The Best Drinks at Biggby Coffee

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, mild, or just need a jolt of caffeine to get you going, the best Biggby Coffee menu items can be tailored to satisfy your coffee craving. 

Biggby Coffee Sign on a Store Front

Biggby Coffee is known for its lively, welcoming atmosphere. You won’t find any coffee snobs here! Their cafes are comfortable and bright, and their baristas are warm and friendly. Biggby’s drink creations, and even the drink names, reflect that same fun personality. 

Don’t let the bubbly charm of the brand fool you into thinking less of their coffee. Biggby takes the craft seriously.

Their coffee and espresso-based drinks start with high-quality arabica beans the founders took care to select and source responsibly. That care comes through in the taste of their brewed coffee and espresso. 

Check out the best drinks at Biggby so you can find your new favorite!

Neapolitan Latte

Biggby’s Neapolitan Latte is one of my favorites on the menu.

Whoever invented Neapolitan ice cream got it right, and this drink takes that perfect flavor combination to the next level.

This latte is the perfect blend of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored syrups mixed with espresso and steamed milk.

It’s topped with rich whipped cream and a drizzle of thick chocolate and strawberry sauces. It tastes like summer in a cup!

Biggby carries sugar-free vanilla and chocolate syrups, so you can order a reduced-calorie version of this drink. But it won’t be truly sugar-free, because the strawberry syrup has added sugar. 

Butter Bear Latte

Biggby Coffee’s menu has several drinks with “bear” in the name. “Bear” seems to be code for “caramel”.

Every drink on Biggby’s menu named after a bear has caramel in it. Fun, right?

The Butter Bear Latte is made with caramel and butterscotch flavored syrups, a tasty combination that reminds me of Werther’s candies. 

This drink is perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth after lunch. Or pair it with an order of Biggby’s donut holes for a midday snack.

Sugar-free caramel is an option, so if you’re watching your sugar intake, Biggby’s got you covered with this reduced-calorie choice.

Snickerdoodle Latte

Move over, pumpkin spice! Biggby’s Snickerdoodle Latte gives fall’s favorite catchphrase a run for its money.

Cinnamon and marshmallow are the flavors that shine through in this drink. 

This drink is made with caramel, cinnamon, marshmallow, and vanilla-flavored syrups.

Those flavors are mixed with espresso and topped with steamed milk. It’s finished off with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel syrup. If this drink doesn’t remind you of bonfires and sweaters, I don’t know what will. 

The Snickerdoodle latte can be ordered as reduced-calorie. For this option, they will make the drink with sugar-free caramel and sugar-free vanilla.

They don’t carry sugar-free marshmallow and cinnamon syrups.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

For tea lovers out there, Biggby’s Earl Grey Tea Latte is a mix of premium quality earl grey tea with the perfect amount of sweet creaminess. It reminds me of tea on a cloud.

This latte starts with freshly brewed earl grey tea concentrate. They mix in some vanilla syrup for sweetness, and steamed milk is poured over to finish it off.

The hot milk brings out the fresh tea flavor in this drink. 

Other than sugar found naturally in milk, the vanilla syrup is the only added sugar in Biggby’s Earl Grey Tea Latte. This drink can be made sugar-free since they offer that option in their vanilla syrup.

Banana Split Creme Freeze

Biggby Coffee offers delicious smoothies (called Creme Freeze) in almost as many varieties as you can dream up.

Their Banana Split Creme Freeze is one of my favorites! You get all the flavors of a banana split in every sip.

All Biggby creme freeze drink recipes start with a dairy-based thick cream. To that, they add fresh bananas and strawberries, ice, and milk. It’s all blended to make a thick, yummy real-fruit smoothie. 

Because of the cream base Biggby uses, you won’t be able to get a dairy-free or sugar-free version of their smoothies.

So be prepared for a good dose of sugar when you order one of these powerhouse drinks.

Cotton Candy Latte

I told you Biggby Coffee is all about fun. This latte lives up to its name.

Biggby’s Cotton Candy Latte will take you back to memories of being a kid at the county fair. It tastes just like cotton candy! 

It’s made with marshmallow, raspberry, and blueberry flavored syrups, mixed with espresso and steamed milk. And of course, topped with whipped cream. 

There isn’t a sugar-free option for this drink because they don’t carry sugar-free versions of those syrup flavors.

But they can create a reduced-calorie cotton candy latte by swapping out part of the fruity syrup for their sugar-free vanilla if you ask them to. 

Sweet Tooth Special Latte

Have you ever tasted something sweet, but not too sweet, with bursts of flavors that you can’t quite name?

That’s Biggby’s Sweet Tooth Special Latte. The syrup flavors used in this drink are caramel, white chocolate, and butterscotch.

Mixed with espresso and steamed milk and topped with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel, it’s a blend of sweet-coffee-creaminess. 

You can get this drink in reduced-calorie by asking them to use sugar-free caramel instead of the regular caramel syrup. You won’t notice the missing sugar. 

Wild Zebra Latte

Love chocolate? Dark chocolate? White chocolate? Both together, even better! Biggby’s Wild Zebra Latte is a chocolate lover’s dream.

Their dark chocolate and white chocolate flavors are thick sauces, not thin syrups.

For this drink, these two sauces are mixed with espresso and topped with steamed milk and whipped cream drizzled with more chocolate. 

The deep, earthy flavors of the dark chocolate and coffee are cut with the sweetness of the white chocolate for an amazing rich-tasting chocolate/coffee treat.

Like some of the other lattes on this list, you can cut out some sugar in this drink by ordering the reduced-calorie version.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Creme Freeze

The name of this drink speaks for itself. Think cookies and cream ice cream sundae… yum! Biggby’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Creme Freeze is what comes to mind when I think of heaven in a cup.

This drink is made with chocolate chip cookies mixed in.

They start with the same dairy-based cream used in all Biggby creme freezes, add chocolate sauce, milk, and cookies and blend it all together with some ice for a thick creamy shake. (Can you see my eyes rolling back in my head with bliss?)

Ok, I’ll come down off my cloud to finish this description.

There is no reduced-calorie or dairy-free option for this drink. It’s loaded with calories and sugar, but it’s SO worth it!

Chai Charger 

Not into sweet coffee drinks? Biggby Coffee’s Chai Charger is a chai latte with espresso. The flavors in it remind me of the fall and winter holidays. 

If you can’t imagine what mixing chai and coffee flavors together would taste like, trust me, it’s delicious.

It just so happens that tea, cloves, cinnamon, and honey flavors of chai complement the deep flavor of espresso nicely. 

Biggby uses a thick chai-flavored sauce in this drink with all the spicy flavors you’d expect in chai tea. They mix it with espresso and pour in steamed milk. 

There is no sugar-free or reduced-calorie version of this drink. It’s a relatively low-calorie drink anyway. 

All Biggby Coffee’s milk-based menu items can be made with milk alternatives. They offer soy, almond, coconut, and oat milk. Keep in mind, choosing a milk alternative may alter the original taste of the drink. 

Between Biggby’s coffee, tea, and smoothie offerings, you’re sure to find something on this list for any mood or preference. And don’t be shy about trying something new. You might be surprised at how good these flavor combinations are. 

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