to the previously-reviewed places, but they’re worth it.

I always choose something different between BBQ, buffalo, or oven-roasted.

3. Marco’s

Marco’s has excellent pizza and many sides, including salads and subs.

But you can go right with their chicken options, which include hot or tangy BBQ wings.

You can also order plain dippers with dipping sauce. 

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Besides the classic ranch and bleu cheese options, they have a spicy jalapeno ranch that perfectly matches any wing flavor.

2. Dominos

Pizza Hut has quality classic wings, but Domino’s offers unique flavor options.

Their mango habanero wings are my favorite, but they have boneless chicken choices with the same sauces.

If you need more time for saucy wings, try their specialty chicken bites with toppings like jalapeno pineapple or bacon and tomato.

1. Pizza Hut

My mouth is watering, just thinking of Pizza Hut’s wings. I always choose bone-in wings, but you can get breaded boneless wings tossed with sauce. 

The wide variety of sauces includes:

  • Garlic parmesan
  • Sweet chili
  • Buffalo burnin’ hot
  • Honey BBQ
  • Buffalo medium
  • Buffalo mild
  • Spicy garlic

My favorite is sweet chili, but I also like to order wings with dry rub, which includes lemon pepper and cajun style

Which is Your Favorite?

Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite pizza/wing combo and where you order from!

If you’re not a chicken wing fan, check out other great sides to pair with your pizza.

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