Our Favorite Places to Eat in St. Barthélemy That You Should Try

Tourists from across the globe come to St. Barts for sand, sea, and relaxation. Famous for gorgeous beaches, boutique shops, and vibrant food, I expected nothing but the best from my excursion to the island.

restaurants in st barts presents rack of lamb

I wasn’t disappointed, but I was surprised at how many excellent restaurants there were on this small Caribbean Island.

The island’s capital, Gustavia, is home to some of the best restaurants in St. Barthélemy, but there are choices for excellent cuisine all over the island.

Don’t just expect tropical French menus here! There are plenty of options here as diverse as the visitors to the island. 


Rue Lubin Brin, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 27 96 96
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Come to St. Bart’s capital, Gustavia, to explore the unique Shell Beach that lives up to its name. It’s a beautiful spot to observe the beauty of the Caribbean before taking a five-minute walk to one of the best restaurants in St Barts.

White, bright, open, and accented with wicker furniture, BONITO presents a relaxed sense of luxury. The cuisine at BONITO fuses South American cuisine with French techniques to create a unique dining experience.

Peruvian-style ceviches are the standout dishes here. Freshly caught seafood marinated with citrusy Leche de Tigre makes this one of the best restaurants in St. Barts for regional food with a fine dining twist.


V5RG+HX8, Vitet 97133, St. Barthélemy

In the Grande Saline quartier on the south-central portion of the island, visitors find L’Esprit. This restaurant is one of the best spots for nighttime dining.

The whole restaurant is open-air with lots of lush palms and plants, creating an ambiance of rustic simplicity that still feels lavish.

L’Esprit serves a rotating menu of fresh local ingredients. Though the restaurant uses local produce, L’Esprit focuses on French style and technique.

If you want to try some classic French dishes, this is the place. In particular, I enjoyed the foie gras at this spot.


Rue du Roi Oscar II, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 51 00 05
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L’Isola sits among shops and other eateries on the island’s eastern side in the capital city of Gustavia.

Patrons of the restaurant love the ambiance of the building. The interior utilizes dark colors with sparse lighting, giving the restaurant a sense of elegance.

 A French-owned Caribbean Island might not be the first place most think of when it comes to authentic Italian cuisine.

Despite this, L’Isola serves homemade pasta and other classic Italian fare alongside an extensive wine list.

Save room for dessert when dining at L’Isola. The creamy semifreddo al pistachio served with raspberries was a great end to my delicious meal.

Le Tamarin

Saline Saint-Barthélemy BL 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 29 27 74
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Le Tamarin sits at the center of the island of St. Barts among the hills and palms. The expansive outdoor seating houses simple but sleek furniture, cultivating a casually modern vibe.

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Likewise, Chef Jérôme Lebeau creates a visually creative, delicate French take on local ingredients. Even in many of the most excellent restaurants I’ve visited, octopus can be a tricky dish to get right.

Le Tamarin does octopus justice by adding delicious accompaniments like caramelized onions and cashews.

The texture was spot on, which is hard to get with octopus. The drink menu here is worth the visit, too, complete with some non-alcoholic cocktail options for everyone to partake in.


Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 52 45 31
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An elegant and airy spot on the water, Orega opens its doors in the heart of the capital of St. Barthélemy.

Though this spot is relatively new, Orega quickly rose to popularity not only for its intriguing vibe with modern decor but also for its fresh take on Franco-Japanese fusion.

The modern aesthetic carries on through the dishes, creating entrees that look as good as they taste.

For the best experience at Orega, I recommend the tasting menu. These menus vary and provide a great way to try more than one dish at the restaurant.

Black Ginger

Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 29 21 03
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Another one of Gustavia’s favorite places to dine, Black Ginger, ranks among the best restaurants in St. Barthélemy for its Thai cuisine.

Black, white, and red dominate this restaurant’s color palette, creating an ambiance of welcoming modernity.

Thai cuisine lends itself well to the Caribbean produce creating new dishes with an authentic feel. Keeping with the theme, the dinnerware here is black, allowing colorful, tropical ingredients to pop on the plate.

The mahi-mahi dish I ordered didn’t just look good. It tasted great too.

Santa Fe

97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 27 61 04

Find Santa Fe in the La Pointe quartier of the island. Even long-time island visitors may not know about this cozy spot where you can look at the Caribbean waters above the tree tops.

This restaurant serves beautiful food in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant specializes in modern French alongside classic sandwiches at lunch, so it’s a great daytime stop if you’re traveling with kids.

Hamburgers are available all day for travelers looking for something familiar. For my trip to Sante Fe, I sampled the lobster salad, which came with an order of addicting spring rolls.

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Eddy’s Restaurant

Rue Samuel Fahlberg Gustavia BL 97133 Rue Samuel Fahlberg Gustavia, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 27 54 17
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Back in the capital, Eddy’s Restaurant gives off the vibe of a tropical pub. The friendly service here has kept people coming back for years.

Stone and wood accents tell the story of a prestigious but homey restaurant—the menu echoes this feeling, serving classic tropical dishes using local ingredients.

I went with the creole curry with goat for my dinner at Eddy’s Restaurant. The spice blend made for a tasty curry unique to the area, unlike any other I’ve tasted.

Eddy’s is a must-visit for great food made with local produce.

François Plantation

Colombier Beach Trail, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 77 53 06
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A great place to stop after exploring Colombier on the island’s west side, François Plantation provides a luxuriously bright spot to enjoy vibrant food.

The restaurant’s sleek decor uses yellow throughout the dining area, creating a sense of richness with a playful essence.

François Plantation serves elegant food with the same fun twist visible in the dining area. Here they focus on classic French dishes, but always with a unique local twist using fresh ingredients.

In my experience, a restaurant with a playful menu is a great place to get a cocktail. François Plantation served vibrant fruit-forward cocktails that I loved.

Hotel Le Toiny Restaurant

97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 27 88 88
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Visitors to the east side of St. Barts come to Hotel Le Toiny Restaurant for the high-end atmosphere at this five-star hotel.

The dining area mixes bright white with blonde wood for an elegant and luxurious place to eat. Hotel Le Toiny Restaurant serves fine dining favorites with delicious sides.

The menu specializes in homemade pasta, fish, and grilled meats; all presented beautifully but without a unified direction like other spots on the island.

Still, though, there are delicious choices here for everyone. For my trip, I shared the duck salad starter with my group; everyone agreed the truffle pesto was the meal’s highlight.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Saint Barth

15, rue du Bord de Mer Gustavia, 97133, St. Barthélemy
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Another fine dining establishment in Gustavia. L’Atelier’s provides a great place to observe yachts and other boats arriving at the city.

Besides the view, the restaurant cultivates a warm and welcoming vibe with cozy, white patio seating. L’Atelier serves unassuming fine dishes with local products.

This restaurant was created by Joel Robuchon, a renowned chef, and restauranteur. Though Robuchon passed away in 2018, he was named “chef of the century” during his lifetime, and his legacy lives on in his food at L’Atelier.

To make the most of a restaurant of this caliber, I recommend trying the tasting menu!

Fish Corner

Rue de la Republique, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy

As the name implies, Fish Corner offers some of the best variety of seafood in St.Barthélemy’s capital city.

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The restaurant may be small, but the light wood around the building makes it feel open and airy. This spot is more casual than many others on this list but still delivers refined food.

Locally-caught fish are the backbone of Fish Corner’s menu. Order from the raw bar or choose a cooked dish if that’s more your preference.

Fish Corner was a great spot for simple ingredients showcased beautifully without frills. For my meal at Fish Corner, I opted for the flakey triggerfish served with a sweet potato puree, though it was hard for me to decide with many good choices available.

Fouquet’s St Barth

Rue des Normands Gustavia, 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 29 79 00
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Find Fouquet’s at one of Gustavia’s five-star hotels, Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf. The ambiance here matches the hotel, luxury chic with just a touch of the unexpected.

Fouquet’s menu was created in collaboration with Pierre Gagnaire, a three Michelin star chef. With a celebrated chef in charge of the menu, I had high expectations of Fouquet’s, and I wasn’t let down by the cuisine.

If you get the chance to visit this exquisite restaurant, I recommend trying the squid dish. While the grilled squid was excellent, the accompaniment of preserved lemons was my favorite part of the dish.

Gyp Sea Beach

Baie de Saint-Jean Saint-Barthélémy, 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 77 53 01
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Dine in the sand at Gyp Sea Beach on the island’s north side. Gyp Sea sets the tone of its establishment with a beachy, fun vibe.

The understated decor here directs your eye to the stunningly blue Caribbean, the perfect backdrop for a relaxed meal. 

The menu here specializes in food from the grill, from burgers to the BBQ daily catch. When I dine outside the U.S., I usually try to go for regional food.

At Gyp Sea Beach, I tried something different than usual, Texan-style baby back ribs. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the dish was. It’s worth trying if you love baby back ribs.


Rue du Roi Oscar II, Gustavia 97133, St. Barthélemy
Phone: +590 590 52 02 02
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L’isoletta is another spot in the capital city serving Italian fare. The building is well lit with lots of comfy accent pieces, making this spot feel homey but modern.

A sophisticated pizza spot, L’isoletta serves Roman-style pizza in the heart of St. Barts alongside Italian apps, salads, and sandwiches.

While I was at this restaurant, I tried the Tartufo pizza. Instead of tomato sauce, this pizza uses white truffle oil paired with porcini mushrooms and mozzarella.

This was the perfect pizza for mushroom lovers like myself! The extensive wine list was the other highlight of the evening.

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