14 Popular LaCroix Flavors Ranked 

Enjoy LaCroix’s most popular sparkling water flavors from our list.

Sparkling water brand LaCroix is beloved by devotees across the country.

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Whether people are looking for a sugar-free drink, an option that fits into their Whole30 diet, or just a can with a snazzy exterior, they can find refreshment in LaCroix. This sparkling water brand has re-popularized the seltzer.

LaCroix has been a Midwestern favorite for almost half a century, first beginning production in 1980.

Wisconsonians know that the name comes not from a fancy French recipe but from the town where LaCroix was first made. La Crosse, Wisconsin, is the origin of the so-called innocent beverage. 

After decades of success, stand-out stars and less popular members have striated out from the pack of flavors.

Best LaCroix Flavors

With over thirty flavors to choose from, there are certain to be some fan favorites. I’ve rounded up the cream of the crop and broken down what there is to love about each one. 


If you’re pretty sure you’ve never had a pamplemousse, you’re not alone.

Many LaCroix fans wonder why this popular flavor tastes so familiar. That’s because ‘Pamplemousse’ is simply the French word for grapefruit!

Pamplemousse dominates popularity polls despite its polarizing taste. The authentic sourness of the drink brings an acidic aftertaste continuing to pique your thirst for more.

Crisp, light, and delicious, Pamplemousse is a favorite at parties and kickbacks. There’s nothing more refreshing after a long summer day than this citrussy delight. 

When I’m in the mood for something with bite, Pamplemousse always comes through.


Tangerine LaCroix is a delightful citrus entry in their bubbly family.

Tangerine may be more popular than the similar flavor of orange as it is a stronger, more prominent presence.

This is common in the seltzer game; despite the reputation for seltzer being a mild drink, fortune favors the bold.

Tangerine LaCroix reminds me of that spritz of juice that springs up when I’m peeling fruit on my porch. That aerosolized juice makes the whole air smell of fresh, ripe fruit ready to be savored.

I like to mix Tangerine LaCroix with blood orange juice and just a hint of tequila to make the perfect refreshing drink with a body to it. 


Tart and sweet, Lemon LaCroix has all the puckering flavor of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade without any of the sugars.

The effervescence of Lemon LaCroix lightens mocktails and cocktails that would otherwise be too heavy to be sippable.

One of my favorite combos with Lemon LaCroix is making a drinkable lemon square. RumChata Limon serves as a creamy base for this drink, while the Lemon LaCroix thins it out and lifts it.

A dash of bitters to ground it, and you’re ready to enjoy a delicious drink reminiscent of a pastry with a fraction of the sugar


I used to be a fiend for Sprite, even when I wasn’t feeling a lemon flavor. Lime LaCroix scratches that itch with an undiluted, uncluttered lime flavor that tastes exactly like the fresh fruit.

Lime was one of the original six flavors launched during the brand revitalization in 2004; Lemon, Lime, Cran-Raspberry, Orange, Berry, and Pure/Unflavored.

It still ranks highly among other brand favorites as a solid, delicious addition to the LaCroix family.

I like to mix Lime LaCroix with – you guessed it – limeade! It takes the lime flavor to a whole new level that always seems to hit the spot when I’m craving a pucker. 


Every once in a while, I’ll wake up with a craving for a glass of fresh crushed orange juice.

While it’s hardly convenient or a good use of space to keep a jug of Tropicana on hand, nor am I likely to go through a whole bag of oranges before they go bad, there is another option.

Orange LaCroix features the most delightful citrusy spritzes, perfect for waking up in the morning.

Without the burden of sugar occluding the flavor, the sharp taste of the fresh fruit is ready to leap onto the tongue. I love to mix Orange LaCroix with a shot of vodka for a skinny screwdriver. 


Named by Christian missionaries proselytizing to indigenous Brazilians, passionfruit is still somewhat of a dark horse of flavor in the American beverage industry.

Whereas many find the juice overpowering on its own, Passionfruit LaCroix dials back the intensity to a smooth, tropical delight. 

I love having passionfruit syrup on hand as a staple. For years, I’d mix seltzer water with a dash of passionfruit syrup for a sweet treat on a hot day.

But my little DIY product has nowhere near the consistency nor elegance of this entry in the LaCroix lineup. 

Passionfruit LaCroix makes for a great sangria base. Toss in your favorite seasonal fruit and a bottle of your favorite white wine. My go-to is a dry Riesling. 


While apricots and peaches are part of the same botanical family, the rose family, this apricot drink tastes unique compared to any similar products on the market. 

Apricot LaCroix is not bold, but its subtlety leaves a lot of room for mulling. I like to take my time sipping an Apricot LaCroix, letting it truly develop on the tongue.

Keeping Apricot LaCroix on hand ensures that I always have a slow sippable on hand. 


Berry LaCroix confuses many fans of the brand with its non-specific name. Berry? Is that a raspberry? A blueberry? Strawberry, boysenberry? Aren’t bananas technically berries?

As far as I can tell, Berry LaCroix is some type of blueberry sparkling water, with some acidic and sour notes.

The flavor itself is strong, if difficult to identify. Berry LaCroix makes for a great standalone drink, a stronger contender even than some of the flavors that rank above it in popularity.

That said, it still has that delightful versatility that makes the entire LaCroix lineup so perfect for keeping on hand for entertainment and personal refreshment alike. 

Berry LaCroix is perfectly mixed with lemonade for a drink that you would swear tastes like purple. Trust me, one sip and you’ll understand!


The nominal flavor in Coconut LaCroix is surprisingly aggressive.

It dominates the palate in a way that very few LaCroix flavors do. For those who like a more forward approach to their beverages, this may enhance the refreshment profile of this drink. For others, it’s a big turn-off. 

Another surprising element of Coconut LaCroix is that it carries a hint of creaminess. That sensation can be a bit unpleasant for some when included in sparkling water, but I find it quite delicious.

Coconut LaCroix pairs lovely with citrus, but I especially love using it to make pina coladas.

Splash pineapple juice and some coconut cream into a glass with Coconut LaCroix to make a tropical refresher sure to please your party. 


While Berry LaCroix is a popular flavor, Cran-Raspberry sets out to be a more definite take on the berry family.

Raspberry is the predominant flavor of the duo, outshining the cranberry by leagues.

Still, the cranberry provides a tartness that keeps the water smooth and sippable. Overall, a solid member of the LaCroix lineup.

I love enjoying a Cran-Raspberry with a splash of orange juice, or even white grape juice. 

Key Lime

Despite the name, this LaCroix flavor is more than meets the eye.

Key limes are a slightly different fruit than the more standard limes that most Americans may be accustomed to. But this soda isn’t just Key lime flavored. It’s Key lime pie flavored.

It turns out that drinking dessert is a polarizing experience. The creamy flavors of a Key lime pie, complete with, miraculously, a hint of a graham cracker crust, set heads spinning.

Many fans were enchanted by the presence of a meringue flavor in their beverage. Others were less than impressed.


Many fans of LaCroix find that Mango LaCroix just isn’t their favorite to sip on its own.

It’s difficult to nail mango flavoring, as so much of the appeal of the fruit comes from the texture and juice. 

However, Mango LaCroix is a perfect mix-in for drinks both alcoholic and otherwise. For brunches, I like to fill a pitcher with two cans of Mango LaCroix.

Then I add orange juice, lemons, limes, a dash of grenadine, and a shot or two of vodka. 

For a more party-friendly punch, I’ve mixed Mango LaCroix, grapefruit sorbet, and frozen orange juice to make the perfect sweet and tart pairing for salty hors d’oeuvres. 


Peach-Pear LaCroix is an innovative flavor with devotees within the larger cult following of the brand as a whole. 

Peach and pear aren’t a common combination, but bakers may be familiar with the pairing from baking.

Often, bakers use the dry tartness of pear as a foil to the juicy sweetness of peach in cobblers and tarts.

That principle shines in this sparkling water. The flavors are complex and multi-dimensional without being overpowering. 

I like to mix Peach-Pear LaCroix with a shot of peach-infused bourbon. The whiskey only heightens the existing flavors and develops a fresh, delicious taste.


Pure LaCroix doesn’t tend to score high in popularity polls, but rather than serve as a dig at the quality of the drink, I think it speaks to how well LaCroix executes its flavors.

No matter how you feel, LaCroix has a flavor to complement the mood.

Pure LaCroix, also known as unflavored LaCroix, is exactly what it says on the tin.

It has that delightful fizz that makes LaCroix so refreshing, but without the flavors that make LaCroix such a success in the sparkling water industry. 

Pure LaCroix is just that. A perfect mixable, it pairs well with farmer’s market grape juice and frozen peach nectar. Maybe even try it with some tomato juice for your next Bloody Mary!

Best LaCroix Flavors

  1. Pamplemousse
  2. Tangerine
  3. Lemon
  4. Lime
  5. Orange
  6. Passionfruit
  7. Apricot
  8. Berry
  9. Coconut
  10. Cran-Raspberry
  11. Key Lime
  12. Mango
  13. Peach Pear
  14. Pure

Final Thoughts

With over thirty flavors, the inclusion of a flavor of LaCroix on this list indicates that it is likely worth a try for any fans of sparkling water. 

LaCroix is considered a cult classic by many fans and business analysts alike. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out a multitude of flavors, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

I recommend bringing a multipack to a party to share. Taste the masterfully crafted flavors for yourself. Maybe you and your friends can develop your rankings as you discover the delights of enjoying a LaCroix. 

Check out other flavored seltzers, like the best Spindrift flavors to try something different!

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