10 Gin Drinks That Are Perfect for Winter

Gin is a popular ingredient for cocktails, but it is generally thought of as a springtime liquor because it has a light and floral taste. It is refreshing but still sharp.

Cold autumn winter hibiscus cocktail

However, winter is the perfect season to incorporate gin into your cocktail rotation.

Gin is made from distilled juniper berries, which gives it that naturally floral taste palette. After distilling, it is usually flavored with natural additives like spices, fruit flavors, and other botanicals.

This combination makes it a great addition to your winter cocktail list because the spices and the florals mix well for the season.  

10 Gin Drinks That Are Perfect for Winter

Cold autumn winter hibiscus cocktail

Gin’s pine-taste can be perfect in a winter cocktail! Check out our favorite winter gin cocktails to drink during the cold months of the winter season.

Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


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    4. Enjoy!

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