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McDonald’s Giving Away Free Fries Every Friday

McDonald’s recently launched a new promotion called “Free Fries Fridays” where customers can get a free medium-sized order of french fries every Friday through the end of 2023. According to McDonald’s official promotion page, customers must make a minimum $1 purchase through the McDonald’s mobile app in order to redeem the free fries.

French fries in McDonald's Restaurant

As reported by CNBC, the promotion runs every Friday from October 28, 2022 through December 29, 2023. Customers simply need to make any $1 purchase using the McDonald’s app, such as a McCafé beverage, and then they can add a free medium fries to their order. The fries promotion is available at participating McDonald’s locations across the United States.

French fries are one of McDonald’s most iconic menu items and one of their best selling products. As noted in the Britannica article on McDonald’s, the fast food chain is known worldwide for its hamburgers, specialty sandwiches, and of course – french fries. By offering customers free medium fries every Friday, McDonald’s is able to drive more foot traffic to their restaurants and increase total sales.

As reported by Fortune, the “Free Fries Fridays” promotion aims to provide “value, convenience and ease” for McDonald’s customers during the holiday season. With inflation still impacting consumer prices, the free fries offer a small way for McDonald’s to put more money back in customers’ pockets. It’s also a clever marketing tactic since customers will likely purchase additional menu items to accompany their free fries.

The promotion has already begun and will continue through the remainder of 2023, according to the various news articles. To take advantage of free medium fries every Friday, customers simply need to download the McDonald’s mobile app, make a minimum $1 purchase, and then redeem the free fries offer. It’s a simple, low-effort way for McDonald’s to drive more foot traffic on Fridays and boost overall sales during the holiday season. Only time will tell if the “Free Fries Fridays” promotion is successful at achieving McDonald’s goals, but it’s clear they hope to entice customers with their most popular side item.

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