The Best Drinks on the Peet’s Coffee Menu

Try the most popular drinks at Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a United States coffee staple. Since 1966, the company has been roasting the highest quality coffee beans and crafting delicious “coffee-first” beverages that have captivated an entire region of coffee drinkers. 

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Over the years they have expanded their coffee line to include a variety of roasts, limited release coffees, K-cup pods, espresso capsules, and even curated subscription boxes. 

Their beans can also be found in stores throughout the country. Some of their most popular retail blends include Major Dickason’s dark roast, Arabian Mocha-Java, and Espresso Forte. 

Currently, there are over 200 Peet’s Coffee shops where you can grab a handmade latte or cappuccino. They also sell some of their drinks by the can. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Peet’s Coffee, there are a handful of drinks you simply have to try. 

Best Peet’s Coffee Drinks

Take a look at some of the best Peet’s Coffee menu items available at this popular coffee chain.

Cold Brew Fog

Peet’s Cold Brew Fog is a specialty drink item created in 2017. It is found only at select locations.

If you see this on the menu at your local Peet’s and you’re a cold brew coffee fan, you’ll definitely want to give this a try. 

With this drink, Peet’s combines their signature, homemade cold brew with chicory root syrup.

The mixture is blended up until creamy and then served over ice. The process adds a little extra body to the drink and gives it a nice foamy head.

The drink is a pleasant mixture of sweet and creamy, and it is the perfect refreshing coffee to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

Nitro Cold Brew

The Nitro Cold Brew is a cold coffee fan’s dream.

It is made with East African Baridi coffee beans, which on their own have a bright, citrus flower flavor with a smooth, cocoa finish. The beans are typically a medium roast. 

In general, nitro cold brew coffee is simply cold coffee served from a tap. Nitrogen is added, giving the resulting beverage a bubbly, beer-like texture with a thick head of tasty foam. 

Peet’s doesn’t stray from this recipe with its own version. The Nitro Cold Brew is a simple mix of nitrogen-infused coffee. However, the overall texture is more complex, with a velvety mouthfeel and creamy finish that is just plain delicious.

From a nutrition standpoint, Peet’s Nitro Cold Brew stands out as a low-calorie coffee beverage.

If you’re adhering to any kind of low-carb, low-cal, or low-sugar diet but can’t give up your daily boost of caffeine, the Nitro Cold Brew might be just the drink you need. 

You can find cans of their signature Nitro Cold Brew at various retailers across the country. 

Iced Lavender Matcha Latte

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you could always try out an Iced Lavender Matcha Latte.

This creative drink combines the bitter and earthy flavor of green tea matcha with the sweet and floral notes of the lavender. 

Peet’s does not sweeten their pure matcha powder, which in my opinion gives the drink a more natural finish and a stronger base.

The green tea powder is mixed with cold milk and poured over ice and foam with a pump of house-made lavender syrup. 

All in all, I found this drink to be light, refreshing, and extremely tasty. It was also quite pretty to look at. 

Iced Horchata Latte

One of my favorite beverages at Peet’s Coffee is their Iced Horchata Latte.

The flavors of horchata, which is a traditional Mexican drink consisting of rice water, cinnamon, and sugar, mingle pleasantly with Peet’s coffee. 

Peet’s uses oat milk to create this creamy, foamy concoction.

They blend cinnamon sugar with the oat milk and top it with their homemade cold brew for an effortlessly sweet coffee treat that can be enjoyed any time of year. 

Caffe Latte

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Caffe Latte. Peet’s Caffe Latte consists of a shot or two of their hand-pulled Espresso Forte and the smooth texture of steamed milk.

The latte is then topped with a layer of foam. The result is a soft, lightly-coffee flavored drink that won’t overwhelm the palate. 

Personally, I like to add a pump of sugar-free caramel syrup to my caffe latte order to give it extra flavor.

However, the plain beverage is enjoyable on its own, with a thick, creamy, and smooth texture. 

Citrus and Spice Latte

Originally launched as a part of the company’s holiday beverage lineup in 2019, the Citrus and Spice latte is a creative coffee drink that combines all of your favorite holiday flavors into one tasty beverage. 

The latte combines their Espresso Forte and steamed milk as the base, with a variety of mulling spices to give it flavor. These include nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and ginger. 

The result of this delicious latte is a sweet and slightly floral citrus drink with warm notes of spice. It is the perfect treat to take a long while you shop for Christmas presents, decorate your tree, or simply get you in the holiday spirit. 

Churro Latte

The Churro Latte is similar to the Horchata Latte in its overall flavor palette.

If you are unfamiliar, a churro is a traditional Spanish and Portuguese dessert that is similar in taste and texture to a fried donut.

The fried dough is made into long sticks and covered in toasted cinnamon sugar. 

Peet’s Churro Latte uses an espresso base and combines sugar-infused milk and cinnamon syrup. They really nailed the flavor of this beverage.

Drinking this will give you the impression you’re snacking on a freshly made churro. 

The latte is toasty, buttery, and decadent without being overwhelmingly sweet. This would be a great order to enjoy around the holidays as well, although it can be ordered hot or iced. 

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

It doesn’t get any richer, or any more decadent than Peet’s Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

Seriously, this beverage will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about iced coffee drinks and mocha. 

As its name suggests, the Iced White Chocolate Mocha combines rich, melted white chocolate sauce with their signature espresso blend.

Then, a splash of cold milk and a topping of ice foam is encapsulated in a thick dollop of whipped cream. 

This is an extremely sweet and rich drink. Because white chocolate is used instead of regular chocolate, the mocha flavor is toned down somewhat. 

Iced Vanilla Cinnamon Latte 

The Vanilla Latte is a tried and true menu item at Peet’s Coffee.

However, they turned it up a notch by adding in the warm, spicy flavor of cinnamon. 

To make this latte, the barista will lay down a base of foam and top it with ice.

Then, they combine cold milk, a shot of espresso, cinnamon, and their Madagascar vanilla syrup to complete the drink. 

The initial layer of foam is important. Once the drink has been assembled, the foam rises to the top of the cup, mixing with the coffee and flavorings.

The result is a sweet iced coffee drink with a pleasant hint of sweet spice. 

Best Peet’s Coffee Drinks

  1. Cold Brew Fog
  2. Nitro Cold Brew
  3. Iced Lavender Matcha Latte
  4. Iced Horchata Latte
  5. Caffé Latte
  6. Citrus and Spice Latte
  7. Churro Latte
  8. Iced White Chocolate Mocha
  9. Iced Vanilla Cinnamon Latte

Final Thoughts 

With their decades of coffee roasting experience and their boundless creativity, Peet’s Coffee has successfully created a masterful menu that will suit coffee drinkers of all kinds. Each drink is not only exceptionally crafted but unbelievably delicious. 

Did we leave your favorite Peet’s Coffee menu item off of this list? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to check it out! 

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