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The McRib is Back at McDonald’s

You’re in luck if you like McDonald’s McRib sandwiches! The renowned boneless pork sandwich is returning, according to the fast-food juggernaut. The McRib will make a temporary return to some McDonald’s outlets in November 2023 after a brief absence in 2022.

McDonald's Restaurant Location.

Since it was introduced in 1981, the McRib has been a mainstay on the McDonald’s menu.

Despite having a cult following, the sandwich has been known to stay absent from the menu for lengthy stretches, leaving admirers to speculate and wait in expectation.

When the McRib makes a comeback, its devoted followers are always thrilled to see it because they look forward to its short-lived availability.

What exactly about the McRib is so special? The sandwich has a distinctive flavor and feel that sets it apart from other fast-food options, from its unusual shape to its tangy barbecue sauce.

It is a must-try for fans of the sandwich because of its limited availability, which further heightens its attractiveness.

Whether you’re a devoted veteran or a curious novice, the McRib’s comeback will undoubtedly generate a lot of discussion among fans of fast food.

History of the McRib

The McRib, a boneless pork sandwich from McDonald’s, has gained cult status.

McDonald's McRib sandwitch.

It was initially released in 1981 as a one-time use item, but due to great demand, it was repeatedly brought back throughout time.

The sandwich contains a distinctive rib-shaped patty on a hoagie-style bun, covered with tangy barbecue sauce, and topped with onions and pickles.

The McRib has long been a contentious menu item, despite its widespread appeal.

Others have expressed worries about the sandwich’s high calorie and sodium content, while some reviewers have questioned the quality of the meat utilized in the sandwich.

The McRib has nevertheless remained a fan favorite, and its short-term availability has further increased its appeal.

The McRib has developed into a cultural phenomenon over time, with enthusiasts setting up social media pages and websites to track its availability.

McDonald’s even introduced a McRib Locator website in 2008 to assist customers in locating the sandwich at nearby eateries.

The McRib has been a mainstay of the McDonald’s menu for more than 40 years, despite its ups and downs.

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Many fast food lovers consider it to be a must-try item because of its distinctive flavor and short window of availability, and their anticipation for its return in 2023 is certain to grow once more.

The McRib’s Return to McDonalds

You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally back at McDonald’s: the McRib!

McRib sandwich in German McDonald.

For a brief period during the fall season, McDonald’s is reintroducing its famous sandwich, a longtime favorite of fans.

The McRib is a pork sandwich with onions, pickles, and barbecue sauce all over it.

Despite being cooked with boneless pork, it has a distinctive form that resembles a rack of ribs.

People have been known to travel great miles only to get their hands on the sandwich since it has a cult following.

The McRib has been brought back by McDonald’s numerous times throughout the years, and each time it does, people get excited.

After a brief hiatus, the sandwich is making a comeback this year, and fans can’t wait to tuck into it once more.

If you’re a fan of the McRib, you should move quickly. You’ll have to visit your neighborhood McDonald’s soon if you want to try the sandwich because it’s only available for a short period of time.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to have this legendary fast-food sandwich, which is quite tasty.

What Makes the McRib Special

The McRib is a distinctive sandwich that has long been a McDonald’s customer favorite. The McRib is unique for the following reasons:

McDonald's restaurant busy ordering counter customers

The BBQ Sauce

The McRib distinguishes itself from other fast food sandwiches with its tangy and sweet BBQ sauce.

It has a flavorful mixture of tomato paste, vinegar, molasses, and spices that is thick and smokey.

The Pork

A boneless pork patty fashioned like a rack of ribs is used to make the McRib.

Before being cooked to perfection, the pork is seasoned with salt, pepper, and onion powder.

A juicy and tasty burger that is unlike anything else available at McDonald’s is the end product.

The Bun

The McRib is placed atop a perfectly toasted soft, white, homestyle bread. The bun’s mild sweetness pairs wonderfully with the acidic BBQ sauce.

The Limited Availability

The McRib is extra special because it is only offered for a brief period each year.

Its reappearance is greatly anticipated by fans, who frequently go above and beyond to acquire one.

Overall, the McRib is a distinctive and mouthwatering sandwich that has endured.

It’s absolutely worth a try while it’s still accessible, whether you’re a devoted fan or tasting it for the first time.

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The McRib’s Impact on McDonalds’ Sales

The McRib has long been a favorite menu item at McDonald’s, and its comeback in 2023 will not change that.

McDonald's McRib and Big Mac in Paper Boxes

Fans of the sandwich eagerly anticipate its annual, limited-time release, giving the sandwich a cult-like following.

However, what effect does the McRib have on sales at McDonald’s?

The McRib has reportedly in the past increased McDonald’s sales, according to a Fortune article.

The business surpassed Wall Street projections in 2022, reporting fourth-quarter same-store sales of 12.6% compared to 8.8%.

The popularity of the McRib, which attracts consumers who might not often go to McDonald’s, probably helped to this achievement.

Customers feel a sense of urgency because of the McRib’s popularity because they know the sandwich will only be offered for a short period of time.

Due to customers rushing to taste the sandwich before it sells out, this may result in higher sales.

The McRib not only boosts sales but also draws media attention to McDonald’s.

The sandwich’s reappearance is frequently covered by news sources, which can raise consumer awareness of the brand and generate favorable press for the business.

Overall, the McRib has a considerable effect on McDonald’s sales.

Due to the sandwich’s popularity, the business attracts consumers, fosters a sense of urgency, and gains media attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

interior shot of McDonald's fast food restaurant

When is the McRib coming back?

The McRib is returning to select McDonald’s locations on November 1, 2023. This limited-time offer is available while supplies last, so be sure to check with your local McDonald’s to see if they are offering the McRib.

Is the McRib available everywhere?

No, the McRib is only available at select McDonald’s locations. It’s always a good idea to check with your local McDonald’s to see if they are offering the McRib before making a special trip.

Is the McRib a permanent menu item?

No, the McRib is a limited-time offering. McDonald’s brings it back periodically based on customer demand.

How many calories are in a McRib?

According to McDonald’s website, a McRib sandwich contains 480 calories. It also has 22 grams of fat, 45 grams of carbohydrates, and 24 grams of protein. Keep in mind that these values may vary depending on the specific ingredients used at your local McDonald’s.

Is the McRib gluten-free?

No, the McRib contains gluten. The bun and barbecue sauce both contain wheat-based ingredients, so it’s not suitable for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

An open box featuring a McRib

Key Takeaways

  • The McRib sandwich is making a comeback to select McDonald’s locations in November 2023.
  • The sandwich has been a staple on McDonald’s menu since 1981 and has a cult following among its fans.
  • The McRib’s unique shape and tangy barbecue sauce make it a must-try for fast-food enthusiasts.

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