14 Best Iced Tea Brands You Should Drink 

Tea is one of the earliest beverages in human civilization, dating back to 2700 BC.

Lipton Ice Tea

The simple act of infusing hot water with aromatic leaves has developed over millennia into a vast array of social traditions, tea flavors, and a 14-billion-dollar global tea market. It’s one of the most popular beverages in the world.

Hot tea is a comforting beverage and the traditional means of consumption, but iced tea has become equally popular, especially in the west.

You’ll find countless brands of iced tea brands in refrigerators at every convenience store, restaurant, and grocery store worldwide.

With so many brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the tastiest bottle. I’ve compiled a list of the best tea brands to help guide you to your favorite drink.

Iced Tea Brands 

Whether you like unsweetened iced tea or flavored iced teas, these popular brands are known for their quality and flavor.


If you grew up in the 90s, you had to have delighted in a massive can of Arizona iced tea.

Even if you didn’t know how deliciously sweet and lemony it was, the 99-cent price for a can twice the size of its competitor is enough to convince anyone to try it.

Arizona’s signature teas are lemon sweet tea and my personal favorite, green tea with honey.

Gold Peak

Gold Peak markets itself as a family-owned and run tea company, using long standing family recipes to create simple and real brewed teas.

My favorite part about Gold Peak is its range of sweetness.

They don’t just have sweetened or unsweetened. They have a slightly sweetened tea that is just right.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea offers a vast array of teas, juices, and herbal mates using 100% organic and Fair Trade certified tea, fruit, and sweeteners.

They have caffeinated and herbal iced teas, each with a touch of sugar that’s less than a fourth of the calories found in a can of soda.

I’m especially fond of their Moroccan Mint green tea, using organic honey sourced responsibly from the Brazilian rainforest.

Pure Leaf

Owned by self-proclaimed tea master Alex White, Pure Leaf is a brand that purists will love.

Pure Leaf proclaims that tea is only as good as the quality of its leaves. They offer a small yet perfectly brewed and high-quality line of black, green, and herbal teas.

Hibiscus is one of my favorite tea flavors, and their three herbal tea options are all flavored hibiscus teas.


Snapple has always been my favorite iced tea brand.

I don’t know if it’s because of the glass bottle with a top that makes an audible pop when you open it or because it’s the perfect amount of sweet and tangy.

My favorite flavor is the classic lemon Snapple, but the raspberry comes in a close second.

Check out these other Snapple flavors that you might end up loving!


A subsidiary of Coca-Cola, Fuze is a budget-friendly line of teas, fruit juices, and combination tea and fruit beverages.

Their soda-shaped plastic bottles display brightly colored beverages that you might mistake for fruit juice.

You wouldn’t be wrong. Most of their teas are more fruit juice than tea. I love the watermelon lime flavored tea.


By far the oldest tea brand on my list, Lipton has been brewing tea since 1880.

If you’re from the south, Lipton is probably a household name for you. Giant coolers of Lipton black iced tea were staples at any church gathering or backyard barbecue.

They’ve had close to 150 years to perfect their black tea recipe and expand their line of beverages to include delicious bottled iced tea.

Sweet Leaf

Another proudly organic line of iced teas, Sweet Leaf is a Texas-native brand with headquarters in Austin.

Beaumont native and founder Clayton Christopher used his grandmother’s home-brewed iced tea recipe with cane sugar to brew the first batches in giant crawfish-boiling vats.

The original recipe is the best, in my opinion, but I also love the organic peach sweet tea.


A subsidiary of Starbucks, Teavana is the primary purveyor of all Starbucks teas.

If you’ve ever had a loose-leaf hot tea or iced tea at Starbucks, then you’ve unknowingly sampled Teavana.

Teavana does have a line of bottled teas, but you can only buy them at Starbucks.

I’m partial to Starbucks’ Green Matcha Iced lattes, which are technically Teavana green matcha tea lattes!


Tea is inherently healthy, but Steaz takes things a step further by making antioxidant brews.

They use all-organic, fair-trade, and ecologically friendly ingredients to create a vast line of canned teas, yerba mates, and sparkling teas.

The fashionable cans they come in are enticing. Still, the clean, crisp taste more than lives up to its image.


Originating as a family-owned American restaurant in 1946, Milo’s is now an Alabama-based tea producer.

A proudly woman-owned company, Milo’s still adheres to the same noble and community-oriented principles espoused by founders Milo and Bea Carlton.

I was most impressed by their zero-waste manufacturing. In true southern fashion, their sweet tea is the flavor to try.


Brisk is the product of a partnership between Lipton and Pepsi Co that originated in the early 90s.

Brisk stands out from its competitors by a memorable marketing campaign featuring some of the biggest names in show business, from Sylvester Stallone to Eminem.

Brisk emerged around the same time as Arizona, and the two companies coincidentally offer nearly identical tea lineups.

The one flavor that stood out as uniquely Brisk is their mango-dragon fruit tea.


Originating in Portland, Oregon, Tazo is an organic tea company with eco-friendly principles and a medicinal outlook on tea blends.

They market many of their bottled teas not by the name of the blend but by the benefits of their components. For example, they offer a bottled chamomile tea called Organic Calm.

My favorite Tazo tea is the brambleberry flavor, with fresh pressed marionberries, apples, mint, and lemongrass.

Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill is a dairy company producing baked goods and ice cream.

Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Turkey Hill is a Pennsylvania Dutch company known for its wholesome, home-cooked vibe. The same goes for their line of teas.

They’re a local company, so if you find yourself in Pennsylvania, give them a try.

Iced Tea Brands 

  1. Arizona
  2. Gold Peak
  3. Honest Tea
  4. Pure Leaf
  5. Snapple
  6. Fuze
  7. Lipton
  8. Sweet Leaf
  9. Teavana
  10. Steaz
  11. Milo’s
  12. Brisk
  13. Tazo
  14. Turkey Hill

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for black or green, fruity or herbal, my list of the best iced tea brands has a bottle for every taste.

If you’re most of a soda drinker, check out popular sodas to sip, or look for healthier soda options.

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