7 Red Robin Vegan Options To Try

Abiding in a vegan diet has many benefits. However, when you decide to take it on for your everyday life, it can be a challenge to find entrees and side dishes to consume when you are visiting restaurants. 

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Thankfully, Red Robin has taken this into consideration and offers a variety of items on their menu for those taking part in a vegan diet.

Not only do they have side dishes for you to enjoy, but they also offer different entrees that you can enjoy during your visit. 

If you are looking for vegan fast food options, check out these Red Robin vegan options before your next visit. We outline seven of the top choices below.

Impossible Burger

One of the go-to items for vegans on the Red Robin menu is the Impossible Burger.

While it is often served with cheese, you can opt for yours to come to the table without that addition.

As a plant-based, fire-grilled patty, you can enjoy it without concern that you are consuming undesirable ingredients.

I love to have my Impossible Burger topped with all of the different toppings available, including the establishment’s special recipe with pickle relish, red onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The burger is often served with mayonnaise and mustard. However, like the cheese, you can opt to go without that addition. 

Veggie Burger

Another Red Robin vegan option on the menu is the Veggie Burger.

Made with ancient grain and quinoa to create a veggie patty, the main component of the sandwich is free from non-vegan ingredients.

The standard entree comes with Swiss cheese on top of the burger, but you can easily ask them to remove this during preparation. 

Unfortunately, Red Robin does not offer vegan cheese to substitute for the Swiss. However, many toppings for the Veggie Burger are vegan-friendly.

These options include house-made salsa, avocado, garlic aioli, and lettuce. They are combined to provide a fantastic combination of tastes that you’ll want to come back for repeatedly.

Vegan Burger 

The Vegan Burger on the Red Robin menu is similar to the Veggie Burger.

However, instead of being served on a bun, this version comes wrapped in lettuce.

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Additionally, you won’t find that they include garlic aioli in the standard toppings, although you can opt to add that in while ordering your meal. 

Not only is the Vegan Burger a good option for those following the diet, but also for those restricting their carb intake.

I love this menu choice with the house-made salsa and avocado slices. While many Red Robin entrees come with fries, this burger comes with a side of steamed broccoli to keep with vegan standards. 

Steak Fries

When you visit Red Robin, often it is for the promise of the bottomless Steak Fries.

Thankfully, the ingredients utilized in making the fries are vegan, so even those abiding by the lifestyle can enjoy the experience!

You can also choose from various sauces for dipping your fries in, everything from ranch to their famous campfire sauce.

Not all sauces are considered vegan at Red Robin. However, the restaurant can make some sauces in a vegan way.

If you want to try the campfire sauce, you can ask the cooks to make it with vegan mayonnaise. Not all locations will have this option available, but it is worth asking.

Sweet Potato Fries

The popularity of the Red Robin Sweet Potato Fries has expanded so greatly in the past few years that you can now order them as a side dish or by the pound!

Many people enjoy these fries with the same sauces we listed above for the Steak Fries. However, they are just as good when you eat them alone.

Whether you order them as their own meal or as a side for one of the entrees listed in this guide, you will thoroughly enjoy the taste and texture.

I especially love that they are crispy on the outside but mealy on the inside. It gives it more substance than what you expect from a fry.

House Salad

Sadly, one of the staples that come with being a vegan is having to order a salad due to the lack of other options.

However, what makes it better at Red Robin is the high quality of the ingredients that they use to make their House Salad.

The crispiness and flavor of this Red Robin vegan option make it much more enjoyable than what you typically get in a salad.

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Pairing your House Salad with a side of fries (Steak or Sweet Potato) makes for a filling meal full of great textures and ingredients.

And, as always, you can also add the House Salad to one of the burger options above to create a wonderfully balanced meal.

Yukon Chips

You don’t often hear about this vegan option that Red Robin offers.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s overshadowed by the other side items like the fries and salad, but it’s likely the most underrated side item on the Red Robin Menu.

If you haven’t tried the Yukon Chips yet, you will definitely want to soon!

The Yukon Chips may come across like regular, ordinary potato chips. However, to kick the flavor profile up a notch, the company has added its signature Red Robin seasoning.

Essentially, you are enjoying the steak fries in potato chip form! It’s a great thing these are included in the bottomless category because you’ll want to eat your weight in Yukon Chips!

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