14 Most Popular Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors 

Today you can find endless water enhancers and sparkling water products on store shelves.

Three cans of Bubly Flavored Sparkling Water Lime Cherry and Blackberry

Though a relative newcomer, Bubly has quickly established itself as a leading brand when it comes to sparkling water, up there with Lacroix seltzers and Spindrift.

Part of the reason behind Bubly’s success lies in the witty marketing but also diverse range of flavors.

Moreover, they offer sparkling water with natural fruit flavors that is without any artificial sweeteners or calories, so you can enjoy your favorite fruity flavors carefree. 

With the increasing number of flavors available, I’ve decided to give you my rundown of the most popular Bubly sparkling water flavors.

So if you’re looking to learn more about the brand or discover some new flavors to try, read on as I share my thoughts on their top flavors and what makes them stand out.


It’s almost comical the number of times I reach for the blackberry flavor of Bubly whenever I need a quick drink.

Something about it seems exotic and not a variety you see very often in other beverages.

One of the newest additions I love is that they have recently rolled out Bubly drops in blackberry flavor. Now you can make your own sparkling water in a SodaStream!

Other consumers must feel the same because the Bubly blackberry flavor is one of the most popular flavors sold.

The dark purple can matches the core ingredient of natural blackberry flavor. Moreover, it comes in four different recipes that all add something subtle yet distinct to this drink.

You can purchase it in three different sizes, including 12, 7.5, and 16 ounces.


A familiar flavor that you see in the lineup of most refreshing drinks is lime.

For me personally, lime has an element that quickly quenches my thirst. Therefore, if it’s a super hot day and I am in dire need of hydration, the likelihood of grabbing something with lime flavoring is high.

Like blackberry, you can find Bubly lime in both cans and their drops line. Another highlight, if lime is your go-to Bubly flavor, is that you can often find it in fountain machines!

We all know a fountain drink tastes better than a can, so seeing it at your favorite convenience store or restaurant on tap is a bonus!


While blackberry is my go-to flavor, and lime is my tried and true hydration route, Bubly mango is what I reach for when I’m looking for a drink that reminds me of a tropical paradise.

On those days when the outside weather is gloomy, and I wish I were away on a remote island, I consume a Bubly mango to escape mentally.

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Another thing that excites me about the Bubly mango flavor is that you can choose between cans and drops.

However, that’s not all. You can also find mango in the new Bubly Bounce lineup. Mango passion fruit is the flavor offered in the new caffeinated product.


Right off the bat, all sparkling water fans must know that the Bubly peach flavor does not come in the new Bubly Bounce line.

However, you can turn that frown upside down because aside from your typical peach taste in Bubly cans and Bubly drops, you can also opt for a Bellini Bliss Bubly.

What’s a Bellini Bliss Bubly? It’s a combination of peach, pineapple, and natural mango flavoring made up to resemble a classic alcoholic beverage.

While the Bubly option is sans alcohol, it’s every bit as enjoyable as the original version. If you’d prefer to stick with just peach, you can purchase cans in 12-ounce sizes.


As you already know from above, you can get a hint of the irresistible pineapple flavor in a Bellini Bliss Bubly.

However, you have more options than just that. If you’re a pineapple fan, which many are, you can pick up Bubly pineapple in 12-ounce cans or Bubly drops.

While I am not typically a fan of pineapple, the natural flavoring included in the Bubly drinks is incredible.

I’ve never had a drink taste like the real thing in such a powerful way. You can tell that the company creates its flavors by using the actual fruits because they resemble each other so well.


As a flavor that is easily agreeable with many, strawberry is often one that even the pickiest consumers can enjoy.

The sweetness of Bubly strawberry flavoring is very candy-like and makes it taste more like an indulgence than simply a drink to quench your thirst.

What makes the Bubly strawberry flavoring even better is that you can find it in more than one variety.

Aside from just strawberry, you can also opt for triple berry, available in Bubly Bounce. In addition to cans, you can get both flavor styles in Bubly drops for use in the Sodastream machine.


Another unique flavor you don’t often see when it comes to beverages is apple.

However, the Bubly apple flavor’s crispness factor is one you will not easily forget.

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With a taste that can only be described as a combination of apple cider and low sugar apple juice mixed with carbonation, the flavor is quenching and sweet.

It’s excellent for us all that Bubly apple has zero calories and sugar because it’s incredibly easy to drink multiple cans of it in a short time.

As a wonderful alternative to extra sweet carbonated drinks like soda, with a high level of calories and sugar, you can get your daily water intake while enjoying a natural apple taste.


It’s almost a guarantee that if someone doesn’t love strawberries, they will enjoy cherries.

Thankfully, Bubly has both. The Bubly cherry flavor has the perfect amount of tartness reminiscent of eating a ripe cherry. 

As an extra bonus, Bubly understands that people want as much cherry flavoring in their lives as possible.

Therefore, you can find Bubly cherry in cans, drops, and fountain options. But what’s more, there’s a Bubly Bounce product with cherry as well.

You can find citrus cherry flavor on store shelves to get a caffeinated kick with your favorite flavor.


There are people who love grapefruit and those who don’t. However, everyone is a fan when it comes to the inclusion of the flavor in Bubly drinks.

The amount of natural flavoring included in Bubly grapefruit gives it the pucker you would expect from consuming it in its typical form but also the subtlety that allows you to drink it comfortably.

The fun doesn’t end at just Bubly grapefruit. You can enjoy it by itself or with the Bubly Bounce blood orange and grapefruit caffeinated beverage.

It’s particularly refreshing when poured into a rocks glass with ice on a hot summer day.


Fans of orange flavors can rejoice, as Bubly also has a regular orange-flavored version of their sparkling water in addition to the aforementioned blood orange.

This drink sells in cans as well as Bubly drops. The taste adds just the perfect amount of orange flavor to make it both interesting and enjoyable.

Drinking Bubly orange gives off a similar taste to your standard orange soda. While the flavor is more subtle in the sparkling water, you can easily recognize the distinct taste in the other.

A healthier version of orange soda? I’ll take it!


One of my favorite characteristics of raspberries is the instant burst of sourness you get when you bite into one, which is immediately followed by a flood of sweetness.

This experience transfers over to Bubly raspberry, which is one of the key reasons I love it so much.

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If you’re looking to reduce your carbon imprint, using the Bubly drops with a SodaStream machine gives you the sparkling water you know and love without the endless amount of cans.

However, if you want something easy to transport, you can purchase multi-packs of the flavor in 12-ounce sizes.


I’m a huge fan of sour Jolly Ranchers candy, primarily the watermelon flavor.

Every time I enjoy a can of Bubly watermelon, I am left feeling like I am drinking a combination of Jolly Rancher and sparkling water.

Can you imagine a world where drinking what is essentially candy water is considered healthy? If not, get with it because we are living in that world!

You can’t mistake the taste of watermelon. There is no other type of fruit comparable to this particular melon’s tangy flavor.

The beauty of natural flavoring is that you get that exact taste in every sip of Bubly sparkling water. You won’t be disappointed with Bubly watermelon in any way, shape, or form.

Blueberry Pomegranate

We’ve already established that the Bubly brand is not afraid to include unique flavors in its product line-up.

This mentality has gifted us the Bubly grapefruit, blackberry, and sparkling apple waters that aim to please. However, it doesn’t end there.

Bubly blueberry pomegranate comes in both regular and Bubly Bounce. You can also obtain the flavor in drop form for your SodaStream.

It may not come to mind naturally to combine blueberries and pomegranates due to the different types of fruit they are, but blending them together in a drink is a flavor profile worth trying out. 


When I saw that Bubly had a lemon flavor in their product offerings, I knew I had to try it.

While you don’t get the sweetness that a drink like lemonade comes with, you definitely get the taste that is correlated with lemon water.

It comes with no calories and uses no sweeteners, so it’s a great light drink you can have carefree.

The icing on the cake with Bubly lemon is the sparkling consistency. I always keep a 12-pack of these at hand when the summertime heat kicks in.

Moreover, Bubly lemon is ideal for anyone who isn’t looking for strong flavors but wants something other than the bland taste of pure water. 

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