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Subway vs Jersey Mike’s: Which Has the Best Sandwiches?

Two of the largest franchises in the sub sandwich business are Subway and Jersey Mike’s. Both restaurants provide a wide range of dishes with fresh ingredients and a selection of breads. However, there are some obvious distinctions between the two that can influence where you decide to get your next sub. With more than 40,000 locations globally, Subway has been around since 1965 and has established itself as a household name.

In contrast, Jersey Mike’s is a relatively young participant in the market; it was established in 1956 but has only recently begun to grow quickly, already having over 2,000 outlets in the US alone. While Jersey Mike’s takes pride in its premium ingredients and freshly baked bread, Subway is known for its accessibility and affordability.


Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck created Subway, one of the biggest sandwich chains in the world, in August 1965.

Antalya, Turkey Subway fastfood kiosk stall at the airport

The company, which was originally called “Pete’s Super Submarines,” was founded with a $1,000 loan from Dr. Buck. Bridgeport, Connecticut saw the opening of the first location, which was renamed “Subway” in 1968.

The name was selected since it was simple to recall and had an alluring sound.

The founders wanted to give consumers on the road access to fresh, inexpensive, and healthy food options.

The range of sandwiches, salads, and sides on the Subway menu are highlighted by fresh ingredients and customisation.

Since then, the network has grown to nearly 44,000 sites in more than 100 nations.

Jersey Mike’sng

A high school student named Mike started Jersey Mike’s Subs in 1956 when he launched a modest sandwich store in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Club Supreme Sandwich at a Jersey Mike's

The storefront was where the establishment, which was first known as Mike’s Subs, was situated.

The store was renamed Jersey Mike’s Subs after Mike sold it to a friend of the family called John in the 1970s.

Since being acquired by Peter Cancro in 1975 when he was just 17 years old, Jersey Mike’s has rapidly grown to include more than 2,000 locations around the country.

The restaurant brand is renowned for its premium ingredients, freshly made bread, and classic submarine sandwiches.

A high school student started Jersey Mike’s Subs in 1956. Both Subway and Jersey Mike’s have a long tradition of offering consumers fresh, customizable sandwiches.

Jersey Mike’s has a devoted following and a reputation for using high-quality ingredients, despite Subway having a more widespread global influence.

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Menu Comparison

There are a few significant distinctions between Subway and Jersey Mike’s menus that should be taken into account.

Exterior view of Subway Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

Here is a list of some of the key menu items that both chains offer:


There are sandwiches for vegetarians, carnivores, and everyone in between at both Subway and Jersey Mike’s.

There are, however, a few obvious distinctions between the two chains.

With Subway’s “build-your-own” sandwich option, you can choose the bread, meat, cheese, and toppings for your sandwich.

This enables a great deal of customisation, but if you select a lot of toppings, your sandwich may end up being more expensive.

On the other side, Jersey Mike’s offers a variety of pre-made sandwiches with less customizing options.

However, they provide a greater selection of meats and cheeses, and their sandwiches are typically larger than Subway’s.

Sides and Drinks

For your sandwich’s accompaniment, Subway and Jersey Mike’s both have a variety of sides and beverages. Here is a list of what to anticipate:

  • Subway offers chips, cookies, and fountain drinks as their main sides. They also have a selection of bottled drinks and bottled water available.
  • Jersey Mike’s offers chips, cookies, and fountain drinks as well. They also have a selection of bottled drinks and bottled water available, but they also offer freshly brewed iced tea.


When it comes to pricing, there are a few key differences between Subway and Jersey Mike’s:

  • Subway’s prices tend to be lower overall, particularly for their smaller sandwiches. However, if you choose a lot of toppings or a larger sandwich, the price can quickly add up.
  • Jersey Mike’s prices tend to be higher overall, but their sandwiches are generally larger and come with more meat and cheese. They also offer a wider variety of sandwiches, which can make it easier to find something you like.

Overall, there are many different sandwiches and sides to pick from at both Subway and Jersey Mike’s.

Subway offers more customization possibilities but can be more expensive, whereas Jersey Mike’s offers larger sandwiches and a wider selection of meats and cheeses but can be more expensive all around.

Quality and Taste

Both Subway and Jersey Mike’s give customers a range of alternatives in terms of taste and quality. There are, however, some significant differences between the two.

Jersey Mike's Subs exterior in Houston

Sandwiches at Subway can be customized. You have a variety of options for bread, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces.

Additionally, they provide a selection of breads, such as Italian, wheat, and honey oat. The pre-cooked, pre-sliced meats at Subway might not be as fresh as those at Jersey Mike’s.

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Sandwiches from Subway often have fewer calories and fat than those from Jersey Mike’s.

Conversely, although Jersey Mike’s has a smaller assortment of sandwiches, they are nevertheless crafted using premium ingredients.

Because their meats are freshly cut on-site, they have a more genuine flavor. White, wheat, and rosemary parmesan bread are among the options available at Jersey Mike’s.

Compared to Subway, their sandwiches are frequently larger and fuller.

Both Subway and Jersey Mike’s have their advantages in terms of flavor.

Sandwiches from Subway are renowned for their dependability and regularity.

Although they might not have the most flavor, these sandwiches are a nice choice for those looking for a quick and wholesome dinner.

Contrarily, Jersey Mike’s sandwiches are renowned for their strong flavors and natural ingredients. Although their sandwiches are more decadent and filling than Subway’s, they might not be as healthful.

Overall, Jersey Mike’s and Subway both provide tasty sandwiches with different strengths.

It totally depends on your preferences and how you’re feeling. Subway is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a quick and wholesome dinner.

The best place to get a more opulent and tasty sandwich is Jersey Mike’s.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional content of fast-food sandwiches should be taken into account.

Background of Interior at Subway Sandwich Restaurant.

On their websites, Subway and Jersey Mike’s both include nutritional information, making it simple for you to make wise decisions.

With its “Eat Fresh” slogan and focus on fresh vegetables, Subway has long positioned itself as a healthier fast-food option.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that not every Subway sandwich is the same. The chain’s sandwiches can include significant amounts of fat, sodium, and calories.

On the other hand, Jersey Mike’s is renowned for its fine meats and just-baked bread.

Although the sandwiches from the chain might be pretty tasty, they can also be quite excessive in calories, sodium, and fat.

Before making a choice regarding a particular sandwich, it is crucial to review the nutritional facts.

For instance, a 6-inch Subway Club sandwich contains 310 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, compared to a 6-inch Veggie Delite sandwich’s 230 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.

On the other hand, the Jersey Mike’s Original Italian sandwich boasts a whopping 940 calories and 53 grams of fat.

The Club Supreme sandwich from the franchise has 87 grams of fat and 1,170 calories.

In general, Subway and Jersey Mike’s both offer sandwiches that are lower in calories and fat if you’re searching for a healthier option.

However, it’s crucial to carefully examine the nutritional information and make informed decisions.

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