19 Famous French Beers To Try

You’ve most likely had your share of French wine. But did you know that you can find incredible French beers as well?

Men with two glasses of fresh cold lager beer in French outdoor cafe

French beers might not be at the top of your radar, but you should know how great beer from France is. Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic. 

I hope you love this list of French beers. I enjoy a beer or two on the weekend, and exploring the world of French beer was particularly fun. 

Check out some of the best beers from France.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair tequila and beer?

You don’t have to wonder anymore: you can try it yourself with Desperados, made by the French company Fischer Brewery.  

Desperados is a tequila-flavored pale lager, a light and crisp beer you will enjoy with every single sip.

It’s the perfect after-dinner drink. 

3 Monts Beer

If you’ve ever visited the famed Flanders in France, you might have stopped by the family-owned 3 Monts Brewery.

Since 1920, they’ve been creating delicious beer.

I’m a big fan of their Saison, an aromatic ale that’s the perfect springtime beer.

I recommend checking out the ambreé, a delicious amber ale with a fruity twist. 

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

You’ll love the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc if you like a wheat beer.

With a rich history and incredible flavor, this wheat beer is one of my favorites. 

You can check out other beers from Kronenbourg, but the Blanc wheat beer is so light and crisp that you’ll find you can drink it on any occasion.

I especially love the hints of citrus!

La Cagole

La Cagole in Marseille makes some delicious beer you won’t miss out on, whether in France or if you see it at your local beer distributor.

I like La Cagole’s Bohemian-style lagers, although I enjoy a wide range of their beers.   

La Bière Des Sans Culottes

If you enjoy finding beers with unique flavor profiles, you’ll love your experience with La Bière Des Sans Culottes.

I was surprised by the clove flavor when I took the first few sips.

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Mingled with caramel and just a hint of banana, this beer shocked me with how smooth and precise it was. 

La Débauche

Situated in the beautiful commune of Angoulême in southwestern France, you’ll find the charming La Débauche brewery with delicious craft beer.

It’s best on tap, but you can also find it bottled. 

La Débauche is a great after-dinner beer when you have company.

It’s hoppy but not overwhelmingly, and the fruity flavor is pleasant and not sour at all. I especially love their wheat beer.

Triple Grain Blonde – Lyon

If you’re looking for something that has a little higher alcohol content and a solid flavor to go with it, then you need to try the triple-grain blonde from Lyon.

With a 9% ABV, you’ll get the punch you’re looking for. 

Triple grain is a strong blonde ale, probably stronger than blonde ales that you’re used to in the United States.

I was pleasantly surprised by how genuinely delicious and balanced triple grain proved.  


Originale is an English-style pale ale with a light complexion and a strong flavor.

It’s a traditional pale ale in a lot of ways, with a nice hoppy texture that you might enjoy.

In some ways, there’s nothing special about Originale.

It’s pretty straightforward as a pale ale. But it’s a local favorite, making it a great option if you need something light.   

Jenlain Blonde

Jenlain is a blonde beer from the Brasserie Duyck Brewery, a local brewery situated in a cute little French farming town on the Belgian border. 

Jenlain Blonde is a rich, creamy, thick blonde ale that has a surprising amount of body and a beautiful head that goes for days.

It has a touch of sweetness with hints of lemon and honey that are friendly and welcoming. 

The Levrette 

You can find all kinds of delicious beers from the brewery known as Biéres Levrette, a charming company with all types of personalities and exciting flavors. 

The standard-bearer is the Levrette, a pale ale in the traditional sense with many hoppy qualities and a pleasant, balanced aroma of citrus and spice.

Britt Blanche

Britt Blanche comes from the Brasserie de Bretagne, a brewing company that first opened in 1998 in Trégunc.

They create all kinds of tasty beers, including Britt Blanche.

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Britt Blanche is the perfect beer for quenching thirst, whether you’ve had a busy day at the office or worked outside all day.

I love the citrus hints and always have cheese when I consume Britt Blanche.  

Barge du Canal

If you like IPAs, you will love this selection from Paname Brewing Company in Paris, France.

It’s a young company that already knows how to make great beer.

The Barge du Canal is especially noteworthy because of the hints of citrus and cereal.

Another great feature is bitterness. It tastes like beer and it’s shockingly refreshing.  


Pelforth blonde is an English pale ale that comes from Marseille.

I had the honor of enjoying this beer in Marseille, and it elevated the experience. 

There are other Pelforth beers that you can try.

For example, their brown ale is so rich and creamy that you almost forget you’re drinking beer. 

Licorne Black Beer

Black beer is a special treat, especially if you can enjoy it in the beautiful French countryside.

There’s nothing more pleasant than watching the sunset with a cold beer in your hands and the country of France looking back at you.

Licorne black beer is especially delightful for its rich texture and deep flavor.

I’m a fan of dark beers, so this one was enjoyable, in my opinion. 

Château Rouge

Château Rouge from the Paris brewery known as Brasserie la Goutte d’Or is a favorite of mine because it’s brewed in the biére de Garde style, a style of beer that’s perfect for fans of malt in their beer.

The Château Rouge is an enjoyable malty beer that could almost replace dessert if you don’t feel like eating something sweet. 


Choulette is another beer in the style of biére de Garde, which roughly means “beer for keeping.”

It’s a great example of the class, primarily in wheat beers and ales.

Choulette is an amber beer with a rich flavor. It comes from a brewery in northern France that sits right on the Belgian border. 


Adelscott is a beer from the Fischer Brewery that we discussed earlier, famous for its Desperados beer. 

Adelscott is an enjoyable beer with a smoky flavor and hints of whiskey noticeable at the front end.

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It has a pleasant aftertaste and a thickness that I especially enjoyed.  


Goudale is an ale that’s brewed in the same biére de Garde style we’ve already discussed.

It comes from a brewery in the north of France and consists of multiple hops and malt varieties. 

The difference in hops and malts helps make Goudale an intricate beer with layers of complexity in the flavor palette. I especially like the caramel notes. 

La Parisienne Brune

The Brune from La Parisienne is a delicious brown ale brewed Belgian style with a whole body and many exciting flavors. 

I love this beer because it has discernable notes of coffee and dark chocolate, which are essential for any good dark beer.   

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