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What Are Crepes? Find Out Everything About This Famous French Food!

Crepes are becoming increasingly popular in America, but this treat was never born here. Crepes are actually a French food staple, and are one of the most delicious and satisfying types of pancakes available around the world. 

Delicious crepes with berries and chocolate sauce for breakfast

Nowadays, there are crepe stands everywhere. You can find these tasty sweet treats in marketplaces, in booths or at Christmas stalls during the holidays.

So what exactly is a crepe, where can you get one, and how can you eat one? 

Crepes are so versatile and can be eaten in a variety of different ways. You can dress them up with toppings, sauces and syrups, or just eat them plain with a little sugar and lemon.

The choice is yours. If you are thinking about trying this French delicacy for yourself, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know about crepes! 

What is a crepe? 

A crepe is simply a very thin, delicate pancake. The word crepe actually comes from the phrase crispus in Latin, which means curled.

The word crepe actually comes from the phrase crispus in Latin, which means curled.

This is a reference to the manner in which this thin pancake can curl up at the edges, or can be folded into a sort of wrap to be eaten. 

The crepe first originated in Brittany in France, and has been enjoyed by many since the early 12th century! This iconic French dish is made of just batter, but has delicious results. 

For most crepes, they are made with a very simple recipe. This includes using water, salt and flour, with a little butter or oil to coat the stove.

Crepes are made by putting some oil or butter on a flat stove, and using a wooden scraper or a spatula: to smoothen the batter, and lay it out flat across the surface.

using a wooden scraper or a spatula in making a crepe

The heat from the stove then crisps up the batter, creating an extremely thin and delicate pancake that can be folded and topped with your favorite flavors and sauces.

Where to get crepes?

Crepes are so incredibly popular that you can now find them in restaurants, at street vendors, in cafes and locations all around the world.

However, for a traditional and authentic crepe, you will want to try them at a French restaurant serving French cuisine, or actually go to a cafe on your next trip to France!

Luckily, you do not have to book a trip to Paris to enjoy a good crepe.

crepes with strawberries and chocolate

You can find them at dessert places, cafes and restaurants pretty much anywhere. The great thing is that you can modify them to your own tastes and preferences. 

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Most people enjoy a crepe as a sweet treat with sugar, and a dollop of nutella for a delicious, chocolatey and creamy flavor. Others like it plain with sugar and lemon for a balanced taste.

However, you can have crepes your own way or as a breakfast item. Some people add eggs, veggies, cheeses and spinach for a protein packed start to the day! Why not make your own with a crepe pan: and try out some different fillings? 

Making your own crepe using a crepe pan

How do I eat a crepe?

The great thing about crepes is their versatility. You can enjoy a crepe any way that you like, with your favorite syrups, sauces and fillings.

four plates with crepes

If you like traditional pancakes, then try having maple syrup and bacon with your crepes! If you have a sweet tooth then fill your crepe chock full of nutella, powdered sugar and strawberries for a sumptuous and divine taste! 

Some have more savory tastes than others, and suggest filling a crepe with cheese and spinach for a more flavorful result rather than sweet and sickly. It’s entirely up to you!

To eat your crepe, you will find that most are served wrapped up, sort of like a gyro, with a napkin wrapped around it for mess-free eating.

However, you can have them served wrapped on a plate, where you can eat with a knife and fork for more refined dining. How you eat a crepe depends on where you are being served it.

Either way, you can bet that your taste buds will thank you for it, and you will become a crepe connoisseur! 

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