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Our Favorite Keto Friendly Drinks at Starbucks

Following a keto diet isn’t always easy. While it can be easy to design your meals, thinking about drinks is often difficult. Especially when you consider ordering a drink out in a fast food chain or coffee shop. 

A lot of people will simply suggest avoiding these places, but this isn’t always possible. There are lots of reasons why you might find yourself sitting in a coffee shop, whether it be because you are catching up with friends, or because you have a work meeting. Either way, you shouldn’t have to stop eating out simply because you are following a special diet. 

Thankfully, most coffee shops offer drinks that can easily be made keto-friendly. Starbucks is one of these stores. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some  of the best keto drinks in Starbucks, and how to order them. 

Hot Coffee with Sugar-Free Syrup

If you love a standard coffee, then you will be happy to hear that this is keto-friendly.

But, you will need to modify your sugar and milk. If you usually have 2 sugars in your coffee, then you should replace this with sugar-free syrup as a sweetener.

Likewise, you should swap your dairy milk for a small amount of heavy cream or almond milk to make it suit your diet. 

Tea without Sugar

If you love your tea piping hot, it is perfectly fine for a keto diet, as long as you order it without sugar.

Swap your sugar for sugar-free syrup, and your milk for steamed heavy cream, and it will be keto-friendly. 

Espresso Shot

For a simple keto-friendly order, you should consider getting an espresso shot.

These drinks are essentially free of carbohydrates, and can be enjoyed as a shot or sipped.

If you find an espresso shot to be too strong, simply ask for a dash of heavy cream on top. 

Latte with Heavy Cream

If you prefer a weaker coffee, then order a latte with heavy cream.

If you were to order this with dairy cream, then it wouldn’t be keto-friendly, but heavy cream has a much lower carb-count.

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But don’t order anything larger than a ‘tall’, as you could end up consuming too much heavy cream. 


A classic hot Americano contains essentially no carbohydrates.

It is basically espresso coffee and water, so it is perfectly safe for a keto diet.

But, if you want to weaken your diet, you should add a splash of heavy milk, or a shot of sugar-free syrup to sweeten it. 

Grande Almond Flat White

If you are a lover of lattes, then you should consider ordering a Grande almond flat white.

This drink is frothy and delicious, but remember to swap your dairy milk for almond milk, otherwise it will not be keto-friendly. 

Cold Brew Coffee

A cold brew is incredibly reliable, and you don’t need to do anything to modify it.

Simply order it, then sit back and enjoy.

Unsweetened Iced Tea

If you prefer your tea iced, then the unsweetened iced tea is perfectly keto-friendly.

But if you want to add milk or sugar, remember to order sugar-free syrup and heavy cream as substitutes. 

Cappuccino with Heavy Cream

One of the most common coffees ordered at Starbucks is the cappuccino, so you will be happy to hear that this is keto-friendly.

But stick to a tall, and substitute your milk for heavy cream to make it even better. 

Iced Americano

A hot Americano is great, but an iced Americano is next level.

An iced Americano contains the same ingredients as a hot Americano, simply with more ice, so it is keto-friendly.

But modify it with sugar-free syrup, and heavy cream as you wish to make it sweeter and weaker. 

Low-Carb Mocha

Some people prefer their coffee to have a chocolate flavor, in which case your usual order is probably a mocha.

Thankfully, this can be made to be keto-friendly, but you will have to modify it.

Swap your ‘Grande’ for a ‘Tall’, ask for a ‘skinny’ mocha rather than a regular mocha, and ask for almond milk instead of dairy.

Then you will be able to enjoy it without worrying about your diet being affected. 

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Caffe Breve 

Ordering a caffe breve at Starbucks is easy because your barista will know exactly what to do.

Just make sure you specify heavy cream instead of milk to make this drink keto-friendly. 

Keto Pink/White Drink 

Finally, let’s wrap this up with two keto-friendly orders off the Starbucks secret menu.

Here’s how to order them:

  • Keto Pink Drink: Passion tango tea with 2-3 pumps sugar-free syrup, and a splash of heavy cream. 
  • Keto White Drink: Peach citrus white tea with 2-3 pumps sugar-free syrup, and a splash of heavy cream. 

If you’re following a keto diet, hopefully you won’t have to give up a visit to your favorite coffee shop. There are tons of options you can customize, that’s what’s so great about the keto options at Starbucks!

Looking to grab a few drinks tonight while staying on your diet? Then you’re going to love these keto-friendly cocktails.

Do you have a favorite keto drink? Let me know in the comments below!

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