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9 Delicious Items on Wendy’s Secret Menu

Between their fresh, never-frozen burgers, positively addictive Frosties, and surprisingly stellar breakfast selections, Wendy’s is no doubt worthy of being on your regular restaurant rotation. 

Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain

But if you’re ordering off the normal menu, you’re missing out on a whole world of exciting options that can make your drive-thru dining experience that much more enjoyable.

Unbeknownst to many eaters, the pigtailed fast food giant has an unofficial secret menu full of items guaranteed to have you rethinking your usual order. 

Some are classic favorites that have gone underground. Others are novel concoctions devised by evil geniuses with an intimate knowledge of the chain’s ingredients list and zero respect for culinary decency. All of them are destined to claim a coveted spot in the “who’s who” of fast food menu items.

For your chewing pleasure, I’ve rounded up nine of the most out-there (and oh-so-yummy) offerings on Wendy’s secret menu, along with tips for how to order them without looking like a total weirdo.

The next time you get a wild hair to swing by the Wendy’s drive-thru, consider leaning in close to the speaker and whispering the name of one of the following special creations.

I promise you won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll probably regret not doing it sooner.

The Barnyard Burger

Fresh from the farm comes the Barnyard Burger, a best-of-all-possible-worlds amalgamation of meats that comes loaded with three-quarters of Old Macdonald’s storied stable, namely the cow, the chicken, and the pig.

That’s right, it’s a burger patty, a chicken patty, and three strips of applewood-smoked bacon.

For best results, get it with lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing or another sauce of your choosing and prepare to do an involuntary jig from pure delight.

To avoid confusing the person taking your order, it’s probably easiest to get what you’re after by modifying an existing menu item.

For example, you could add a burger patty to a Crispy Chicken BLT, or have them replace one of the patties on a Baconator with a piece of chicken.

Either way, the result will have you gleefully chanting “E-I-E-I-O.”

The Grand Slam Burger

“Grand Slam” is a fitting name for this beef-heavy behemoth, which is a hit many times over, but perhaps not quite as fitting as its alternative title, “the meat cube.” How can one menu item sound so ominous yet so appetizing at the same time?

Anyone who’s ever eaten at a Wendy’s knows about Dave’s signature Single, Double, and Triple burgers.

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Now imagine there was such a thing as a Dave’s Quadruple—four all-beef patties and four slices of cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and mayo, all on two seriously overburdened buns.

News flash: there is, and it’s glorious.

You don’t have to be into sports to put a Grand Slam Burger into you. All you have to be is really, really hungry.

The Quadruple Baconator

If you’re the kind of gastronomical visionary who thinks half a pound of beef and half a dozen strips of bacon just isn’t enough, Wendy’s Quadruple Baconator has got your name written all over it.

It doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to figure out what this burger is all about. Basically, it’s a Baconator with twice the normal amount of meat, moxie, and midday-nap-inducing potential.

In case you’re not keeping up, that’s a full pound of beef and a cool dozen strips of bacon. No big deal. Except it literally is.

This one’s a real waistband stretcher, so maybe wait until your next cheat day to give it a go.

It also probably wouldn’t hurt to pop a beta blocker beforehand.

The T-Rex Burger

The T-Rex is the king of the dinosaurs, and the T-Rex Burger might just be the king of Wendy’s secret menu items, at least in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Why, you ask?

Because of its sheer audacity and formidable magnitude.

The T-Rex burger consists of nine (!) beef patties, nine slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

I know that description sounds like equal parts food challenge, urban legend, and practical joke, but it’s a real thing that numerous brave souls have attempted to vanquish, presumably to end up writhing on the floor in abdominal discomfort.

If you’re one of the dauntless few who are up for the challenge of taking on the T-Rex Burger head-to-head, let me know in the comments how your fare (and please don’t hurt yourself).

The Asiago Beef Burger

Dialing back the intensity a bit (okay, a lot), we have the Asiago Beef Burger, a juicy twist on the Asiago Chicken Ranch Club that substitutes red meat for white and somehow flips the script on the whole production in the process.

To say that the Asiago Beef Burger is nothing more than a protein-swapped version of the aforementioned Wendy’s staple would be to ignore just how well this particular combination of ingredients works together. 

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The Asiago Chicken Ranch Club is a solid sandwich, for sure, but something about the synergy between the beef, Asiago cheese, crispy bacon, and zippy ranch dressing is magic, plain and simple.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and taste the difference.

Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger

Leave it to Japan to take an unassuming fast food hamburger, top it with slices of fattened goose liver and truffle butter, and sell it for $16 a pop.

The Foie Gras Burger was part of an ill-fated initiative to sell premium luxury-inspired sandwiches to diners with more sophisticated sensibilities.

Other entries included an avocado-and-wasabi burger and a grilled chicken sandwich served with genuine truffles and a porcini mushroom glaze, but neither of those garnered nearly as much attention in the press.

The decadent Foie Gras Burger hasn’t been spotted since its introduction way back in 2011 (honestly, it’s probably for the best), but it’s such an outrageous oddity that I couldn’t resist making mention of it here.

The Jurassic Burger

Sensing a theme here?

I’m not sure what it is with Wendy’s secret menu item names and prehistoric predators, but it could have something to do with the fact that members of both groups are larger than life and potentially dangerous if not approached with caution.

The Jurassic Burger takes the inherent absurdity of many fast food secret menu items and pushes it to its furthest extreme.

If you thought the T-Rex Burger sounded like a little much, you’ll likely be full-on offended by this monstrosity, which features an earth-rumbling 10 beef patties and 10 slices of cheese, plus a few other toppings that seem quaint by comparison.

I honestly don’t even know what to say about the Jurassic Burger. Is it a perfect symbol of the bloated excesses of American consumerism?

Definitely. But is it also strangely appealing to imagine bragging to your friends about downing one? If you ask me, the answer is yes.

The Big Bacon Classic

Ah, the Big Bacon Classic. You might remember ordering one of these bad boys after soccer practice back in the 90s and mmm-ing in satisfaction with each mouthwatering bite.

Now you can relive those halcyon days whenever your nostalgic heart desires.

The Big Bacon Classic is as basic as basic gets—a quarter-pound of fresh beef, applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mayo—but that’s the whole point.

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Wendy’s understands that bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that sometimes what you really need is to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

Technically, the Big Bacon Classic is back on the official menu, at least as of 2022. Rest assured that if it ever goes away again, though, any Wendy’s restaurant will still be able to whip one up for you in a jiffy.

The Frosty Float

Last but certainly not least, I recommend closing out your meal with a scrumptious Frosty Float. After all, you’re going to need something sweet to chase down that Jurassic Burger.

As you could probably guess, a Frosty Float is one of Wendy’s crowd-pleasing Frosties swimming in your choice of soft drink.

You can get it any way you like, but I personally lean towards beverages that have a little, like Coke Zero, Barq’s Root Beer, or Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

The Frosty Float was an actual thing for a while, but the company discontinued it several years ago, much to the disappointment of drive-thru dessert lovers around the country.

Even so, I doubt you’ll have much trouble convincing the employees at your local Wendys to bring it out of retirement.

I realized that I’ve given you a lot to take in over the preceding paragraphs, so I invite you to take a few moments to recenter yourself before you grab your keys and head for the nearest Wendy’s.

Just don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line with a bunch of other famished readers who just finished digging into this article. Guess the secret’s out.

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