Top 8 Store-Bought Margarita Mixes

With summertime fast approaching, it’s time to break out the tequila for some good, old-fashioned margaritas. 

Refreshing Homemade Classic Margarita with Lime and Salt

Margaritas are a delicious and refreshing drink that’s surprisingly easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. All you need for a traditional mix is lime juice, Triple sec, and your favorite tequila

If you’re short on ingredients or want to spice things up, you can swap out the lime juice and orange liqueur for a premade margarita mix.

Using a margarita mix is also much quicker than preparing and measuring ingredients yourself, especially for novice mixologists. If you want a foolproof party-pleaser, then a margarita mix is the way to go. 

With so many mixes to choose from on the market, it can be a challenge to separate the winners from the duds. Here, I’ve whipped up a list of my top picks for the best margarita mix in terms of cost, flavor, and authenticity. 

Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix

Tres Agaves is a basic yet delicious margarita mix boasting just four all-natural ingredients.

Agave nectar, lime juice, vitamin C, and purified water. It lends a characteristic citrus zest to any margarita along with just a hint of sweetness to balance out the sour notes.

You can opt to mix your tequila with the traditional lime Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix, or you can indulge in one of their more exotic options.

Choose between a variety of fruity margarita mix flavors, including strawberry, mango chili, and pineapple ginger. All flavors are organic, gluten-free, and contain all-natural ingredients.  

Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix

Fans of Jose Cuervo tequila can combine it with this margarita mix, crafted to blend seamlessly with Cuervo’s distinct flavor profile.

It manages to balance the acidity of lime flavors with sweeter agave notes for a truly refreshing blend. 

Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix contains several artificial flavors and preservatives, so it might not be the best choice for someone trying to keep organic. 

That being said, Jose Cuervo is a delicious and budget-friendly option for any margarita enthusiast.

It’s my go-to for parties and get-togethers when I want to impress without breaking the bank.

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Powell & Mahoney Classic Margarita

If you’re looking for something a little bit sweeter, Powell & Mahoney combines both cane sugar and agave syrup to produce an addictively sweet mix to mellow out even the strongest tequila.

The mix contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or other flavorings.

All ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO verified, including filtered lime juice, water, and organic orange extract.

I love the Powell & Mahoney Classic Margarita mix because it’s such a versatile pairing when you’re craving something refreshing.

You can mix it with tequila for a perfect margarita, or blend in some rum and a bit of extra sugar for a decadent daiquiri. 

Morris Kitchen Citrus Agave

For a margarita with a little kick, try the Morris Kitchen Citrus Agave Mix.

It combines traditional margarita ingredients with just a pinch of cayenne to spice up each sip.

All ingredients are natural and non-GMO, including filtered water, organic agave nectar, lime juice, orange extract, and sea salt.

While this mix is a bit pricier than the others on my list, I think the unique flavor is well worth the cost. I prefer this mix when I’m looking for a margarita with a little something extra.

Though subtle, the cayenne and salt both help to brighten the natural flavors of any good tequila.

Agalima Organic Margarita Mix

This tequila mix places a heavy emphasis on authenticity, using agave syrup derived from the Jalisco Blue plant as its primary ingredient.

It also includes organic lime juice, vitamin C, salt, and natural flavoring. 

The resulting flavor is rich and savory with notes of zesty acidity. There isn’t too much sweetness to the Agalima Organic Margarita Mix, which makes it a good choice to pair with appetizers or a meal. 

Thanks to the complex flavor profile, this margarita mix works well with alcohols beyond tequila.

The authentic agave flavor lets you substitute liquors ranging from vodka to white rum while still enjoying a distinct margarita flavor. 

Zing Zang Margarita Mix

If you can’t get enough fruity flavor in your margarita, the Zing Zang Margarita Mix combines three different citrus flavors to bring you the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

This mix includes traditional lime flavors along with juicy grapefruit and zesty key lime

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Authentic blue agave nectar and cane sugar lend plenty of sweetness to this mix to counterbalance the tart citrus blend and give you a refreshing, balanced cocktail. 

While Zing Zang isn’t exactly a traditional margarita mix, it’s one of my favorites in terms of flavor thanks to the addition of key lime.

The rich, fruity taste also makes this one of the best margarita mix options for beginners. 

Hella Cocktail Co. Habanero Margarita

This margarita mix from Hella Cocktail Co. has a depth of flavor that you don’t find in many pre-made cocktail blends.

It combines traditional tequila ingredients such as lime juice, citric acid, and orange extract with bold herbs and spices for a more decadent drink.

The Hella Cocktail Co. Habanero Margarita mix includes a kick of habanero and red pepper extract in each sip, making this the perfect choice when you’re looking for some spice.

Rosemary extract helps to tone down and balance hotter components, while a pinch of sea salt brightens the overall flavor. 

Barsmith Triple Citrus Margarita Mix

The Barsmith Triple Citrus Margarita Mix is an especially rich, tart blend that combines lime juice with lemon and orange juice to make a truly zesty cocktail.

Pure cane sugar helps to mellow things out by adding a sweet finish to each sip. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. 

I like to use this margarita mix when I’m whipping up an icy summertime cocktail in the blender.

All of the citrus flavors make it a bright and refreshing choice when temperatures start to rise that’s almost akin to a glass of fresh lemonade. 

There are few things more refreshing than an icy cold margarita on a hot day. Whether you’re serving it blended or on the rocks, using a margarita mix is a surefire way to mix a perfectly balanced drink every time. 

Even if you’re brand new to mixology, you can whip up a drink that your guests are sure to enjoy. All you need is some good tequila and a couple of glasses to get the party started. If you’re not sure where to get started, these choices for the best margarita mix are bound to make an impressive cocktail. 

Complete your cocktail with our favorite tequilas for making margaritas!

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