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McDonald’s Customer Says it Sold Them ‘lab-grown’ Meat in Chicken Sandwich

In a TikTok video that has garnered more than 325,000 views as of this past weekend, user Layla (@itslayladuhh2) alleges that a McDonald’s outlet served her chicken that was lab-grown.

mcdonalds lab grown meat

“I have to call you out, McDonald’s. This isn’t genuine chicken. It’s synthetic, lab-created meat,” Layla states in the video, suggesting that the ease with which the meat tears apart is indicative of its lab-grown nature. She likens the texture to “spaghetti.”

This is not the first time such an assertion has been made on social media. Previously, other TikTokers have stirred the pot with similar claims, one even implicating Walmart in selling lab-grown chicken.

@itslayladuhh2 This is that lab GROWN chicken im sorey im not convinced mama #mcdonalds #labgrownmeat #string ♬ original sound – Layla

However, there are significant flaws in this argument. Firstly, lab-grown chicken is currently prohibitively expensive to manufacture on a large scale, making it implausible for McDonald’s to use it as a substitute for real chicken, which is far more economical.

The second point to consider is that the phenomenon these TikTokers describe—what Layla calls “spaghetti meat”—is actually a well-documented condition.

According to a 2019 article in The Wall Street Journal, some meat scientists theorize that the accelerated growth rate of commercial chickens may result in breast muscle tissue growing faster than the birds’ circulatory systems can accommodate. This imbalance can lead to changes in the density and texture of the meat.

TikTok users were quick to challenge Layla’s assumptions. “I don’t know, I’ve eaten chicken my whole life, and that looks like standard cooked chicken to me,” commented one user. Another added, “What are you talking about? That looks just like chicken.”

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