The 12 Most Popular Items at MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger may be an up-and-comer in the fast-food industry, but the company is turning heads quickly. As a local of North Carolina, where the restaurant got its start, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. 

Beef Egg and Bacon Burger

Not only does the restaurant offer tasty meals, both the classics and the originals, but it’s got a fun backstory. The creator and owner of MrBeast Burgers is none other than MrBeast himself, who’s an award-winning digital content creator. 

This delivery-only restaurant has a big menu with lots of burgers, sandwiches, and more to offer. That’s why I’m here to help you out by telling you about some of the best MrBeast Burger menu items to choose from. 

Chandler Style

The Chandler style burger is going to be your best bet on the MrBeast menu as far as customization goes. At its core, this yummy burger is super simple.

It’s made of two smashed, perfectly seasoned burgers topped with plenty of melted American cheese.

Then the customizations start immediately.

You can choose from a soft and fluffy bun or a lettuce wrap as a healthier option. From there, go crazy or keep things simple with add-ons. 

Anything available is up for grabs, from bacon and lettuce to onions and tomatoes. Add some flavor with ketchup and mustards and top it off with pickles for a zesty finish. 

Chris Style

When the after-work cravings kick in, I don’t care one bit about eating healthy. Salad? Not for me – the Chris style burger is my BFF on the MrBeast menu. 

Try it once, and we’ll be fighting over who loves it more.

The Chris style burger includes the thing that MrBeast is known most for: two smashed, seasoned burgers topped with melting American cheese.

But this burger takes things to the next level. It adds crispy bacon along with a plump layer of crinkle-cut fries to satisfy that junk food hankering you’ve been harboring all day.

You can opt for any add-ons you want as well, but I like to keep this one simple with just a little bit of ketchup to top it off. 

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Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich

Any restaurant that offers the classic crispy chicken tender sandwich is a friend of mine, but MrBeast Burger does this one the best.

And I know – practically every fast food restaurant in the world has its own version of the chicken sandwich these days. 

The tender chicken strips are coated in a crispy outer layer that pairs perfectly with MrBeast’s warm, soft buns.

The sandwich is complemented with shredded lettuce, pickles, and mayo – the ideal combination for a chicken sandwich if you ask me. 

This sandwich is a respectable option for someone who loves fast food but wants to keep things a little bit healthier. Be sure to check out other add-ons for this sandwich – bacon is a fantastic option. 

Karl’s Deluxe

Karl’s deluxe burger is another favorite of mine. This burger is based on a classic patty melt, so it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. 

MrBeast spices the classic up with their own unique blend of beef seasonings.

It’s served with two cheesy, smashed burgers between a toasted bun that is crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside.

Plus, this cheesy, melty goodness is paired with sweet, caramelized onions for an extra boost of flavor. At just $8 a pop, Karl’s deluxe burger is one of my favorites.

Sure, you can ask for extras like pickles or ketchup, but I say don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. 

Karl’s Grilled Cheese

Are you in the mood for some cheesy goodness and nothing less? One of my favorite and simplest MrBeast menu items is Karl’s grilled cheese.

Some restaurants try to class up grilled cheese by adding tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, and all kinds of wild and crazy cheeses.

That’s why I love Karl’s grilled cheese. It’s simple and straight to the point. 

Here’s how they do it: three slices of American cheese between two inverted buns.

It really is that simple. You get all the familiar flavor of those soft buns with a crispy outside and a gooey, cheese-filled inside. 

Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich

I don’t get in the mood for spicy food very often (okay yes, I’m a big fat baby sometimes), but when I do, I always reach for MrBeast Burger’s Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich. 

Nashville hot chicken isn’t anything new. After all, it’s in the name. When you visit Nashville, almost every restaurant has it on the menu. 

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But now you can have that same spicy flavor delivered right to your door on MrBeast’s glorious soft and warm rolls. 

The Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich is topped with mayo, shredded lettuce, pickles, and ketchup for a full medley of flavors.

Take off and add on as you please, but I think this sandwich offers the perfect kick the way it is. 

Beast Style Burger Combo

The Beast style burger combo is the perfect choice if you’ve got a beast of an appetite.

This combo delivers the same flavor you love in the Beast style burger: two smashed crispy burgers with MrBeast’s famous house seasoning, American cheese, pickles, and all the classic fixings.

But the combo meal lets you choose either seasoned or Beast style fries (both excellent options) along with a bottle of water or a canned soda. 

Sometimes the burger isn’t enough; if you need some fries with that, you can’t go wrong with this burger combo. It’s sure to satisfy. 

Beast Style Fries

You haven’t had fries until you’ve had beast style fries. We’ve all had our fair share of french fries, from classic crinkle-cut fries to sweet potato fries and even various versions of loaded fries. 

But these fries? They’re simply out of this world.

Beast style fries come packed with sweet caramelized onions, melted American cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

You can even opt to add a chopped-up burger and bacon. In essence, it’s a burger in a basket. 

Once you try beast style fries, you’ll never go back. Fries don’t sound like a meal, but this menu item will fill you up. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sometimes all you need is a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie.

When my sweet tooth gets in the mood for something tasty, I head straight for MrBeast and their delicious baked goods. 

It sounds like such a simple option, but MrBeast’s chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh every day.

It’s reminiscent of those childhood days when mom used to bake fresh cookies and set them out on the counter. 

I highly recommend adding one (or two) of these cookies to any order as the perfect sweet treat to wrap up your meal. 

Seasoned Crinkle Fries

French fries are one of those foods that once you start thinking about them, you have to stop by a drive-thru and order them. But when I think of fries, I think of MrBeast’s seasoned crinkle fries. 

Unlike ordinary fries that come with salt – and usually not enough of it – these fries come jam-packed with tons of flavor. 

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These seasoned fries come flavored with a seasoning mixture of garlic, paprika, sugar, spicy red pepper, and just a hint of lime. It’s a flavor pallet like you’ve never seen before, much less on plain old crinkle-cut fries. 

But believe me, when I say, you need to try these. They’ll change your life. 

Chicken Sandwich Combo

The chicken sandwich combo is here to save the day, whether you’re in a healthy kind of mood or a spicy kind of mood. 

In this combo, you get to choose from either the classic crispy tender sandwich that we all know and love or the Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich.

Spicy or original – the choice is up to you. 

With your chicken sandwich, you get a choice of delicious seasoned fries or beast style fries, if you’re feeling extra ravished. Finish this combo off with a drink of your choice.

I love the chicken sandwich combo meal for a quick and easy meal that leaves me full and satisfied. 

Triple Beast Style Burger

Are you hungry, or extra-hungry? If you’re feeling extra-hungry – the kind of hunger where you skipped breakfast and lunch – then you need to try MrBeast’s triple beast style burger. 

Remember the beast style burger we talked about above?

Picture that and all the toppings, but with three juicy burgers instead of two. 

That third burger is just enough to fill out that last bit of hunger after a too-long day.

I like mine fully loaded: pickles, onions, mayo, brown mustard, and all the rest. 

MrBeast Burger has been a phenomenon sweeping the take-out, fast food industry. With its ultra-unique, app-only ordering style, you get fabulous food delivered straight to your house. 

Plus, I love all of the charitable donations that have come out of this endeavor. MrBeast outdid himself not only with a virtual dining experience but with a menu that lives up to the hype.

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Try one of these delicious MrBeast Burger menu items for yourself and let us know what you think! 

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