18 Healthier Starbucks Drinks To Try

Are you looking for the healthiest Starbucks drinks? I’ve rounded up a list of top suggestions.

Cappuccino Iced Coffee Frappe in Starbucks

Starbucks is one of my favorite places to stop for a morning drink. However, sometimes I want something light and healthy, and Starbucks has plenty to offer.

From low-fat coffees to tasty berry drinks, there’s something at Starbucks for everyone. Whether you’re a student looking for late-night fuel or you’re just looking to grab an afternoon beverage with friends, Starbucks is the place to go for healthy choices. 

Below, I’ll rank the most nutritious drinks you can find at the cafe.

Read on to discover my choices for the healthiest Starbucks drinks today! If you’d rather know what to avoid, check out the most unhealthy Starbucks drinks instead.

Skinny Vanilla Latte

The Skinny Vanilla Latte is a tasty Starbucks option that’s healthy and delicious.

It has two shots of the cafe’s signature espresso and a serving of steamed milk, similar to the classic Vanilla Latte.

However, this latte uses low-fat milk and sugar-free syrup, and you can enjoy this drink guilt-free.

If you love vanilla flavor, check out the best vanilla Starbucks drinks.

Nitro Cold Brew

The Nitro Cold Brew is a light, frothy drink with a strong, robust taste.

As it has only five calories, the beverage is a healthy option, and it has plenty of caffeine and a velvety texture.

I like to grab a Nitro when I’m gearing up for a long day of work.

Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

This light, fruity drink is perfect for a summer day. The Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is bright pink and has green coffee extract and zero grams of fat.

It’s a healthy drink with real fruit juice and blackberries, and this iced beverage has only 70 calories in a Grande serving.

Caffe Misto

Try the Caffe Misto, a hot drink with only 110 calories.

The baristas mix freshly brewed coffee with steamed milk to create this traditional Italian beverage, and you can ask for low-fat milk to make it even healthier.

I like to enjoy a Caffe Misto when it’s cold or rainy outdoors.

Nonfat Caffe Mocha

The Caffe Mocha is a Starbucks classic, but did you know you can order a nonfat version?

Ask for a nonfat milk substitute, and the baristas will craft this delicious drink for you.

The flavor is rich and velvety with hints of chocolate, and I like to have it with a dash of cinnamon.

Blonde Flat White

The Flat White is a classic drink popular in Australia, and Starbucks brings a fun twist to it with the Blonde Flat White.

They start with a concentrated Ristretto shot of Starbucks Blonde Espresso and add creamy whole milk.

The result is a subtle and smooth taste with a nutty edge.

Chai Tea Latte

The warm and spicy Chai Tea Latte is a Starbucks staple with a frothy milk topping.

I like to sip a Chai on a chilly fall day alongside a slice of fresh Starbucks pumpkin bread.

Fortunately, it’s a healthy option with a simple recipe, including black tea, milk, and spices. Check out other chai drink options if you like this one!

Nonfat Cappuccino

You’ll love the Nonfat Cappuccino, a bubbly drink with rich undertones.

It has two shots of signature Starbucks espresso with a layer of nonfat milk foam, and I like to add vanilla bean powder for an extra kick of flavor.

With just around 100 calories, it’s a healthy and classic drink.

Shaken Iced Green Tea

Cool off on a hot day with a Shaken Iced Green Tea, a fresh, light drink with zero calories and a ton of flavor.

It’s an earthy tea with a burst of bright lemongrass and mint. The beverage is ideal if you’re not a big fan of caffeine or sugary drinks.

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso

Starbucks’s Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso is an all-vegan drink that’s one of the most popular healthy menu options.

The barista’s blend a Blonde Espresso with cinnamon and brown sugar and pour the tasty concoction over milk and ice.

The cozy fall drink is perfect if you’re avoiding dairy! To make it healthier, ask your barista to go light on the brown sugar syrup.

Skinny Chai Tea Latte

This Skinny Chai Tea Latte is a healthy take on a popular menu item.

It features all the tasty spices you love, but you can enjoy the drink with fewer calories and sugar.

Starbucks uses sugar-free syrup to craft this chai, and I like to order it iced for a refreshing spin.

Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte 

The Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte is a sweet drink with a creamy and silky texture.

The vanilla flavors bring out the nutty undertones of the Blonde Espresso, and you’ll love the creamy nonfat milk.

This smooth beverage is perfect for enjoying on a breezy summer afternoon or by the pool.

Iced Green Tea 

You can’t beat a refreshing Iced Green Tea, a simple drink with expressive flavors.

It’s perfect for a hot morning, but the light caffeine makes it great for any time of day.

The baristas start with a Teavana brand Jade Mint concentrate and add fresh ice and a little sweetener.

Light Caramel Frappuccino 

The Light Caramel Frappuccino is a decadent drink with sweet caramel flavors.

Fortunately, it’s a healthier version than the typical Frappuccino. The recipe uses nonfat milk blended with coffee and ice, resulting in an indulgent beverage with only 95 calories.

This tasty option is perfect if you’re not a big fan of traditional hot coffees.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew 

Are you looking to update your average cold brew? Consider the Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew, a healthy iced drink with a foamy texture.

It’s light and fluffy with velvety Nitro Cold Brew, and the house-made sweet cream is rich and delicious. It’s 70 calories with just 4 grams of sugar.

Brewed Coffee or Americano 

A Brewed Coffee or Americano is great if you want a classic drink.

The drinks aren’t your average coffee, and they both pack a punch of rich flavor.

They contain espresso shots made with Starbucks’s iconic Pike Place roast, and the crema rises to the surface and creates a foamy top layer.

Cold Brew With Cascara Cold Foam 

Check out the Cold Brew with Cascara Cold Foam. With only 80 calories, it’s a healthful, caffeine-charged option great to help you power through late nights.

The vanilla syrup adds a subtle sweetness, and the cascara flavoring brings hints of maple and dark brown sugar to the already-delicious Starbucks cold brew.

Iced Skinny Latte 

Start your day with an Iced Skinny Latte, one of the healthiest drinks at Starbucks.

The baristas blend Pikes Place coffee with sugar-free syrup and your choice of milk, resulting in a nutritious and tasty hot drink.

I like to add customizations, like trying oat milk for extra creaminess or a shot of peppermint on a winter day.

Starbucks has plenty of nutritious options, whether you’re looking to stay in shape or just craving a lighter drink.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste, and you can enjoy the best beverages at the iconic cafe while still keeping fit. I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the healthiest Starbucks drinks!

Check out other low-calorie Starbucks drinks if calorie count is important to you, or low-sugar drinks if you’re watching your sugar!

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