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8 of Arby’s Healthier Menu Items

The first Arby’s restaurant appeared in Ohio in 1964, offering roast beef sandwiches and more.

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Today, Arby’s has over 3,300 restaurants and is the second-largest sandwich chain after Subway in the United States. 

Most people recognize the iconic cowboy hat shape of their logo. But many people might not know that the name Arby’s comes from the sound of R and B in Raffel Brothers, Raffel being the last name of the brothers who founded the chain.

Arby’s became the first fast-food restaurant to offer a lite menu with Arby’s healthy options that had under 300 calories in the early 1990s. 

Some of Arby’s healthy options include their basic signature roast beef sandwich, salads, and roast chicken and turkey sandwiches. I’ve listed my favorites of their healthy menu choices, though I like almost everything at Arby’s

Let’s look at the healthier Arby menu items that can make a delicious and fairly light lunch or dinner.

Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich

The Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich has 810 calories and 310 grams of fat, making it substantial enough for a meal. 

It might contain too much sodium at 2420 mg for people with blood pressure problems or those who need low-sodium diets. Holding the bacon can help lower that level, however. 

The honey wheat bread gives the sandwich a slightly sweet touch.

One of my favorite parts is the parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing used as a condiment instead of the typical mayo, ketchup, or mustard. 

It sets off the pile of roast turkey, bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato and makes the sandwich something special. 

Side Salad

One of Arby’s healthy options is a side salad. The mix of leaf and iceberg lettuce, diced tomato, and shredded cheddar cheese only has 70 calories.

arby's side salad

The salad makes a much lighter side than any other options, including Arby’s curly or regular fries. 

Choose one of Marzetti brand’s dressings like buttermilk ranch for 210 calories, honey mustard for 180 calories, balsamic vinaigrette for 130 calories, or keep the salad super low on calories by choosing the light Italian dressing for only an additional 15 calories.

I love this salad with a classic Arby’s sandwich instead of something fried to lighten the meal. 

Classic Roast Beef

Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Sandwich is a back-to-basics choice with 360 calories and 32 grams of fat.

It’s one of Arby’s healthy options because it’s lower in calories thanks to having only two ingredients: roast beef and a sesame seed bun. 

That might sound plain, but the sandwich is so delicious I never think about the lack of condiments.

The high pile of thin-sliced roast beef is so good it doesn’t need anything else. 

Sometimes I add Arby’s Sauce, and when I’m looking for something with a little kick, I love a little Horsey Sauce, but my favorite way to eat it is plain with a small order of curly fries and a diet soda

Jamocha Shakes

The Jamocha Shake is an Arby’s classic dessert. A small one has 590 calories and is a healthier choice than the medium at 830 and the large at 1060 calories. 

The cold, creamy taste of chocolate and coffee mixed with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle on top is the perfect end to a classic roast beef and fries meal.

The Jamocha is one of my favorite fast-food shakes

Don’t forget to dip a few fries into this or an Arby’s chocolate or vanilla shake for a real treat. 

Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich

When I’m in the mood for one of Arby’s healthy options and craving chicken, I choose the Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich.

It has about 140 fewer calories than the delicious crispy chicken sandwich and a fresh bite thanks to the pile of shredded leaf lettuce and tomato. 

The bun is toasted, making it extra delicious, especially for a healthy fast-food option, and a little mayo adds just the right touch to the slow-roasted chicken breast slices. 

This sandwich with a side salad or a snack-sized order of fries makes a delicious and light fast-food lunch. 

Curly Fries

Arby’s Curly Fries contain about the same amount of calories and a little more fat than the regular fries because they have more surface area to absorb oil when frying. 

Curly fries have a distinct taste because of the cornmeal coating with seasonings that you don’t find on regular crinkle or straight fries at fast-food restaurants.

I think the shape and texture make them more satisfying, though, so a snack-size portion for 250 calories can be as fulfilling as a bigger order of regular fries. 

The enjoyable nature of curly fries helps make them one of Arby’s healthy options and a lower calorie choice than many of the sides and sandwiches. 

Cherry Turnover

The classic Cherry Turnover is a flaky pastry folded into a triangle with a sweet cherry filling baked to perfection.

A drizzle of sweetened icing tops the turnover to take it over the top. 

Each turnover has 390 calories, but something about a fruit turnover, unlike a dairy-based pie or a fried pie, makes it feel healthier. The dessert is big enough to be satisfying. 

I don’t often get one for dessert after a full Arby’s meal, but I enjoy the turnover as an afternoon pick-me-up sometimes when I have time to drive through and grab it with an order of Arby’s coffee. 

The turnover doesn’t contain milk or eggs, so it’s a vegan-friendly fast-food dessert.

Roast Chicken Entreé Salad

I love the Roast Chicken Entreé Salad because of how much control it offers me over the fat and calories, making it one of my favorites of Arby’s healthy options. 

This fast-food salad has 250 calories. It’s not lacking in flavor or protein, thanks to the bacon added with the roast chicken, so it’s satisfying and filling. 

The creamy Marzetti brand buttermilk ranch dressing can add over 200 calories, but I can control how much to use.

If I really want to keep the meal healthier and the calories low, I’ll get the Italian or the vinaigrette dressing instead of the buttermilk ranch. 

The leaf and iceberg lettuces are crisp, and the diced tomato and shredded cheddar cheese keep even an undressed salad from being boring. 

Arby’s healthy options range from their classic roast beef sandwich to salads to desserts, so you can enjoy whatever you’re in the mood to eat when you stop at this fast-food restaurant

If none of the standard menu items appeals, you can always order sliders from their slider menu for smaller versions of their classics that offer fewer calories and fat grams. 

They also offer a roast turkey gyro and various wraps with lower calories than the bigger signature sandwiches. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite Arby’s healthy options and found some new ones to try. 

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