Top 12 White Rum Brands to Try

Mix your next cocktail with these top-rated white rums

When it comes to liquor, whiskey, vodka, and gin often take the titles for popularity, especially in the United States. 

bacardi white rum

And when it comes to rum, people tend to think about the dark rum that is popular for bar quick drinks like rum and coke. 

But white rums are making a comeback as people realize their various qualities and tastes. If you’ve tried white rum and didn’t like it, you might just not have tried the right one for you. 

White rums are especially preferred by drinkers who despise the long, everlasting taste of whiskey or want a little bit more flavor than vodka. 

Although there are many differences between different brands, the best white rums tend to be smooth, dry, refined, and have crisp finishing notes that won’t linger. 

Best White Rums

So, if you’re down to try making mojitos, daiquiris, and other fun fruity cocktails, check out these top 12 white rum brands to try. 

Plantation 3 Star White Rum

Plantation 3 Stars is a solid white rum that was created where all rums should arguably be created—in the Caribbean. 

This white rum blends flavor elements inspired by three different areas in the region. You’ll get a punchy Jamaican kick, a flourishing Trinidadadian flavor, and a full-bodied richness inspired by Barbados. 

More specifically, you’ll get a whiff of sweet smells to start, including brown sugar, honey, and vanilla, with some cloves and coffee beans for a more grounded scent.

Then you’ll enjoy the bittersweet and biscuity taste of dark chocolate, egg cream, and root beer. 

The three stars represent these three different distillations locations, and it includes a hint of delicate, well-aged Jamaican 10-year white rum. 

Plantation Rum’s story is about being refined and unique, and the 3 Stars rum represents that nicely. 

Havana Club Añejo Blanco

Havana Club’s Anejo Blanco rum is as historic as it is tasteful.

This rum uses an original recipe dating back to 1934, and every bottle is filled with rum that’s been aged not once but twice. 

A double-aged one is required, and it’s not even common, and that’s what makes the Havana Club white rum stand out.

The first aging process is a full year, while the second is at least two months to ensure a short and refined finish. 

Before you reach those finishing notes, you’ll get fruity and floral notes with a little bit of vanilla and oak for some depth and complexity. Given these flavors, this is a tremendous white rum to use for cocktails like mojitos and daiquiris. 

Inspired by the culture, history, and spirit of Havana, Cuba, this rum is distilled proudly in Puerto Rico.

It’s currently not available in the US, as many Cuban rums are illegal. If you have an opportunity to try it abroad, don’t miss out! 

BACARDÍ Superior White Rum

BACARDÍ Superior White Rum is another white rum made in Puerto Rico and is one of the more pocket-friendly rums that many people can enjoy. 

It’s a popular brand not only for its relatively affordable prices but also its history and legacy, as Don Facundo Bacardí Masso first created the rum in 1862. 

With this white rum, you’ll get a light-bodied feel, with floral and fruity notes mainly, but also hints of vanilla and oak. 

Plus, there are notes of almonds and lime that make this liquor go so well with lime juice and orange curaçao.

You can even go more simple and mix it with just club soda and a fresh lime squeeze.

Real McCoy 3 Year Old White Rum

As the name suggests, the Real McCoy 3 Year Old White Rum is aged for three full years, which is ample time for quality white rum. 

It’s also the winning rum of the Real McCoy company, which has a fascinating history.

It was started by a documentary filmmaker who became more interested in rum than he expected due to his research on the rum runner named Bill McCoy. 

It’s a smooth, subtle, and soft white rum with tasting notes of toasted, buttery caramel and marzipan and the aroma of vanilla, oak, and citrus.

There are also hints of coconut throughout, especially towards the finishing notes that are long and warm. 

This company also produces a 5-year and 12-year rum if you fancy giving those a try as well. 

Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum

The point of overproof liquor is to give buyers a higher alcohol content in a liquor that is usually lower in alcohol.

Thus, if you are looking for a stronger white rum, then the Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum might just do the trick. 

This award-winning Jamaican rum strives to be as flavorful, unique, and expressive as Jamaican culture and traditions. 

Because of its variant flavors, notes, and hints, it works well as the base in numerous cocktails, but we suggest giving it a try in a strawberry daiquiri to start. 

Don Q Rum Cristal

Similar to the Havana Club white rum mentioned above, the Don Q Rum Cristal is one of the best white rums that goes through multiple distillations. 

Distilling the rum multiple times filters it out even more for a more refined, cleaner, and crisper taste and finish. The result is a less flavorful and more subtle rum, making it great for mixing and sipping. 

You can even substitute this white rum for vodka-based drinks without noticing too much difference, all due to this multi-distillation process. 

However, unlike the Havana Club, the aging process happens entirely after the distillation process, while Havana’s rum is distilled, aged, then clarified again. 

If you like the idea of a clean finish but don’t know which process will produce a better taste for your tongue, you might have to try them both! 

El Dorado 3 Year Old White Rum

The El Dorado 3 Year Old White Rum has an exquisite taste that takes you on a pleasant and delightful sensory journey. 

First, you’ll sense hints of vanilla, chocolate, and raisins with your nose. 

Next, you’ll sip and get an overall fruity taste, but you’ll notice the coconut and orange peel flavors more than the other fruits. 

You’ll also get an immediate, punchy baking spice flavor that will then settle down, allowing a caramel flavor to creep in and seal the deal. 

This white rum is filtered through natural charcoal to ensure its clarity and purity and a subtle and inviting experience that won’t burn or overwhelm.

Try this rum with a mojito, a daquiri, or all by itself. 

Flor de Caña 4-Year Extra Seco

The Flor de Caña 4-Year Extra Seco provides an extremely pure, ultra-refreshing white rum option, perfect for cold, crisp, and bubbly daytime beverages.

The sweet almond and vanilla notes are inviting and warm, while the white chocolate and orange notes are exciting and give it that ultimate refreshing feel. 

You’ll end the sip with a dry and crisp finish that doesn’t linger but very well might leave you wanting more. 

An exciting point about this distillery is that it is located five miles from an active volcano — San Cristobal.

The volcanic soil, water, and overall environment help enrich the fertilization, mineral infiltration, and evaporation processes throughout the distilling cycle. 

Diplomatico Planas Rum

Diplomatico’s Planas Rum is well-aged for up to six years.

It’s a smooth and complex yet welcoming white rum, with tropical fruity notes and a creamy flavor that’s delectable all on its own. 

This is why it’s best not to mix it with anything at all. Many rums go well in mixed drinks and fruity cocktails, which wouldn’t be wrong in one. 

But drinking the Planas Rum neat or on the rocks is the way to go in order to enjoy this intense taste. 

If you do want to serve it cocktail style, we recommend a martini or a rum chai tea. 

Additionally, you can feel good about purchasing Diplomatico’s rum because the company has sustainability projects aimed at protecting and preserving the precious environment.  

Rhum J.M Agricole Blanc

Rhum J.M. is another rum distillery located at the base of a volcano, similar to Flor de Caña.

This one is near Mt. Pelée Volcano in Macouba, Martinique, and provides the rum with distinct mineral undertones. 

The Rhum J.M Agricole Blanc is a refreshing and tasty white rum that balances zesty and chalky, earthy notes. You’ll get tangy and fresh lime, soothing and floral anise and lilies, and sweet honey and cane sugar. 

R.M rums are also known for banana and pineapple tasting notes, and this white rum is no different than the rest of the brand’s rum in this way. It includes some raspberry undertones as well. 

The result is like a toasted biscuit with jam, sure to delight and complement many other flavors. 

Overall, this rum is one for cocktails and fruity drinks, and it goes particularly well with rum punch. 

Cape Cornwall White Rum

Cape Cornwall has an interesting history based on smuggling rum into Cape Cornwall in order to avoid paying government taxes.

Although you might not feel great about supporting a controversial history, if you like a vibrant and lighter rum, this is a great pick.

If you can forgo the history (or simply be intrigued by it) and try the Cape Cornwall White Rum out anyway. 

Denizen Aged White

Denizen Aged White is one of the best white rums for rum lovers that don’t want to hide the taste of rum or distill it away.

They love the taste of rum and want to keep the flavor, which is not as usual for rums these days. 

This white rum prioritizes a full-bodied flavor, inspired by the flavors of Trinidad, Holland, and Jamaica.

It incorporates a lot of the same floral, fruity, and sweet notes as other rums but is one of the only ones that has mango notes. 

The result is an award-winning white rum that is punchy and distinct while staying crystal clear and crisp. 

Best White Rums

  1. Plantation 3 Star White Rum
  2. Havana Club Añejo Blanco
  3. BACARDÍ Superior White Rum
  4. Real McCoy 3 Year Old white rum
  5. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum
  6. Don Q Rum Cristal
  7. El Dorado 3 Year Old white rum 
  8. Flor de Caña 4-Year Extra Seco
  9. Diplomatico Planas Rum
  10. Rhum J.M Agricole Blanc
  11. Cape Cornwall white rum
  12. Denizen Aged White

Final Thoughts

There are many amazing white rums out there, but there is a significant difference between them when it comes to flavor and style. 

We hope this article helps you distinguish between those differences so that you can choose the best white rum brand for your particular tastes and preferences. 

Whether you want to drink it in cocktails or straight, like a full-bodied taste or more subtle flavors, or have a particular budget in mind, there is a white rum out there for you.


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