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6 Healthiest Sodas to Drink 

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Many people look for a refreshing soda that fits with a healthy lifestyle among the many beverage options. We find carbonated beverages that balance taste and health in our investigation of the healthiest sodas to consume. These drinks redefine the term “guilt-free indulgence” with their all-natural ingredients, reduced sugar content, and creative flavors. Whether you enjoy soda or are a health-conscious person, this guide will show you how to find refreshment without sacrificing wellness. Join us as we explore the world of healthier sodas, where each sip awakens your palate while supporting your fitness objectives.

Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist is often considered one of the healthiest sodas you can drink because a 12-ounce can contains 140 calories, 35 milligrams of sodium, and 37 grams of carbohydrates. The lemon-lime flavored soda debuted from PepsiCo in 1999. This drink is one of my favorite sodas for a hot day when I need refreshment.  This soda contains citric acid, sugar, and potassium citrate. Besides the original Sierra Mist flavor, there have been plenty of other flavors throughout the years, including Sierra Mist Natural, Sierra Mist Zero Sugar, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, Sierra Mist Ruby Splash, Diet Sierra Mist, and Sierra Mist Strawberry Kiwi Splash.   

Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Seagram’s Ginger Ale is a classically healthy soda. Historically people used this beverage to quiet an upset stomach. Whether or not those trick works is up for debate. However, ginger does have some anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger also provides a delightful tangy flavor that makes this soda a little different from others.  A 12-ounce can contains 130 calories, 34 grams of carbohydrates, and 40 milligrams of sodium. This drink includes high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and ginger extract. Besides being delicious on its own, ginger ale is a popular mixer for cocktails and mocktails. I am always a fan of ginger ale. If a can of it is available at a barbeque, that will always be my first choice. It’s also great when you’re hungover!



Sprite is the Coca-Cola company’s product, similar to PepsiCo’s Sierra Mist. Both sodas have a lemon-lime flavor with some variance. It is one of the healthiest sodas available thanks to its 146 calories, 37 grams of carbohydrates, and 33 milligrams of sodium. T.C. Evans released Sprite in 1955, and Coca-Cola acquired the drink in 1960.  This soft drink comes in many flavors, including cranberry, cherry, grape, orange, vanilla, ginger, and tropical. The lemon-lime soda is another excellent choice for hot days. Sprite is great on its own or when added to cocktails or mocktails. 

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7-Up is another popular lemon-lime-flavored soda. It does not contain caffeine, making it a perfect treat later in the day. The Keurig Dr. Pepper company owns this soda. Each 12-ounce can contains 140 calories, 45 milligrams of sodium, and 39 grams of carbohydrates.  There are many 7-Up variations, including Tropical 7 Up, 7 Up Retro, Cherry 7 Up, Orange 7 Up, & Up Light, and 7 Up Mojito. I love using this soda as a mixer, and it is fun to try all the different variations. 



Coca-Cola is a classic soda that has maintained popularity since 1886. A 12-ounce can contains 140 calories, 39 grams of carbohydrates, and 45 milligrams of sodium. It also has caffeine. There are several variants of Coca-cola, including Coca-Cola raspberry, Coca-Cola Lemon, Coca-Cola Cherry, Vanilla Coke, Coca-Cola Ginger, Coca-Cola Starlight, and Coca-Cola with Coffee.  While the exact recipe behind this drink is a mystery, there are some listed ingredients, including phosphoric acid, caramel color, and other natural flavors. The soda can have sugar or high fructose corn syrup, depending on the country of production. I love this soda if I want a bit of a pick-me-up. 



Pepsi is the flagship product of PepsiCo. The drink has been around since 1893. However, it has evolved significantly since its origin. Today it has a caramel-like flavor with a citrus tang. Each 12-ounce can contains 150 calories, 41 milligrams of carbohydrates, and 30 milligrams of sodium. This soda also contains caffeine, making it an alternative to coffee for many people.  The original beverage contains high fructose corn syrup, sugar, phosphoric acid, citric acid, and caffeine. Besides the original Pepsi flavor, there has been a Caffeine-Free Pepsi, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Nitro, Pepsi Vanilla, and Pepsi with Real Sugar. 

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