White Castle Introduces Limited-Edition Caramel Butter Cake and OREO® Cookie Shake Parfaits

White Castle is sweetening its menu with the introduction of two limited-edition shake parfaits, the Caramel Butter Cake Shake Parfait and the OREO® Cookie Shake Parfait.

white castle shake parfaits

These indulgent additions are the result of the White Castle culinary innovation team’s efforts to deliver the flavors that customers have been craving.

The Caramel Butter Cake Shake Parfait is a scrumptious creation that showcases layers of butter cake crumbles, made from White Castle’s own Gooey Butter Cake on a Stick.

The dessert is then drizzled with a delectable salted caramel sauce, adding a touch of sweetness and complexity. This tempting parfait is perfect for those who enjoy rich, buttery flavors paired with smooth and creamy textures.

On the other hand, the OREO® Cookie Shake Parfait offers a twist on White Castle’s classic shake by incorporating generous layers of OREO® cookie pieces.

This mouthwatering parfait is a delightful treat for fans of the iconic cookie, combining the rich taste of chocolate and the smoothness of White Castle’s shake to create a harmonious blend that’s both satisfying and nostalgic.

Both the Caramel Butter Cake Shake Parfait and the OREO® Cookie Shake Parfait are available at White Castle for a limited time, so make sure to indulge in these delicious desserts before they’re gone.

Don’t miss your chance to savor these sweet delights, as they’ll only be around until the end of August or while supplies last. These new shake parfaits are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more of White Castle’s innovative and delectable creations.

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