17 Popular Oreo Flavors Worth Trying

Oreo is a sandwich cookie made of two wafers filled with sweet creme, and one of my favorite treats.

Many OREO sandwich cream biscuits on wooden background

Oreo cookies are available in more than a hundred countries. Various Oreo cookies have been produced, limited-edition flavors are popular, and Nabisco continues to create unique Oreos for all occasions.

Oreo is the best-selling cookie brand in the United States and, as of 2014, the best-selling cookie globally. The original design featured the name “Oreo” in the center.

In 1920, Nabisco introduced a second lemon crème-filled variety of the Oreo, but the company discontinued the lemon version in 1924. Only in the modern history of the Oreo have alternative types experienced popular success.

If you’re interested in learning more about which flavors are the best, you can find our review of the 15 best Oreo flavors below.

Double Stuf

The Double Stuf Oreo was introduced in 1974 and has twice the amount of crème filling as the original Oreo.

double stuf oreos

Double Stuf Oreos are as widely available as the original and can be found on grocery shelves worldwide.

Notably, a now infamous math teacher discovered that Double Stuf Oreos only had 1.86 times the amount of cream compared to traditional Oreos!

However, if you visually compare the Double Stuf Oreo to the Original, it is clear that there is more tasty filling.

Many Oreo lovers declare the Double Stuf Oreo as the superior version because of the creme ratio to cookie.

Peanut Butter

The peanut butter Oreo retains the traditional chocolate sandwich cookie, but the creme filling is replaced with tasty peanut butter.

peanut butter oreos

The peanut butter is reminiscent of the filling in a Nutter Butter, which Nabisco also produces, so the comparison is likely apt.

While the peanut butter version is a bit more challenging to find in stores, it is easily accessible via online retailers. 

While it is difficult to match the flavor of the original Oreo, the peanut butter version comes close because it is so reminiscent of other tasty sweet snack treats.

Comparisons range from Reese’s to  S’mores, but the cookie is worth a try!

Birthday Cake

If you want a unique birthday treat to celebrate yourself or your favorite person, try a box of Birthday Cake Oreos!

birthday cake oreos

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Oreo released the Birthday Cake flavor.

The white creme filling is now funfetti with sprinkles! The cookie retains the traditional chocolate cookie.

The packaging is also celebratory, with candles “lighting up” the Oreo logo.

The Birthday Cake Oreo is a bit sweeter than the traditional Oreo, but it is still perfect dipped in a glass of cold milk and enjoyed a bit soggy and satisfying.

Caramel Coconut

The Caramel Coconut Oreo is similar to the taste of a Girl Scout Cookie!

With the satisfying dark chocolate of the sandwich cookie and the sweet and unique filling, this variety of Oreo is one for the record books!

The coconut flavor is not overpowering but rather complementary to the chocolate and caramel. I was pleasantly surprised by the burst of flavor.

The interior creme is a caramel brown color, and the packaging clearly shows both caramel and coconut so the flavor is clear from the packaging.

Fudge Covered

If you’re a big chocolate fan, you’ll love the Fudge Covered Oreos.

fudge covered oreos

It’s a classic Oreo, dipped in a fudgy chocolate coating. I love the traditional Oreo flavor with some extra chocolate, so this one is a no-brainer.

There’s also a White Fudge version and a dark chocolate fudge, but I like the original Fudge Covered Oreos best.


Golden Oreos are vanilla cookies with the Oreo logo. The cookies are filled with the traditional vanilla creme.

golden oreos

The golden color of the cookie is how this version of Oreo was named. The golden Oreo has a slightly sweeter taste than the regular Oreo.

One unique way to use these Oreos is to replace graham crackers with golden Oreos when making a pie crust.

I’ve made an ice cream pie by crushing golden Oreos and pressing them into a pie dish then filling it with a pint of your favorite ice cream and freezing. It’s a great summer dessert.


The lemon version of Oreo looks like the golden Oreo but has a distinct lemon flavor.

lemon oreos

Lemon Oreos are delicious for a light snack and are excellent for people who dislike traditional Oreos.

The citrus tartness of the lemon creme filling counters the sweetness of the vanilla cookie, making the lemon Oreo a different experience.

In quick cheesecake recipes, the lemon version makes a great crust or topping because the tartness of the creme pairs nicely with the richness of a cream cheese filling.

The lemon Oreo is also a perfect treat when the weather is warmer because it is reminiscent of lemonade and summertime.


Chocolate and mint are a classic flavor combination.

mint oreos

The mint-flavored filling pairs with the classic chocolate cookie and is a refreshing and sweet treat. Many people enjoy the cool and refreshing taste of the mint Oreo.

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream flavor, so these Oreos were a hit in my house!

Additionally, in 2012, Oreo released a candy cane Oreo that was similar to the mint but obviously had a distinctive holiday flair.

Nabisco also produced the mint flavor in the Oreo Thins variety. One of my favorite variations of the mint Oreo is the mint chocolate chip Oreo that the company made in the summer of 2019 in partnership with Baskin Robbins.


For chocolate lovers, this simple but delicious twist on a classic Oreo is delicious!

chocolate creme oreos

Nabisco has made various types of chocolate creme Oreos with much success, including  Chocolate Creme Golden Oreo, Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo, and Chocolate Strawberry Oreo.

However, for those who are purist chocolate lovers, the chocolate creme Oreo is delicious!

Without the traditional vanilla creme, the taste of the cookie shifts to decadent chocolate levels.

Chocolate Oreos were one of the first variants of Oreos that the company experienced with producing and selling.

A great recipe is to use white chocolate melting chocolate and dip the chocolate Oreo – to make it extra special, use colorful sprinkles on the white chocolate before it hardens!

Chocolate Hazelnut

Many people love the taste of Nutella, and the chocolate hazelnut Oreo mimics that amazing flavor. Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are one of the variations of the chocolate Oreo.

The chocolate hazelnut flavor debuted in January 2018 along with Spicy Hot Cinnamon Oreo and Hot Cocoa Oreo. It has a vanilla cookie and chocolate hazelnut creme inside.

I enjoy this Oreo almost as much as the original. It is so delicious dunked in milk, but an actual hot tip is to make a milkshake using this Oreo cookie.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a splash of milk, and about five cookies to your blend. It is a subtle shift from cookies and cream milkshake, and it is so good!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Separate from the peanut butter Oreo, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo is a specialty flavor.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie oreos

A real version of this popular pie usually has an Oreo crust filled with a mixture of peanut butter and whipped heavy cream.

The limited edition Oreo cookie was released in June 2018. It comprises golden cookies with a chocolate and peanut butter creme filling.

What’s great is that it’s still available as a permanent Oreo flavor. The flavor is one of the most popular varieties, and it is also one of the most outlandish!

To really elevate your dessert game, try making a peanut butter pie with chocolate peanut butter pie Oreos!

Dark Chocolate Oreo

I enjoy the dark chocolate Oreo because of its deep, rich flavor. Nabisco released this Oreo flavor in January 2019.

dark chocolate oreos

The cookies are dark chocolate and are filled with cocoa creme. The dark chocolate cookies are for those who enjoy the bitter side of chocolate.

Dark chocolate has less added sugar compared to milk chocolate.

Many people enjoy using the dark Chocolate Oreo when making homemade cookies and cream ice cream since the cookies do not add any unnecessary sugar to a mixture that already has a copious amount of sugar.

Fudge-Dipped Oreo Thins Bites

Oreo thin bites and great for people who enjoy the cookie more than the creme.

With the addition of fudge, this sweet treat is perfect for a snack. The chocolate flavor is very present in this version of oreos because not only are they thinner so there is less vanilla creme, but they are also covered in chocolatey fudge.

I like adding the Fudge-Dipped Oreo Thins Bites to my lunchbox. It provides a small sweet ending to my meal and I do not feel like I have over indulged because the Oreos are so thin!

These bites are also great to add to a kid’s lunch box because kids will feel like they have a very special treat when there isn’t too much sugar to crash their afternoon.

Salted Caramel Brownie

Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos may sound like they’re doing a lot, but they’re not a far cry from the original.

This Oreo flavor uses the standard chocolate cookie, with a salted caramel brownie flavored creme in the middle.

The result is extra chocolate-y with caramel sweetness cut by a hint of salt.


Seasonal specialty Oreos are very popular. When it is the Christmas season, gingerbread Oreos take over the shelves at grocery stores and are the perfect addition for holiday parties or special desserts.

gingerbread oreos

The Gingerbread Oreo has golden cookies and the filling has a gingerbread creme filling. Oreos have always celebrated the holidays.

In addition to the special flavors, traditional and double stuf Oreos will often have brightly colored fillings like red, green, and blue.

Red Velvet

One of my favorite cake flavors is red velvet, and it compliments the chocolate cookie of the Oreo well.

red velvet oreos

In February 2015, the cookies were released as a specialty item for Valentine’s Day, and because of their success the company chose to make the red velvet Oreo a regularly produced flavor.

Interestingly, red velvet is made with cocoa powder and food coloring brings out the red color, so in fact, a Red Velvet Oreo is just another version of a chocolate Oreo cookie.

The red color of the cake and the cookie are most closely associated with Valentine’s day, but can be a fun addition to a themed birthday party or a holiday party.

Thins Mint

In another move to replicate the popular flavors of Girl Scout cookies, Oreo produced the thin mint flavor.

oreo thins mint

The thin versions of Oreos are smaller and have less cream in the middle, but the flavor these cookies bring to the table is intense.

Truly, these Oreo cookies taste as close to Girl Scout cookies as any other cookie I have ever tasted.

I most enjoy Oreo Thins Mint after storing them in the freezer! The extra chilled cookie makes the mint chilling and the chocolate exterior crisp.

Keeping your Oreo Thins Mint in the freezer is also a great way to ration your bag of cookies since taking them out of the freezer reduces the effect.

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