22 Items That Trader Joe’s Discontinued

You won’t see these Trader Joe’s items in store any time soon.

We’ve all been there; you finally find a cracker, tasty meal, or treat that you could eat in one sitting, only to return to the store and find the item discontinued. 

Trader Joe's grocery store in Virginia with sign

What makes Trader Joe’s unique from other grocery stores (aside from cheery employees in Hawaiian shirts) is their constant vast selection of diverse and intriguing food items.

Of course, not every item can be a smash hit with customers. Also, as Trader Joe’s continues releasing new foods, not every popular product can stay on the shelves. Even our favorites are subject to suddenly disappearing.

Discontinued Trader Joe’s Items 

In this article, we’ll take a look at several tasty Trader Joe’s discontinued items from freezer meals, desserts, teas, and more.

Arrabiata Sauce

In early 2022, Trader Joe’s announced they would discontinue their Arrabiata sauce — a fan favorite.

Many customers felt disappointed hearing this news, as they could no longer grab the spicy, garlic-forward tomato sauce off the shelves.

Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has a multitude of other tasty pasta sauces to choose from.

Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies

What’s better than one chocolate chip cookie? Two glued together with a fudge filling.

Although customers loved these delicious Trader Joe’s chocolate chip sandwich cookies, the company still decided to discontinue them in 2021.

No one knows why Trader Joe’s stopped selling these cookies, and many people (myself included) beg the store to bring them back from the list of Trader Joe’s discontinued items. 

They were one of my favorite Trader Joe’s snacks!

Eggplant Cutlets

Trader Joe’s eggplant cutlets were an excellent vegetarian substitute for the meaty chicken cutlet.

I thought they were a savory and convenient choice, as they came sliced and breaded.

However, this did not stop the company from discontinuing them in 2019.

Now, you must search the frozen section at other grocery stores for an adequate alternative.

Hatch Chile Chicken Wraps

These hatch chile chicken wraps look similar to something you would find at fast food places like Taco Bell but with much more flavor, especially when heated in the oven.

Unfortunately, these wraps did not last. Trader Joe’s introduced and removed them from the shelves in 2021.

Honey Butter Potato Chips

In my opinion, Trader Joe’s honey butter potato chips were the perfect combination of savory and sweet.

Many other fans of the product would agree, but its unique flavor profile ultimately led to its demise.

The company discontinued this salty snack in 2018 due to a lack of sales.

Matcha Joe-Joe’s

Trader Joe’s originally released these Matcha Joe-Joe’s in 2017, to the delight of their matcha-loving customers.

I loved the subtle green tea flavor in the cream between the two cookies.

Although this product quickly became a staple in many shopping carts, Trader Joe’s decided to discontinue the cookies in 2019.

Red Refresh Herbal Tea

The first section I visit at Trader Joe’s is their tea aisle. They have quite an extensive collection, from chai to green tea.

Now customers have one less option to pick from, as Trader Joe’s recently discontinued their Red Refresh herbal tea, a blend of hibiscus, peppermint, lemongrass, and orange peel.

Salted Caramel Gelato

In 2014, Trader Joe’s added salted caramel gelato to their roster of delicious ice cream flavors.

Customers loved this ultra-creamy dessert and were understandably outraged when the company discontinued it several years ago without reason.

I loved the silky texture of this gelato and its salty-sweet balance.

Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake

Trader Joe’s cookie butter spread is one of their most sought-after products.

Over the years, the brand produced a few adjacent items, including this Speculoos Cookie Butter cheesecake.

I enjoyed this cheesecake’s cinnamon cookie crust and smooth filling.

Ultimately, Trader Joe’s decided to discontinue this product, much to my dismay.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Cheese Crunchies

In early 2022, Trader Joe’s stopped producing Spicy Cheese Crunchies, leaving customers without their favorite Flamin’ Hot Cheeto knock-off snack.

I was never a fan of Cheetos, but I occasionally enjoyed the Trader Joe’s version.

Fans of all things cheese and spice definitely miss this savory treat.

Black Bean Dip

Trader Joe’s chipotle black bean dip recently got the axe.

I loved the smokiness and richness of this dip and thought it paired well with Trader Joe’s assortment of tortilla chips.

Luckily, there are several copycat recipes to try and recreate this dip in your own kitchen. 

Cheese and Garlic Croutons

Trader Joe’s cheese and garlic croutons used to be the perfect way to add extra crunch to your salad or soup before the company discontinued them in 2022.

I loved their authentic garlic flavor.

Thankfully, this item is simple to recreate at home by toasting bread coated in butter, parmesan, and garlic.

Dill Pickle Hummus

Trader Joe’s announced this uniquely-flavored product in 2020, and customers were skeptical at first.

However, they soon began loving this tangy chickpea and dill dip. I enjoyed the dip as a sandwich spread.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s still decided to remove their dill pickle hummus from the shelves shortly after launching it.

Chile Relleno

In 2019, Trader Joe’s said goodbye to their Chile Relleno ready-made meal.

This spicier take on stuffed peppers used poblano peppers filled with cheese and salsa.

I liked that it did not contain any meat, making it vegetarian-friendly.

Customers have no idea why Trader Joe’s discontinued such a delicious meal.


There’s one less soup to choose from at Trader Joe’s.

Unsurprisingly, the brand’s organic roasted tomatillo gazpacho is unavailable for purchase, and many customers did not enjoy its taste, requesting that Trader Joe’s bring back its previous (and discontinued) gazpacho.

As of now, Trader Joe’s does not offer any gazpacho.

Island Salsa

It appears as though Trader Joe’s no longer offers their Island salsa.

This salsa was sweet and spicy, and I appreciated its bright pineapple and mango flavors.

I and others enjoyed this product incorporated into meals and as a snack alongside tortilla chips.

Trader Joe’s has not made an official announcement, but many customers notice the Island salsa absent from shelves.

Tofu Edamame Nuggets

Trader Joe’s discontinued their tofu edamame nuggets several years ago, which caused an uproar from customers.

Some edamame lovers even started petitions and collecting signatures to convince the company to change its mind.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s never brought back these tasty nuggets, leaving fans of their nuggets struggling to find an alternative that is equally as good. 

Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers

For unknown reasons, Trader Joe’s discontinued their beloved roasted gorgonzola crackers in 2021.

These oven-baked chips had a buttery, and cheesy flavor people raved about.

I personally loved them as a side with sandwiches, and I also like to dip them into hummus or a steaming bowl of tomato soup.

Truffle Mac and Cheese

Trader Joe’s truffle mac and cheese featured Cavatappi pasta covered in a creamy truffle sauce.

Truffle is quite the luxurious flavor to include in a microwavable dish, but its elevated taste far surpasses a ready-made meal.

While many voiced their appreciation for this food, Trader Joe’s ultimately decided to discontinue it.

Instant Miso Soup

Throughout its shelf life, Trader Joe’s instant miso soup received mixed reviews.

Customers could not decide whether they enjoyed its umami taste, and I liked it as a base, adding veggies, hot sauce, and egg.

Regardless, Trader Joe’s discontinued this food item in-store and online.

Roasted Coconut Chips

Alongside the brand’s vast tea section, Trader Joe’s also holds a large selection of dried fruits and nuts.

You used to be able to find items like roasted coconut chips there, but not anymore.

Trader Joe’s discontinued this product in 2021. I liked using the coconut on top of my oatmeal each morning.

Woven Wheat Wafers

Woven wheat wafers— maybe not the most appetizing name, but these Trader Joe’s crackers were an excellent dupe for Triscuits.

I loved their salty taste and crisp texture; they were the perfect cracker for cheese pairing.

These wafers joined the list of Trader Joe’s discontinued items sometime in 2018. 

Discontinued Trader Joe’s Items 

  1. Arrabiata Sauce
  2. Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies
  3. Eggplant Cutlets
  4. Hatch Chile Chicken Wraps
  5. Honey Butter Potato Chips
  6. Matcha Joe-Joe’s
  7. Red Refresh Herbal Tea
  8. Salted Caramel Gelato
  9. Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake
  10. Trader Joe’s Spicy Cheese Crunchies
  11. Black Bean Dip
  12. Cheese and Garlic Croutons
  13. Dill Pickle Hummus
  14. Chile Relleno
  15. Gazpacho
  16. Island Salsa
  17. Tofu Edamame Nuggets
  18. Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers
  19. Truffle Mac and Cheese
  20. Instant Miso Soup
  21. Roasted Coconut Chips
  22. Woven Wheat Wafers

Which Trader Joe’s Items Do You Think Should Be Brought Back?

If you miss any of these Trader Joe’s items, you may be able to petition to bring them back!

If you’re missing your favorite seasonal items, you might just have to wait for fall Trader Joe’s items or their holiday items to return.

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  1. Trader Joe’s d/c’d their GLUTEN FREE BEER years ago. Have not been able to find anything near comparable. For those suffering from celiac disease (MANY) it was disheartening and a loss of sometime special! I had trouble finding it at Trader Joe’s because it would FLY off the shelves!! What a great service it would be to those of us on mandatory diet restrictions if the same GF beer reappeared!! Why are popular, well sold products removed from inventory?

  2. You are missing The Bay Blend Dark Roast coffee which has been discontinued, which was a big favorite of my wife and I.

  3. Some of my favorites I cannot get anymore at my Trader Joe’s:
    Frozen Organic Pizza Crust
    Enchanted Crackers
    Frozen Vegetable Burritos
    Vegetarian Baked Beans

  4. I hear Trader Joe’s no longer sells their Organic Completely Cacao Chips. Apparently a raw ingredient shortage. Very sad about this.

  5. Over the past 12 months, some of my go-to staples have disappeared from yur shelves and I have been told are discontinued. They include:

    Chicken lime burgers
    Soyccotash frozen mixed vegetables
    Guava passionfruit yogurt

    I hope these will be reinstated soon.

  6. I’m so disappointed that Trader Joe’s has discontinued their Organic Balsamic & Fig Dressing. After TJ’s discontinued my favorite Pear and Champagne Dressing several years ago, Balsamic & Fig became my new favorite. So frustrating!! Other discontinued faves were Low Fat Almond Granola and Feta and Yogurt Spreadable Cheese.

  7. They discontinued their frozen Palak Paneer due to too much lead in the product. I wish they had just fixed the problem.

    I also miss the soy & flax tortilla chips. First they discontinued the spicy (best) version, then the plain. No low-carb tortilla chip options anymore.

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